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Monday, December 30, 2013

The New Year! This week in Strombo Dec 30- Jan 03

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Happy 2014!  The 7 pm shows are all preempted but the 11:30 shows are there for you! There is a very special New Years Eve episode with surprise guests and a count down.

Monday Dec 30
Vanilla Ice goes Amish... revisited.

Tuesday Dec 31 2013
Poet and author Dr. Maya Angelou is the special New Years Eve guest. George heads to her hometown to talk to her.

Wednesday Jan 01 2014
Another look at the Canadian comedian who helped kick of the season Russell Peters

Thursday Jan 02
Looking again at author Malcolm Gladwell

Friday Jan 03
Once again, Pastor Joel Osteen

All the best to you and yours! 
May you have a healthy and happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 29th, 2013 - Part 1 of the Strombo Hundo!!!

Tonight's the night!  Tune in for Part 1 of the Strombo Hundo!  From the 100 to the 50th of 

The Top 100 Songs of the Year!!

From Biblical 

to Best Coast,

from Volcano Choir

to Shad, 

from  from Omar Souleyman 

to Arcade Fire ...

You can hear The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday nights, from 8 to 11 pm.  

See you there.  ;)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Strombo Week

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

This week the 7 pm episode is preempted all week but available at 11:30. Please note there is an extra special Late show on Christmas Eve.

Monday Dec 23 11:30 only

To kick off the festive week and extended Will Ferrell interview. 

Tuesday Dec 24 11:30 only

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight Christmas Eve Music Special
Musical guests include Commander Hadfield, Blue Rodeo, Blind Boys of Alabama, Charles Bradley, Nikki Yanofsky and a lot more.  

Wednesday Dec 25 (check local times)
The Christmas Eve Music Special will be repeated in Toronto and BC on Christmas Day!
Musical guests include Commander Hadfield, Blue Rodeo, Blind Boys of Alabama, Charles Bradley, Nikki Yanofsk and a lot more.  
Thursday Dec 26 11:30 only

A revisit with William Shatner

Friday Dec 27 11:30 only

The very popular Idris Elba

Merry Christmas!!
Extra Strombo interview link here

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Strombo Show - December 15th, 2013

Tonight on The Strombo Show!  The Flatliners join George in the Broom Closet to discuss and perform songs from their recently released album "Dead Language".

Tonight's Nod To The Gods will be a look at Dionne Warwicke's 1974 release "Then Came You" featuring The Spinners ...

It wouldn't be The Strombo Show without The Magnificent Seven, the top seven tunes of the week ...

.. Ten O'Clock With Tom (Waits) ..

.. and lastly, the Big Lie-Down or the Collective Horizontal, where George tucks you in to bed with the mellowest of tunes.

You can hear The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday nights, from 8 to 11 pm.  

See you there.  ;)

Sunday, December 08, 2013

This week in Strombo Dec 09- 13

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Remember 11:30 the debrief is featured. For The Panel watch the 7 pm show.

Monday Dec 09
Actor Will Ferrell
Here is a clip from the show.

Jay Onrait gives some advise.

On The Panel at 7, Jessica Holmes, Bobby Mair and Fraser Young

Tuesday Dec 10
Actor, producer, singer, wrap artist and DJ Idris Elba

Plus a tribute to Nelson Mandela

Wednesday Dec 11
Crime writer  Ian Rankin

Linwood Barclay Complaints department

Plus Panel guests Gavin Crawford, Evan Carter and Naomi Snieckus

Thursday Dec 12
Snowboarding champion  Mark McMorris

Also on The Panel, Ryan McMahon, Bobby Mair and Rebecca Kohler

Friday Dec 13
Author Marisha Pessi
Author Eric Schlosser 

and from vault close to the 1 year anniversary of his death, Christopher Hitchens

The Strombo Show - December 8th, 2013

It was January 23rd, 1981. Sitting in the nosebleed section at the Montreal Forum, we watched excitedly as the rocker in the blue t-shirt with the rolled up sleeves walked out onto the stage. Followed by his band, he threw his guitar onto his shoulder and stepped up to the mike. After a few seconds, the house lights dropped, the spots came on, and the Montreal Forum exploded with the magic of the Asbury Park, New Jersey band. When he finally left us that night, after a set list  twenty seven songs long , and another four for an encore, we were almost as exhausted as he must have been. We were, however, anything but disappointed. This .. this is why he was known as The Boss.

It is now 32 years later, and Bruce Springsteen is set to release his 18th studio album. He will be accompanied on the album by the E Street band, including tracks recorded by Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici before their deaths, as well as featuring Tom Morello on guitar. The album is scheduled to be released on January 14th. The first single, High Hopes, was released on November 24th.  Tonight, Darby Wheeler returns to the show and will be chatting with George in the broom closet about Bruce Springsteen and the upcoming album.  Welcome back Darby!

One of my favourite albums of 2012 was an album called 12 bit blues by Vancouver DJ Kid Koala. Kid Koala just happens to have joined up with producer Dan the Automater, and Del the Funky Homo Sapien to form supergroup Deltron 3030. They will also be joining G for a chat in the broom closet tonight to talk about their second album, Event II.

It wouldn't be the Strombo Show without a weekly nod to the Gods of Rock and Roll.  On the 33rd anniversary of his death at the hands of an assassin, the life and music of John Lennon is celebrated.

... The Magnificent Seven, the top seven tunes of the week ...

.. Ten O'Clock With Tom (Waits) ..

.. and lastly, the Big Lie-Down or the Collective Horizontal, where George tucks you in to bed with the mellowest of tunes. 

You can hear The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday nights, from 8 to 11 pm.  
See you there.  ;)

Monday, December 02, 2013

This week in Strombo Dec 2 - 6

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
There was no mention about The Panel for the 7 pm shows. 11:30 episodes will have the ever popular debrief.

Monday Dec 02
Actor and AIDS activist Alan Cumming

Tuesday Dec 03
Author Douglas Coupland

Wednesday Dec 04
Novelist  Amy Tan

Thursday Dec 05
 Legendary fighter and now author George Chuvalo

Friday Dec 06
Broadway star Ramin Karimloo 

Tennis champ Milos Raonic 

And the show digs in the vault for Woody Harrelson

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tonight on the Strombo Show .. Best Of The Strombo Show

Queens Of The Stone Age  QOTSA are currently on tour promoting their latest album,  ... Like Clockwork, released June 4th in North America. This is the sixth studio album for the band, which was recorded and produced after a tumultuous time in their personal and professional lives.  According to Homme, Like Clockwork is an album  "documenting the journey of moving forward ... It was a tough time and I thought, 'I can run away from this, or I can run into it.'"

In 2010, routine knee surgery left Homme hospitalized for fourteen days, and completely bedridden for four months. Awakening from the surgery, he was told "Shit .. we lost you".  The experience led him into a period of deep depression.  Bandmates Fertita, Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar), Michael Shuman (bass) and Joey Castillo (drums) convinced Homme to begin work with them on the album. It was a difficult but healing time for the band, which also saw the release of long time drummer Castillo who was replaced by none other than Dave Grohl.  Both drummers are featured on different tracks on the album.  The album was released to widespread critical acclaim, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 Music Chart, and at #2 on The Canadian Albums Chart.  It sold 91,000 in the US and 11,000 in Canada in its first week alone.  Stop in this week to hear more of the story, as well as the trials and tribulations Homme has encountered on the road this time around. 

This week, the Nod To The Gods goes to Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones for their 1972 classic hit, Happy.  Recorded in one afternoon while the Stones were holed up in Keef's own villa in France to avoid taxes, the tune has become Richards' own signature tune.  Busy cutting tracks with Bobby Keys for Exile On Main Street, Richards decided then and there to lay down the guitar tracks with Keys on baritone sax.  Producer Jimmy Miller later laid down drum tracks, and the horns were dubbed in later.  The tune ended up being on the record.  Says Richards of the song: It's "a strange song, because if you play it you actually become happy, even in the worst of circumstances.  It has a little magical bounce about it."  "Happy" was the first song featuring Richards on vocals to chart.  Oh, and that line "I need a love to make me happy" is actually a play on "Anita's love will keep me happy", referring to Anita Pallenberg, Keef's lady love at the time. This is a song that definitely deserve a nod.  Just go ahead and listen to it without getting happy.  ;)

Also featured will`be "The Magnificent 7" the top seven tracks of the week, 

"Ten O'Clock With Tom" (Waits), the weekly tribute to the gravel-voiced troubadour, 

and finally winding down with G tucking us all into bed to the soothing sounds of "The Big Lie Down", or The Collective Horizontal.

You can hear The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday nights, from 8 to 11 pm.  See you there.  ;)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This week in Strombo Nov 25-29

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Remember that the Debrief will be available on the 11:30 Late version only.
The Panel is a 7 pm feature. Friday Late is the extended interview.

Monday Nov 25
Canadian singer/songwriter Robbie Robertson

on the panel Chris Jericho, Kaillie Humphries and Gilson Lubin

Tuesday Nov 26
Author Malcom Gladwell

The Panel Gilbert Gottfried, Ryan Bellville and Pay Chen

Wednesday Nov 27 
Sports commentator Scott Russell

Ennis Esmer, Derek Seguin and Naomi Snieckus are on the Panel

Thursday Nov 28 
Author of Bridget Jones Helen Fielding

Jay Onrait, Arthur Simeon and Emma Hunter the 7 pm Panel

Friday Nov 29 
Not just the sister to Mark Z. she is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media Randi Zuckerburg

plus epidemiologist Dr. Don Francis

and from the vaults an interview Carol Burnett on the 7 PM show

 and Malcom Gladwell's extended interview on the Friday Late show.

The Strombo Show - November 24th, 2013

Tonight  on the Strombo Show, Toronto born Lindi Ortega chats with George about her latest album, Tin Star.  Her second album, Cigarettes and Truckstops, was longlisted to the Polaris Music Prize, and her first album, Little Red Boots, was nominated for a Juno Award.

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight staffers and veteran music writers Aaron Brophy and Tara Henley will be discussing nineties musical scenes, nineties hip hop, and The Verve's classic 1997 "Bitter Sweet Symphony".  


as always, the show will feature The Magnificent Seven,

Ten O'Clock With Tom (Waits)

  The Big Lie Down.

and the Nod to the Gods of Rock .

You can hear The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday nights, from 8 to 11 pm.  See you there.  ;)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Broadcasting Canada

Kevin Caners does a podcast called Broadcasting Canada.

Kevin interviews CBC broadcasters about their career, their life, how they see things and how they react to things. He has featured Rick Mercer, Jian Ghomeshi and George Stroumboulopoulos among others. You can subscribe on iTunes and go to the website Broadcasting Canada, Voices of the CBC

The webpage says; Celebrating the role the CBC plays in the social fabric of Canada through in-depth conversations with the voices and personalities who bring us together from coast to coast to coast.

- I listened to a couple of the podcast episodes and recommend it to those like myself, who enjoy long form interviews, the CBC and any of her hosts.  


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Watch GST at 7 pm and GSTL at 11:30 pm (what?)

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight Late!
The 7 pm GST will be as advertized and the 11:30pm GST + Late (so it's now GSTL) will include the debrief and maybe include other changes. The show will now have musical performances again. George is also talking about having extended interviews on Fridays.
7 pm
11:30 pm
Here is the first new debrief from Monday night.

 My personal opinion...
As a long time fan I welcome the changes! It's a challenge for a Canadian talk show to compete with the US late night shows. Especially when those shows can produce viral video clips of comedic commentary on Mayor Rob Ford where our talk show was a day behind.  The way the CBC studio prerecorded and had to have an edited close captioned version up and out for 7 pm Atlantic time did not allow for same day changes. Taking the 11:30 rerun and adding a current debrief and making it a different version of the talk show has, as far as I know, never been done before outside of news programming. When the show was The Hour it had the time to edit for the same day and it had room to run all the features like musical acts and the debrief and commentary of current news while still featuring the longer interviews. This step George and the crew are taking, without any budget increase, makes the half hour show a two part one hour show. Both parts worth watching! I am also looking forward to the Friday longer interviews they talked about featuring. If you have ever been to a taping of the show you know that George interviews the guest for much longer than what you see on TV. It's always fascinating and deserves to be televised in it's long format. If you can't watch the two shows, set your PVR to record each of them. Watch it like a daily mini series. 

Enjoy Canada's early night and late night talk show!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

This week in Strombo Nov 18 - 22 Something New!

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Watch for something new on Monday's show. Watch both shows at 7 pm and 11:30. You may want to do this all week and for the rest of the season...

Hint was tweeted from Strombo: A little Saturday afternoon @CBCing... This studio won't be quiet for long... Working on something vey cool for our 7pm and Late-Night show at 11:30. Check it Monday night. #Debrief

Schedule changes may occur...

Monday Nov 18
Journalist, teacher, politician and  former Prime Minister Joe Clark
Also on the show Brooke Nevin of Cracked

On the panel Alonzo Bodden, Orny Adams and Elvira Kurt

Tuesday Nov 19
Best selling author Sue Grafton
CBC Radio 3 host and author Grant Lawrence

Panel guests Robin Duke, Ron Sparks and Dave Merheje

Wednesday Nov 20
Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons
Anil Kapoor's best story ever

Panel includes Ali Hassan, Natalia Yanchak, Murray Lightburn

Thursday Nov 21
Pastor Joel Osteen

Panel crew Linda Kash, Paul Bates and Ali Hassan

Friday Nov 22 
Film director and screenwriter Alexander Payne

Singer and blogger Matt Good

Enjoy a revisited interview with actor/director Jodie Foster