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Sunday, April 06, 2008

This Week on The Hour....The Dawn before the Darkness

So.... things may be a bit hit or miss this week as we get into the advent of the never ending NHL playoffs. Enjoy some of the last FRESH batch of interviews on The Hour for a while. Don't shoot the messenger. I would vote for shootouts to settle the Stanley Cup by next week. Un-Canadian? Perhaps.

The last tape date until an almost 4 week hiatus will be Thursday, April 10th! Taping will resume May 5th. Wanna be in the audience? It's fun and it's free. Click
HERE for details!

Monday April 7th

Margaret Cho

Irrepressible, frank and funny as hell - Margaret Cho has distinguished herself in groundbreaking television, film and stand-up comedy. She's currently on an International Comedy tour called Beautiful.

Edgy? Yes! Love the Notorious C.H.O!

It's time that African-Americans and Korean Americans put aside their difference and focus on what's really important: hating white people! OUCH

Gary Marcus
Director of the NYU Infant Language Learning Center and a Professor of Psychology - Gary's work endeavours to understand the origins of the human mind. He's published numerous articles and books about cognitive psychology. I did a little whoop when I noted a missing word on his website. Do YOU see it?

Flashback to Psych 020 and thanking my lucky stars my friend's dad was a Prof! Cramming using a text with questions AND answers? Highly recommended!

Tuesday April 8th
Stranded last time in a NYC airport during one of our wicked snowstorms, Moby will again attempt to grace the Red Chair for a chat.

Groundbreaking musician
Moby is a paradox. At once a quiet spoken vegan artist known for creating electronic and dance music and a canny businessman who engineered the licensing for commercial purposes EVERY single track from his seminal 1999 CD, Play - he offers his music for free to non profit film makers on Moby Gratis. His latest - Last Night - hit in March. George and Moby talk Tofurkey on Tuesday. That 'joke' was recycled from last time. Sorry.

Wednesday April 9th
Magical...Mystical... No taping and no guests officially listed. Maybe you could go outside or something. Walk the dog? Catch a movie? Go for coffee?

Thursday April 10th

John Cho

Two Chos in one week? Awesome!

Best known for his role as Harold Lee in the very funny cult classic Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, John Cho is enjoying a busy career with film and episodic TV work. Brace yourselves for another Harold and Kumar flick later this month. Did you know that John was voted one of People Magazine's most Beautiful People? It's true. He's slated to appear in a new Star Trek film in the role of Sulu - spreading joy to nerds everywhere.

Friday April 11th - (See April 9th)

It's down to the wire in The Greatest Thing Ever. Vote here.

As always... check The Hour's website for the latest updates...

Never fear though because we @ The Stroumboulopouli have your back. We will post some of OUR favourite clips throughout the reruns to give you a little something to tide you over. Guaranteed, you will see something that you loved the first time round as well as something that you may have missed...ENJOY!

Don't forget, you can always re watch your favourite clips on The Hour's main website, check out some tasty little tidbits on After the Hour or surf over to their You Tube Channel. You can even check out George, Bob and crew on the Strombo Show every Sunday night from 5-8 ET on the Corus Radio Network. Ian Astbury from The Cult will stop by next Sunday though it's unclear if he'll Sell Sanctuary or will just have a chat about their current tour.


Wandering Coyote said...

I so agree with you about the Stanley Cup! Great idea! Though this year the Habs have made it...Maybe I should watch the playoffs for once...

Tracy said...

I try... thanks Coyote. You're right about the Habs though. We'll hope for the best.

Steph A. said...

Another good suggestion for mystery Wednesday would be for die hard Leafs fans to have a period of know...time to ponder what has gone wrong...for last forty years. Hehehehe.

GO HABS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

mystery wed. is no big mystery.. it's called an Ottawa game followed by a Calgary game.. with a 10pm (EST) start the Calgary game pretty much wipes out The Hour.. which will likely happen every second night for the first round seeing as how CBC is broadcasting all the Canadian teams

Philip said...

So they are taking a break, eh. I was wondering what was happening. I checked last week and I saw that they only had episode tapings on Monday and Tuesday and the remaining interviews sort of fit in and I thought this season was over this week. Add to that the fact that they really rushed through the end of the "Best Thing Ever". (I wonder why they did that)

So, I guess they have to pretape a lot of interviews for the upcoming weeks.What is the exact end date for this season. When does the show return on a normal taping schedule?

Tracy said...

Yes folks. Hockey will be wreaking havoc over the next bit of The Hour's season. Reruns and pre-empting will be the order of the day.

As mentioned in my post, taping resumes May 5th. Not sure of the season end date just yet but will post when we know for sure.

As always...take a cruise over to The Hour's main website for the latest. Don't forget there's always online viewing. Why not rewatch the McVety interview and take a shot each time he says 'grossly offensive'? Maybe not - that would be extreme.

Philip said...

Looks like Tonightès episode has been postponed until next week.... hopefully. and they are running episodes from last fall. Checking the CBC listings, hockey is taking over. Go Habs!

I wonder how many new episodes they will need to broadcast. I heard George say that Feist was one of the upcoming new guests. and later this April they are taping an interview with Gordon Ramsay.

By the way, just curious as to what won the Best thing ever poll.

Mich said...

Tonight's show is preempted because of Calgary at San Jose. The show is slated to air next Wednesday, April 16th.

Feist is scheduled to visit George on The Hour on Monday, May 12th, after The Hour returns from hiatus on Monday, May 5th.

Sex won The Greatest Thing Ever. You can see the winning clip here:

The Gordon Ramsey taping is April 28th. I believe that will be broadcast the following week, once the show returns to air.

I'm not sure what you mean by: "I wonder how many new episodes they will need to broadcast." Could you clarify your question?

Philip said...

What I meant was how many new episodes willl air during the playoffs. The episode scheduled for tonight will be broadcast next week instead. I was just wondering if all the episodes shown during the playoffs will be best of episodes or will there be some new episodes thrown in featuring pretaped interviews that they could not fit in. I only really started watching The Hour regularly last summer so I donèt know how the show works during the Hockey Playoffs. Will it be continual repeats until the Stanley Cup champs are named

Mich said...

The only tapings happening during the hiatus are today's and the one on the 28th. Last year they didn't preempt during the first few weeks of the playoffs and it was a real pain because tapings were constantly being cancelled because of the western games (the first two tapings I had tickets for were cancelled and when I finally got to a taping, it was prempted). There's a cold opener somewhere from last season talking about it (I'll try to find it).

So this season, they're making it simple for everyone, go on hiatus for the first three weeks, when there are games almost every night they are supposed to go to air. Then in May, once a whack of teams are eliminated they will resume taping and airing, because the schedule isn't as crazy. There may be shows here and there that get preempted.. usually for games 6 and 7 of the western series (if it gets that far). It's not the eastern games that cause a problem, just the late running western games.

The show will run as reruns or best ofs on Newsworld and in the later slots until they return from hiatus on May 5.

Hope that makes sense.

Tracy said...

The interview taped today with John Cho will air on April 21st.

Just go with the flow!