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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Leafs Nation at The Hour

Today, April first I went to The Hour and surrounded by the Blue and white of a Leafs Nation... Most of the audience and some of the Crew were wearing Leafs Shirts and caps and whatnot.

The joke was on George. He was a good sport about it.

This surprise for George was organised by emails to the audience attending today's show. I looked around my workplace before I left for The Hour and there was no Toronto Maple Leaf stuff to be found. All I could do was wear my Canadian flag pin, that was as close as I could get to wearing a leaf.

Being from Montreal, that's probably just as well.
Watch The Hour tonight to see Georges reaction.
I hope your April fools day was as much fun.
I got this picture in my email yesterday. It seems appropriate for the end of regular season.
For those who watch The Hour the NHL playoffs will be putting The Hour on hiatus for the next three weeks. Check with the website for The Hour's schedule in playoff time.


Tracy said...

Leafs' Nation - and right up front? Scary. That type of harrassment and terror should be reserved for Halloween rather than April Fool's - no?

Tracy said...

The cover story of this Week's Macleans? "Why the Leafs Stink" is it wrong that I laughed out loud? Enjoy!