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Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Favourite Clips - Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll

I have a confession that might get me in trouble with regular viewers of The Hour. I am actually enjoying the re-runs during hockey playoffs. *ducks behind the desk* As a regular viewer, the interviews I have missed are few and far between but there have been several that I'm glad to re watch. Jully Black. Ariel Dorfman, Warren McDonald to name a few.

We've been revisiting some of our favourite interviews from The Hour. It's now my turn and over the next three days, I've decided to keep my selections on the lighter side and theme it up a bit. Gentle readers...over the next three days we are pleased to present - Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll.

First up. SEX. Recently voted the
Greatest Thing Ever sex beat out the likes of babies, velcro and sleep. Whether YOU believe it's the Greatest Thing Ever will probably depend very strongly on your personal experience.

Who gave you 'The Talk'? Did you even get 'The Talk'? Were your parents or mentors open and willing to discuss not only the mechanics of sex but the responsibilities and risks involved in choosing to have a sexual relationship? Honest enough to share with you the often unspoken realities of sex - that it is a very pleasurable expression of affection or lust or that it's a key element in a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship? Not so much huh. Well that's where Sue comes in.

So.. the 'Sex' clip. The wonderfully open, funny, honest and intelligent Sue Johanson. Registered Nurse, wife, mom, broadcaster, author, lecturer. Nobody can stretch a condom like Sue!

Many will have listened to Sue on the Sunday Night Sex Show which ran from 1996-2005.
Sue can currently be seen on the
Oxygen Network in the US. She could have been my Rock 'N' Roll' pick actually - she's a pioneer and a rock star in her own right. Fearless and vocal.

This interview is a favourite of mine for a couple of reasons. George and Sue have such a comfortable and easy rapport and despite the prevailing attitude that the collective 'we' knows so much - there remains a need to bring facts and knowledge about sex, sexually transmitted infections and other issues of human sexuality forward. Especially for young people. Sue highlights these important issues both over the airwaves and from the lecture stage.

So I give you a two fer actually.

A very awkward but funny Cold Open....

The Sue Interview .... HERE

Enjoy - and I'll catch you back here for the 'drugs' clip tomorrow. Any guesses who it may be? Remember that Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty haven't been on The Hour...


Anonymous said...

What a great conversation. I missed this the first time around.

Janna said...

I am not sure about our readers but you sure are gonna get in trouble with me!!!

I miss the new epi's....

Actually, getting some more sleep has been nice... not gonna lie.

Tracy said...

Total coincidence that I posted my Sue clip and then later that night, there she was on the re-run.

Anonymous said...

Sue is not renewing her Oxygen show... too bad.

Now the Americans have NO chance.