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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our favorite clips...Paul Franklin (1st interview)

"Is he a real man?" This was one of the questions e-mailed to The Hour when announcing the interview with Master Corporal Paul Franklin. In response, he asks what makes any man a real man? He tells George, it's in your soul, your head and what you do.
The loss of his legs doesn't define who he is, and though he takes you on the journey of that tragic day, he touches you with heartfelt insight into his mind, his family life, his ability to laugh at himself and his plan for the future.


One of the most poignant moments of the clip for me, was when he talks about sitting with his laptop on his thighs, looking at a picture of his former legs stretched out into the distance and what he feels both physically and mentally, while doing so. Something that he uses in his speeches when sharing his story of survival & recovery to Canadian audiences.
Paul Franklin, the dad & husband, discusses what life is like at home between he & his 7yr old son and the type of relationship he feels is important to keep with his wife, that of a lover & a best-friend.
His personal courage and up-beat outlook on what he's been through makes this a must-see interview, with Paul's views on Canada's role in Afghanistan to his affirmation that the first year after his incident, has been the best year of his life.
In starting The Franklin Foundation, he co-founded the Northern Alberta Amputee Program (NAAP), is back to work teaching tactical combat medicine at Canadian Army bases, and has released a critically acclaimed book,
"The Long Walk Home." <<< link with reviews from Roméo Dallaire & Rick Mercer.

You can watch the interview here.

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