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Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's mystery week on The Hour...

As of this very moment, The Hour's website only shows two guests for the week ahead, so let's go with what we know...

As you read the web address, chances are you might be thinking about something else. As a young pastor, Craig Gross observed that many of his parishioners were experiencing a struggle with the issue of pornography. Gross decided to take rather a unique approach to help his flock and went directly to the porn industry. Eventually "X3", the porn fighting website was born. In 2006 Gross even engaged in a public debate with adult film performer Ron Jeremy. Craig Gross will be on The Hour this Monday.

If you are a fan of the American Pie franchise, you may remember John Cho. Or perhaps you recall the term that he popularized in those movies...try to find a link for that term and Craig Gross will not be a happy pastor. Moving on...

In 2004 Cho starred along side Kal Penn in the comedy Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. This Friday the sequel to that movie, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay will be released.

A new pre-tape has been added to the The Hour's schedule. Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen fame will be interviewed on Monday, April 28th.


Janna said...


George has decided to interview my three favourite British chefs!!!

I knew he was in town but this is FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!!

Jamie, Nigella and NOW GORDON!!! SOOO EXCITED!

Kim said...

I'm scared of that Ramsay guy. All that anger and silly tantrums - and that's the energy he puts in the food! No thanks! I sure hope he doesn't talk to his family that way.

That xxxChurch guy Craig Gross was interesting. I don't really resonate with the Christian part, but he isn't the angry "you're going to hell" type, but seeing his place beside the porn industry. And on a fun note...he must get so many jokes and offers with that handsome face, pure and passionate heart amongst all the porn folk :)

Steph A. said...

I think Gordon Ramsay is a riot. I can no longer read the word RISOTTO and not hear him screaming.

Unfortunately, once again, work commitments prevent me from attending a taping I really wish I could watch. Damn.

Janna said...

Kim- Really??? I think it is his passion that has got Gordon to where he is in life. He just wants everyone to make and eat good food.

I agree... I have had a discussion with several others going on about Craig Gross, some were of the like and some were of the dislike.

I think what he is doing is commendable. Sometimes people do things for the wrong reasons and it is good to know there is someone there if nothing but willing to listen to those who work in the industry or those who are addicted or use.

Steph- I like Ramsay's Restaraunt Nightmares better than Hell's Kitchen but my favourite is when he gets so disapointed in the chefs and makes that noise... LOVE IT. I wish I could go to that taping. :-(

Kim said...

Well, to each their own, I guess. I mean this in humour, but perhaps Gordon Ramsay brings out that side of people that likes to be spanked? :) (Sorry, somehow I mixed Gordon Ramsay and the topic of porn) :)

Tracy said...

Gordon Ramsay's persona is angry and his language is not unlike many professional kitchens - if my friends in the restaurant biz are to be believed.

I have heard the man is extremely charming. He also rides so there's always that topic if it's going off the rails somehow.