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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music, Sex, Misfits, Legends...and George in a Beer Store

On the Strombo Show this Sunday, George will be interviewing
_______________THE FLATLINERS________________
From their MySpace page: "They play punk rock/reggae/grime that makes you want to dance and punch. Hailing from Toronto and having been together for 5 years now; They will most likely kill you, but doing so will have never sounded so sweet."


So....Like I teased in the title, here it is:
George in a Beer Store.

(Mag, that is)
CHILL is the official magazine of The Beer Store in Ontario, and for anyone that's not familiar with George's drinking habits; he doesn't. (Although I hear he's a big fan of O'Douls.)
That aside, for anyone interested in reading a very chill-axed & insightful interview with George, crack open a frosty beverage, be responsible and enjoy.

And finally, for those wondering when the HECK the new season starts, you can pencil in Monday, September 15th.
Anyone in the Toronto area wishing to book tickets to see the show live, I am sorry to say that the first week looks like it's sold out; however, if you go on over to The Hour's website, they still have some pre-tape tickets available from Sept 4th - Sept 11th.
Also a good way to get a sneak peak at some of the upcoming guests!

This week on The Hour

Mon, Sept 1st - Music

An all-access, exclusive full-hour TV special with acclaimed British band Coldplay.

Tues, Sept 2nd
- Sex

Canadian sex educator Sue Johanson & singer Wayne Newton.

Wed, Sept 3rd - Misfits

Bestselling author Augusten Burroughs & Canadian actor Dave Foley.

Thurs, Sept 4th - Legends

Legendary rocker Ronnie Hawkins & former supermodel Iman.

Fri, Sept 5th - If you have a common denominator, insert here.

Canadian actor Nicholas Campbell & Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get your hockey theme songs in now!

George was asking you this summer, if you wanted
Bragging Rights: the world will know you wrote an anthem that will be a key part of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada’s broadcast. The winning Theme will be broadcast as a key part of the program during the 2008-9 hockey season, and potentially beyond.

The Anthem Challenge entry period ends August 31 st and if you don't get your song in really soon one of those other songs is going to be the Hockey theme for years... just sayin'

They have an official blog page about the Anthem Challenge if you want to read more about it... plus other blogs and a facebook page.

Here are the key dates for those following the progress of this contest to it's exciting conclusion.
  • August 31, 2008, 11:59 pm ET: Deadline to submit entries
  • October 4, 2008, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm ET: Semifinalist show
  • October 4, 2008, 10:00 pm ET to Oct 7 11:59 pm ET: Voting for Finalists
  • October 9, 2008, 7:00 ET: Finalists revealed during opening of the regular 2008-09 NHL Season
  • October 9, 2008, 10:00 pm ET to Oct 10, 11:59 pm ET: Voting for Winner
  • October 11, 2008: Winner revealed during CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada opening Saturday night broadcast.
Now get ye to a musical instrument and compose because there are only a few short days left...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2:20 with Barbara

In today's edition of 2:20,
Barbara answers Steph's questions...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Q: A walk in the snow or a walk in the rain?

A: Fresh snow so I can make a new path.

Q: Board games or card games?

A: Whatever you want to play.

Q: Body art...yay or nay?

A: The human skin is not a canvas as far as I am concerned.

There is no artist in the world who's art I want on my skin... so Nay I guess.

Q: Roller coasters...the best amusement park ride ever or

an accident waiting to happen?

A: The best!!

Q: During a thunder and lightning spectacular do you watch

as if it were a movie or hide your head under the covers?

A: I watch on the porch if I have one.

Q: Travelling across Canada...plane? train? or automobile?

A: I think I would like to drive across it once...then maybe take a small plane back.

Q: From which 'celebrity chef' would you want to take private culinary lessons?

A: I just got the Food Network...Jamie Oliver.

Q: Have you ever wished upon a star?

A: Yes. It works... everyone should try it.

Q: What is your favourite song lyric of all time?

A: Joni Mitchell sang about clouds....

"It's cloud illusions I recall I really don't know clouds at all".

Q: Haggis...a Scottish delicacy or the food of Satan?

A: Never tried it.. can't judge. I think Satan would eat chocolate...

Q: What makes you the happiest?

A: Lack of things to make me sad I guess...

Q: Wax museums...really cool or just plain creepy?

A: I have never been to one but it would be cool to go once.

Q: At the movies is your snack of choice popcorn or nachos?
A: A small popcorn, and small drink.

Q: Live music or live comedy?

A: Love live comedy and it's usually cheaper than live music so
that's it's edge. But it's a close one.

Q: Elvis Presley...dead, alive or who really cares?
A: If people remember him and love him, he still lives on.

Q: If you won a large sum of money,
what would be the first thing that you'd buy?

A: A toy company.

Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

A: My family.

Q: Ghosts...fact or fiction?
A: Love ghosts! But who knows for sure?

Q: What was the last thing you "Googled"?

A: Canadian Tire locations.

Q: As the Barenaked Ladies' song ("If I Had a $1000000") asks
"haven't you always wanted a monkey?"

A: I did want one as a child but i got over it.

Yikes...I can see why!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the nominees are...

The nominations for the
2008 Gemini Awards were announced this morning with The Murdoch Mysteries leading the pack with 14 nominations.

From the nominations list, we have great news: 2 nominations for George and everyone at The Hour!

Best Talk Show: The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

Also nominated in the category:

The Hills Aftershow

MTV Live

Best Host or Interviewer in a General/Human Interest or Talk Program or Series: George Stroumboulopoulos.

Also nominated in the category:

Jeff Douglas (Ancestors in the Attic)

Peter Mansbridge (One on One with Peter Mansbridge)

Les Stroud (Survivorman)

Jeff Douglas (Working Over Time)

In a related nomination, in the category of Production Design or Art Direction in a Non-Fiction Program or Series, Michael "Spike" Parks was nominated for his work on the 2007 Gemini Awards Broadcast.

According to a press release from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television:

"This was a banner year for Canadian television," said Sara Morton, CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. "The nominees announced today truly exemplify the depth and breadth of our country's talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Featuring newcomers and returning favourites, this year's field of nominees has engaged and entertained audiences in Canada and beyond."

Some of the many other CBC shows that did well in the nomination run include:

12 nominations:

The Tudors

The Englishman's Boy

11 nominations:

The Fifth Estate

9 nominations:

The Border

CBC News: The National

6 nominations:


5 nominations:

The Trojan Horse

3 nominations:

Hockey Night in Canada

The Rick Mercer Report

Little Mosque on the Prairie

This Hour has 22 Minutes

Triple Sensation

2 nominations:


The Nature of Things

1 nomination:

The Week the Women Went

Who Do You Think You Are?

Hockey Day in Canada

The Geminis will be handed out at three industry gala nights on October 20, 21, 22 and at the televised broadcast on November 28. This year Canwest, the parent network of the broadcast gala, is bringing the awards back to Toronto. You can catch the Geminis on E! Network and Showcase at 9 pm EST.

Congratulations to George and everyone at The Hour!

Monday, August 25, 2008

G-Files a couple of things...

The G-Files.

We found an interview George did for The Governor's Ball on the day he was accepting his honorary degree from Humber College. Here is the link to the podcast and George's interview can be found about 1/3 rd the way in after some very heavy metal music...
(*some language in this interview may be offensive to some)

Speaking of that

We found this discussion going on at in it's babble forum about George
Stroumboulopoulos and The Hour.
This is a picture of George and Lily on the newly renovated studio at The Edge where he does The Strombo Radio show live.

416-???-???? is George's phone number according to his new fav TShirt

This is Lily of Death valley

This is part of the crew that brings you The Strombo Show.
From Left to right
Mike Sullivan (producer), Alex Liu, Lily Ames, Dan Lytwyn (The Intern)

Missing that day was Bob Mackowycz Jr. and Amanda Jane Orr
Shiny Happy People?
Someone was playing a prank of aluminum proportions at The Hour's office......and they want your input.
Check out The Hour's Blog

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Up in Smoke? Up and at 'Em? Revving Up?

Olympics are over. Summer's almost history. School's almost back in session. Reruns of The Hour will soon be a fading memory and we'll have new interviews to preview for you.
First - what's going on in entertainment news? Gwen and Gavin had their second baby boy and named him Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. In related news? Vegas odds makers are already taking wagers on how old this kid will be when he starts getting taunted and beat up.
South of the Border? The Democratic ticket is set. Barack Obama has selected veteran Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Much like Brangelina, Bennifer and other annoying name mashups - we now have the absolute best -- JOEBAMA.
What's that I smell? A thousand little sweatshops making t-shirts. Awesome. This Veep selection alone may revive the US economy!
Can you hear the debates now? Joebama foreign policy so wack that... Joebama so stupid that... Joebama so ugly... Joebama health care plan so nasty...
Here at home apparently Harper and Dion might be getting together to talk about a Fall election. Maybe they can get together in Ottawa on September 5th and go see Cheech and Chong at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa to talk it over?
Sunday kicks off with The Strombo Show live on the Corus Radio Network on 102.1 The Edge, 99.3 The Fox, Power 97, Y108 and Fm 96. This week's edition brings special call in guests and Comedy Legends Cheech and Chong who are reuniting for their 'Light Up America/Canada' stand up tour that kicks off in Ottawa on September 5th, and brings them to the historic Massey Hall on September 6th.

Cheech and Chong are among the most successful comedy teams of all time. Heavily rooted in the hippie/ counter culture scene, they were and are completely original.

Comedy Albums, live performances, movies, merchandising. These guys did it all, including time - for Tommy at least. *rim shot*

Do yourself a favour and YouTube 'Mexican Americans'. I wonder if 'Beaners' is on there too? Amazing. I will have to rent some of the classics again.
After so many years apart, it will be interesting to hear what - besides the all mighty dollar of course - has prompted their reunion.
The boys have had drastically different solo careers. Cheech is much more mainstream and has worked with some of the biggest dorks in Hollywood - Don Johnson in Nash Bridges and Kevin Costner in 'Tin Cup'. Tommy's most mainstream role was as Leo - the burnout hippie owner of the Fotohut on 'That 70's Show'.
Meanwhile, In TV Land....
The Hour this week brings a few favourites out for yet another go round... there's not much to say that we haven't said already about these folks, so I'll try to infuse a fun fact if I can. As of Sunday, here's who will be gracing your screens this week... check out The Hour's website for the latest updates...
Monday,August 25th
Naomi Klein

Author, Filmmaker & Social Activist Naomi Klein is clearly quick of wit. However, can you imagine what her first visit to meet husband Avi Lewis' parents must have been like? In case you don't know - Naomi's in laws are Steven Lewis and Michele Landsberg. Intimidating? WOW!

Paul Anka

In his fifth decade in the entertainment business, Paul Anka is still out there, kicking ass & taking names. Something you may not know about Anka? His daughter Amanda is married to Jason Bateman. He of the brilliant Arrested Development & the even more brilliant Juno. My favourite Jason role has to be as Pepper Brooks, the clueless colour commentator in Dodgeball. His banter with 'Cotton McKnight' is classic.
Cotton: 'Looks like it's gonna be a menage a trois of pain.'
Pepper: 'Usually you pay double for that type of action, Cotton. '

Tuesday,August 26th

Anne Murray

How many of us grew up in homes listening to the mellifluous voice of Canada's first hugely successful female solo artist? 'Could I have this Dance' was the only song my mom could drag my dad out to dance to. If you've seen my dad dance, you'd know the Haley's Comet frequency of his busting a move? Good for all concerned.
According to the Internet - which never lies - Anne loves Yahtzee and the film 'My Cousin Vinny' - who doesn't Anne... who doesn't.

Tony Robbins

Self help guru and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins is such a cultural Icon by this point that he's known to show up in cool film cameos. The best was in Shallow Hal, when he convinced Hal - played by Jack Black to look for inner beauty. Who among us would ever get trapped in an elevator with anyone even 1/10th as interesting?

If I were trapped in an elevator with Tony? I would ask him only two questions:
How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? AND Can I have it?

Thursday,August 28th

Diana Krall

Canada's own Diana Krall is an award winning Jazz songstress, mom of twins and is married to the legendary Elvis Costello. What more can you say. Even ONE of those accomplishments is enough to warrant some acclaim.

Season 5 of The Hour kicks off September 15th. Want to see the show taped live? Click here to preview the dates available. A HUGE BONUS for Toronto area folks? It's Toronto International Film Festival Time and many of the stars will be pretaping interviews. These will spring up for odd times - early mornings, later evenings, weekends... basically whenever their availability might be. Check the ticket page frequently for your favourites. Spike Lee, Jay Baruchel and many others have confirmed visits thus far....
So... enjoy the last gasps of summer. One last trip to the cottage. The BBQ to top all BBQ's. Cram in all the fun you can handle! Check back on Wednesday for another edition of 2:20 turned out Stroumboulopouli style.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2:20 Q's for Tracy

Now it's my turn to ask Tracy some friendly questions...

1) What summer Olympic sport do you imagine winning a gold in?

I only run if I'm being chased or playing baseball so... Diving?

2) If you were driving the bus to your favourite folk fest what musicians would be in your bus?

How big's the bus? Ron Sexsmith, Luke Doucet, Melissa McClelland, Jackie Washington, Ari Hest, Brandi Carlisle, Lindsay Jane, Justin Rutledge, The Duhks, NQ Arbuckle, Kathleen Edwards, Chic Gamine and many many more!

3) A modern condo, or an old Victorian fixer upper?

Condo! Sleek and clean. No mice.

4) What would the title of your ‘Best Story Ever’ be?

My potential stepbrother was a Star Wars costumed freak. And probably a virgin.

5) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A mom or a lawyer.

6) And now?

Community Relations Director

7) Who was your Idol as a teen?

I was in love with Sting even before the tantric thing!

8) How many pairs of shoes do you own? A) less than 10 B) between 10 and 20 or C) lost count.

Ha ha.... C. I loooooove shoes & boots.

9) What fashion trend did you once follow that you never want to come back ever!?

Jelly shoes from the 80's. Jesus we looked stupid. Crocs with more air holes that cut your feet and are smelly and just fugly.

10) Ideal summer place in Canada?

PEI. I love the East Coast.

11) Ideal winter spot anywhere in the world?

Paris. Anytime of the year..... *sigh* or a hot spot - St. Maarten.

12) Read books, or listen to music? Choose one!

MUSIC. 100% - no contest. Reading is hard and I'm not that bright.

13) How do you get out of a speeding ticket?

Cleavage helps, so does being overly polite, crying? I have only had one that stuck. Female officer. She did drop my speed so I didn't get points. Whew.

14) Favourite vegetable?

Edamame ---- soyriffic!

15) Favourite segment on The Hour

Cold Openings

16) Who would win in a Jell-O wrestling match between Paul Bates and Allan-I-mean Adam?

What? I hope that only their ladies and trainers could tell you. I'll go Paul, cause Adam had that horrible yellow sweater.

17) Would you pay to watch that?

Not a chance in sticky sugary hell.

18) Who should fight the winner?

Trish Stratus. Then you'd get guys paying to see it...

19) Would you rather skydive or hot air balloon?

Balloon with brie and wine. Jumping out of a plane? Only if it was crashing.

20) Death by skydiving or hot air ballooning?

Balloon - screaming my freaking head off all the way down.

Bonus question:
Jokers Hockey Club or the ChartAttack Hack, whose team would you root for?

Jokers. Sean Cullen was robbed on Last Comic Standing. He should get a trophy at least...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's new this week... August 17 to 23

It's the middle of August, how's your summer going? Having fun yet? There's always fun going on around the Stromboulopouli, make sure you come back on Wednesday, when Barb puts Tracy in our own 2:20 hot seat!

This week on the Strombo Show:

Orginally scheduled to appear on last week's show, George Stroumboulopoulos welcomes Slipknot into the newly renovated Edge studios and Alex returns for another week. Make sure you check out The Strombo Show! Facebook Group and the Strombo Show website for more information and fun stuff from the show!

( This is indeed a clock that runs counter clockwise. You can buy one here.)

Due to the second week of heavy Olympic coverage, The Hour will only broadcast sporadically over the next week. According to the CBC schedule, you can catch The Hour on the CBC Main Network and CBC Newsworld during the wee morning hours of August 18-21.

The new season will premiere next month on Monday, September 15, so if you're planning to be in Toronto that week, make sure you order your tickets for the first few shows of Season Five. You can order your tickets through The Hour's website.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today in History... Happy Birthday George!

Here are a few other important things that happened today in history...

1996 - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site
1991 - Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" stays at #1 on the Billboard Charts for the fifth straight week
1980 - Rev. Lois Wilson elected the first woman moderator of the United Church of Canada
1974 - Scarborough native, Cindy Nicholas, crosses Lake Ontario in 15 hours beating the previous record by three hours
1979 - Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker dies in Ottawa, Ontario at age 83.
1972 - The Canadian National Exhibition opens with a display by the People's Republic of China - it was the first display by China in the Western World
1969 - The first Canadian Summer Games open in Halifax, Nova Scotia
1968 - The first full length Canadian Ballet, Rose Latulipe, premieres at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival
1966 - George Chuvalo becomes the Canadian Heavyweight Boxing Champion
1947 - The first flight of the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver bush plane. Eventually 1600 of these planes would be built, a record for a Canadian designed aircraft.
1945 - The War Measures Act Cancelled.
1943 - The Allied conquest of Sicily is complete.
1936 - The 11th Summer Olympics close in Berlin, Germany. Canada took home 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze.
1930 - The first British Empire Games (now known as the Commonwealth Games) take place in Hamilton, Ontario.
1858 - The Bank of Canada receives its Charter in Ottawa, Ontario. The Assembly of the Province of Canada also abolishes imprisonment for debt.
1827 - Admiral John Franklin lays the first stones of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario.
1812 - General Isaac Brock captures Detroit and the Michigan Territory. Brock was knighted for this victory but died at Queenston Heights before the news of this honour reached him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2:20 with Jenuine in the Hot Seat!

If you can find The Hour during the Summer Games - you're patient and persistent. During the summer hiatus we thought it was a good time for a few light hearted posts! Each Wednesday until the start of the new season of The Hour, the ladies of the Stroumboulopouli will be quizzing one another in a version of the 'friend test'.... 2/20.

Like many good concepts, this one took some serious R & D. Rip off & Duplicate. 2/20 has been a fun segment on The Hour where we've learned some amusing things. Ryan Reynolds can smell the fear. Mike Holmes would win in a fight between himself and a cougar even if "the cougar was an animal' Funny stuff...
So we kept it light... and present to you - 2/20 - Tracy asks Jenuine. And.... we're off!

Q. You're competing on The Amazing Race. Who do you pick to be your partner and why?

A. My man. It would make for hilarious reality T.V watching....we passionately fight over the inane, but when push comes to shove we know each other's strengths & weaknesses.

Q. There's no such thing as a stupid question. True statement or load of crap?

A. A truckload!

Q. Finish the sentence - my first love was.....

A. A true bad-ass.

Q. Fair Maiden or Iron Maiden?


Q. The world issue that most concerns me is?

A. The future.

Q. Public Speaking - terrifying or fun?

A. Both.

Q. The most overrated actor or comedian is...

A. Jim Carrey

Q. Bert & Ernie - roommates or life partners?

A. Hahahah! Way to ruin my cherished childhood icons.

Q. My bravest moment was...

A. Having my children.

Q. Pizza Pocket, pocket full of sunshine or pocket full of kryptonite?

A. Gooey Sunshine.

Q. Who's the celebrity that you'd pick first in a death pool?

A. Juliette Lewis.

Q. If you had to sacrifice a sense, which one would it be and why?

A. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! I couldn't pick....really. Oh, if I must....taste. *Sob!*

Q. The return of coloured jeans. Fashion do, fashion don't or Jesus, I didn't even wear these the first time they were popular.

A. What the hell are those?

Q. Favourite sitcom family: The Huxtables, The Keatons, The Cleavers or The Bundy's?

A. Huxtables.

Q. The City I would most like to travel to is...
A. It's a cop-out, but, all of them.

Q. Finish the sentence. When I cook, my family....
A. Have snacks while waiting. (Takes a while, but worth the wait.)

Q. Worse cheater - John Edwards or Bill Clinton?
A. John Edwards

Q. Pick an Elvis - Presley or Costello?

A. Presley

Q. What is your best quality?
A. Sincerity.

Q. What cliche annoys you the most?
A. "God has a plan for me."

Allllll righty then! Thanks Jen... don't know about you but I'm gonna watch some PBS or some Peachtree TV wearing my sweet teal coloured jeans and blue suede shoes. Maybe later, I'll grab a jello pudding pop!
Next week.... Barbara asks me to spill. Be gentle B!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rockers and's the week starting August 10th

The week starts with a LIVE edition
of The Strombo Show!

Listen starting at 5 pm (est) via the web or conventional radio on these Corus Radio stations:

The Edge 102.1 (Toronto)
The Fox 99.3 (Vancouver)
Power 97 (Winnipeg)
Y108 (Hamilton)
FM96 (London)

Guests to include...

American metal band (and mask enthusiasts) Slipknot.

(Update...George has announced that Slipknot will be on NEXT Sunday)

South African rock band Seether.
The band and their record label Wind-up Records are involved in a unique project to benefit The Kids Help Phone. Click here to learn about the project. Better yet, click HERE, watch the video for Rise Above This and help raise money for a truly worthy cause.

AND it just keeps getting better and better...
the return of Alex Liu to The Strombo Show!!!!
Coming up on The Hour...
As you are undoubtedly aware, the CBC is providing indepth coverage of the
2008 Olympic Games from Beijing and their schedule reflects this.
Therefore, things may not be as they usually are...keeping this in mind...
...according to The Hour's website,
the following interviews will be re-broadcast this week:
Author Naomi Klein
Actor Jeff Goldblum
Musician Kylie Minogue
Actor Alan Alda
Canada's Favourite Contractor Mike Holmes
Actor Nicholas Campbell
Hip Hop performer Wyclef Jean
Chef Jamie Oliver

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mia Farrow's Olympics

With the 2008 Olympics on the forefront of most, if not all, news resources this week, it may interest some to take a small peek into Mia Farrow's (a former guest on The Hour) ongoing humanitarian efforts, in regards to this event.

Before playing the video, it may also interest you to know that China has reportedly spent 44 BILLION dollars on their precious Beijing Olympics.
I find it quite laughable that their slogan "One World, One Dream" calls upon the world to unite in the Olympic spirit, when they themselves are in the midst of contributing to the devastation in Darfur. There are so many issues here that I could type until the sun rises, in all time zones.
I am not anti-Olympics, nor against international competition in sports, because I do believe they assist in finding common ground between people from all walks of life and generate pride in one's own country.
However, if the Chinese government is so concerned with showing the world how innately wonderful they are, how 'bout sliding some of those dollars into the hands of people that could actually make a lifetime of difference for so many.
Sounds simple, I know, but what a world we would live in, if instead of showboating and trying to win our hearts with extravagant pomp, to utterly dazzle us with an astonishing display of humanity. A real stretch.....I know!

So without further.......oh wait......uh, never mind.
I'm not even going to start in on my thoughts about our upcoming 2010 'celebration'.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Counting down the weeks to the new season... with a twist!

With only five weeks to go until the premiere of The Hour's fifth season, the Stroumboulopouli are pulling a few tricks out of our sleeves and putting a new twist on a familiar segment that premiered last season on The Hour. That's right... we're talking about 2:20. With a twist. A Stroumboulopouli twist.

And what's our twist? Well, every week for the next five weeks, one of our members will be in the hot seat with questions created by another member of the blog. So Steph could be firing off questions at Barb and Jen might be in line for some serious questioning from Tracy. Who knows... you may learn something totally off the wall about your favourite Stroumboulopouli!

Make sure you come back to the blog every Wednesday, starting August 13th, to find out which Stroumboulopouli member will be first to sit in the hot seat.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Welcome to Their Special...

“We felt comfortable opening up to George. I think I speak for everyone in the band when I say that these are the most revealing interviews we’ve ever done” - Chuck Comeau, drummer - Simple Plan.

There’s something magical about Montreal that helps foster a vibrant and prolific music scene. It could be attributed to a rich tapestry of cultural depth and diversity. Amazing bagels. Poutine. Liquor in corner stores. Who can say?

Whatever the reason –many popular artists emerge from Montreal. Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Stars and last year’s winners of the Polaris Music Prize – Patrick Watson. Even two hit wonders like Men Without Hats were Montrealers. I apologize if ‘Safety Dance’ or ‘Pop Goes the World’ are playing in your head. You can dance if you want to. Seriously. Go ahead.

Juno winners
Simple Plan are commercially successful with a devoted fan following. Formed in 1999, they’ve paid their dues as veterans of traveling marketing machines like the Vans Warped Tour and as both support and headliners around the globe. Their shows are high energy and they sell their musical tales of angst and conflict of both the teen and twenty-something variety very well.

Hits like I’m Just a Kid, Addicted, Perfect, I’d Do Anything, Crazy, Welcome to My Life and perhaps their most enduring – Untitled (How Could this Happen to Me)’ – a song that shows the devastation resulting from driving drunk are favourites on radio and video channels.

Critical acclaim continues to elude the boys. On their most recent self titled disc – a Rolling Stone reviewer declares their latest track “Love is A Lie” as ‘a whiny rant directed at an unfaithful ex-girlfriend, is a growl away from becoming Nickelback.’ OUCH. Their cleverly titled discs – No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls and Still Not Getting Any… a reference to respect from critics perhaps - should get them some props. Critics be damned – Simple Plan’s music resonates with their fans. Period.

There’s more than meets the eye here. They are not only the darlings of the Much Music Video Awards – they are entrepreneurs. The Role Model clothing line, sophisticated and savvy merchandising initiatives and strong web presence is a nod to their growing maturity. Not to mention that Jeff Stinco recently took a parental leave to be with his family!

Always philanthropic, the band had supported many not for profit organizations like MADD, RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes against Drunk Driving) and Make a Wish Foundation but like many donors were frustrated by a lack of knowledge of how their funds were helping. They took action and formed the
Simple Plan Foundation to give structure and order to their giving – primarily targeted to organizations aiding youth.

In June, beneficiaries of their initial $100,000 granting were Children’s Wish Foundation, Kids Help Phone and War Child Canada.

Catch the
Simple Plan Special with George Stroumboulopoulos Wednesday August 6th @ 9pm on CBC.

Look to this special for revelatory conversation and live performances to bring some fun to a hot August night. Simple Plan will kick off the Canadian leg of their tour on August 19th in St. John’s.

The 1st week of August what's on

The studio at The Edge is all nice and renovated now and look nothing like in the picture I took of George on air this winter... Can't wait until George is back in that studio.
Not this Sunday though, there will likely be a Best of The Strombo Show... Last I heard George was still on the road heading back to TO.
Sunday August 3

The Strombo Show is Live(?) from 5-8Pm EST on 102.1 The Edge (Toronto), 99.3 The Fox (Vancouver), Power 97 (Winnipeg), Y108 (Hamilton), and FM96 (London)

What's on The Hour the week before the Olympics take over ?

Monday August 4
Look back at the interview with writer/comedian Ricky Gervais on The Hour.
Ricky is starring in, Ghost Town coming out this September.
Also on the show
Sebastian Horsley

Tuesday Aug 5

Alan Alda is timeless , I think MASH is as funny today as it was when it first aired.

Look back at Richards Branson talking with George, now see what he just revealed a few days ago...

This a song called 'Pick Yur Nose' from Ani DiFranco who is on The Hour this night.

Wednesday Aug 6
On the show
Michael Pollan Author of In Defence of Food

Mike Holmes

Thursday Aug 7
George interviews

Vicente Fox
Wyclef Jean

That's not all
There will be a post about a Simple Plan special CBC is airing Wednesday night and we will tell you more about it soon.