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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our favorite clips...Dave Bidini

A tip of my hat to a true Canadian singer/songwriter, author, hockey fanatic and an inspirational human being.


The Hour's interview with Dave Bidini, formerly of The Rheostatics, delves into his roots with the Toronto band, who's trademark was it's unabashed love of the land.
"People struggle really hard to establish the Canadian identity & what it means to be Canadian. It's all around us, it's palpable, it's ok to say you love it."

He's recently published a book, "Around the World in 57½ Gigs", where he travels the globe solo with a guitar, his musical passport in being a welcomed guest worldwide, to find the commonalities of Rock N' Roll in different places & cultures. He talks about teenage Rock N' Roll rebellion, where in N. America it's an ipod ad, and in other parts of the world it's real. "It's tangible. It's something to it might not be there tomorrow."

I also found a fascinating recent review on his book, by Mark D. Dunn, a writing instructor.

He can be seen live for anyone in the area interested in a show:

Dave Bidini Band
April 27/08 @ the
with The Billie Hollies, Designer Jeans and Paul Linklater
306 King Street W
Hamilton, ON
Phone: (905) 521-4441
Doors @ 8:00; show begins @ 8:45.
Tix: $10.


Bill McLaughlin said...

Just browsing through, and i noticed the address above for The Casbah is given as King Street West in Toronto, but the Casbah is actually at that address in Hamilton.

Tracy said...

Thanks Bill for the correction. I hopped on and changed the city to Hamilton. Good eye.

I have been to the Casbah a few times. Nice room. My favourite was likely Moses Mayes (from the Peg) and Pocket Dwellers. Amazing double bill.