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Monday, September 26, 2011

Michael K. Williams Tuesday night. Not to be missed!

This is a post by Phyl. She is a fan of both The Wire, Michael K. Williams and George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and this story is where it all comes together.

Didn’t See That Coming George

Beautiful and complicated characters, rich writing, spot on casting, brutality, humour, the city of Baltimore and all of the stories within ‘the game’. My husband and I watched 5 seasons of The Wire in three months and each episode was like watching a great film. Our evenings went something like this: “Ok, you clean the kitchen while I wash the kids. Best of 3 crazy eights, we split up to read stories, and have them in bed by 8pm. GO!”  

We were spent at the end of this insanity and completely heartbroken on many levels. This is what a love affair with The Wire does to people, in the best possible way.
Literally every single character draws you in, but Omar Little was special. Thief of thieves. Poet. Patient observer in the shadows. Ominous whistler. Openly gay. BAD-ASS. A man must have a code, Bunk said. Indeed. Michael K. Williams portrayed this character with grit and sensitivity.  

Last April he tweeted this:
Description: Description: Michael K Williams
BKBMG Michael K Williams
This is on a wall in the west side of Toronto...Thanks for ALL the love...keep sending the artwork...

On a whim, I tweeted and invited him to our fair city, specifically to the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show.  I know what a fan of The Wire George isso it could only result in a great interview and a terrific experience for everyone concerned. Lo and behold, Michael K. Williams tweeted me BACK. He’d love to come and told me who to contact. Score!

A few weeks ago, George announced that ‘Omar comin’!’ His crack booking team had done it. I had to get to this taping if it killed me.     
Description: Description: Phyl
phylmmm Phyl
Setting the tone for my entire day, because TODAY, @bkbmg comin, to @strombo#Indeed. Down in the Hole
Retweet by Michael K. Williams! This day was starting off with a BANG.

Arriving at the CBC, sporting my B&B Enterprises t-shirt, I see George and I can tell he’s psyched. The doors to studio 43 open and my friend Barbara and I are escorted to the front row. I’m over the moon about this primo vantage point.

George pulls out all of the stops for this interview and his guest responds in kind. He’s open and cool, funny, grateful and a little sly. He’s everything I’d hoped for and more. Generally guests are whisked away post interview but this day George points at me and before I know it, ‘Omar’ and his beautiful scar, is standing in front of me with his hand outstretched. “Hi, I’m Michael”

I have little recollection of what was said but it included “I love your work” (cue eye roll) and that I was SO glad that he had come to the show and also that “I AM FREAKING OUT”. He laughed his hearty laugh and gave me a great big hug. Yup, that happened. To ME!  

First phone call was to my dude. “Sheeeeeit, have I got a story for you. Wait till I get home!” Bragging rights are underrated. Half the fun was telling my friends about my surreal celebrity encounter. 

I look forward to watching Michael K. Williams in Boardwalk Empire, Community and anything else he appears in. I’m a forever fan.

A great big thank you goes to our boyfriend George for introducing my guy and me to The Wire, and for having such a generous and fun spirit. He was the architect of my little odyssey and gave me my Best Story Ever! 

Spoiler alert: The Wire – 100 Greatest Quotes –

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's up with Strombo this week

The Strombo Show
September 25/2011

Simple songs is the inspiration for this Sunday's Strombo Show, as Bob Mackowycz visits. Alex 'The Can Con Dawn" Narveaz drops by to play some solid Canadian Hip Hop and beyond.

Our Blend Mini Mix is from Jordan Mandel from London, Ontario who was allowed to sample Marshall McLuhan speeches over his composed music.
The Magnificent Seven Countdown is stacked with great new music, we pay tribute to Bands that have called it quits, 10 with Tom Waits, and Nod to the God of Drummers.

Tune in to, or listen online to, CBC Radio 2 from 8-11 pm and you can follow along with George @Strombo and more can be found at

contributed by
Darby Wheeler

Monday Sept 26
NDP PM The Honorable Olivia Chow
As well as Candian Actor Shawn Ashmore

Tuesday Sept 27 
From The Wire and Boardwalk Empire Michael Kenneth Williams
plus Author Erin Morgenstern

Wednesday Sept 28

Theater genius SirTim Rice
And the Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers

Thursday Sept 29

Canadian Comedian Russell Peters
also Law Professor and Author Joel Bakan

Friday Sept 30 
Best of The Week 
Musical Guest Nick Lowe

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sneak peak of the Seth Rogan interview on tonight!

As you know George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight is premiering tonight! The opening guest is Seth Rogan and he touches on some interesting topics in tonight’s episode.

In the following clips, he talks about how he and his group of friends reacted when one of them was diagnosed with cancer, which is the basis of his new film 50/50 Seth Rogen on his friend being diagnosed with cancer and reflects on: What really makes Seth Rogen nervous

You can catch the full episode tonight at 11:05PM or watch the show online here:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Season eight of GST starts now!

THE STROMBO SHOW, September 18,2011
We have a jammed pack show tonight. We pay tribute to a punk
forefather, give you an hour of classic Cover Songs and The Magnificent Seven Countdown returns.We also will be visited by Polaris Prize Founder Steve Jordan to preview some of the Shortlist for Monday night's Polaris Award Show Gala which is given to the Canadian record that has the most artistic merit.

8pm - 11pm CBC Radio 2

Follow along on Twitter @strombo
Download The Strombo Show APP on Itunes.
Contributed by 
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
The new season begins with TIFF stars, politicians and the Canadian band that won a spot on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Monday September 19

Comedic Canadian actor
Seth Rogan
Longtime Liberal politician
Sheila Copps 

Tuesday September 20
Actor, singer dancer
Hugh Jackman

President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed

Wednesday September 21
Rob Lowe

Sports Journalist and Author Steve Simmons

Thursday September 22
Bryan Cranston

The Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi

Friday September 23

The best two interviews of the week
plus a performance by The Sheepdogs from Saskatchewan

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playback gives George Stroumboulopoulos humanitarian award.

This Thursday night is the 5th Annual Playback Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame Gala
The Gala will be hosted by Colin Mochrie and Art Hindle.

The Playback Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame has today announced that the first recipient of the Swarovski Humanitarian Award is George Stroumboulopoulos. More detail here from CBC Live 
Peter Mansbridge will be on hand Thursday night to present George with his award.

Thank you Calum Shanlin for the heads up! We think this is well deserved and Strombo is too humble about everything he does for good causes. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last week of season seven and preview of eight!

 September 11,2011

CBC Radio 2's The Strombo Show is back! 
We are playing all new music this week and the best new music from this summer. Also Bob Mackowycz Jr. drops in on this anniversary of 911, to talk music of protest. George reviews this day in music, we have an 80's dance party and our Big Lie Down segment features songs for the fallen.

8pm - 11pm
CBC Radio 2

Follow along on Twitter @strombo

contributed by
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight 
This is the last week of season seven!
Guest for the new season include so far, Seth Rogan, Russell Peters, Jay Baruchel, Emile Hirsh, Johnny Rotten, Cory Monteith, Ewan McGregor, Rob Lowe, Bryan Cranston, David Cronenberg, Bill Duke, Sebastian Bach and the list goes on and on. Some of these guest have been on the show before but have done a lot since the last time they were on. Some of these interviews have been  taped in the past few days and many are up coming interviews in the next week or so. George has seen 25 films, hosted and attended a number of TIFF parties and conducted over 12 interviews and it's only a few days in to TIFF. 
Tickets for the show are still available. 

Monday Sept 12

Tuesday Sept 13
Actor comedian 

Wednesday Sept 14

Thursday Sept 15

Friday Sept 16 

Monday, September 05, 2011

This week on the show The Best Of continues

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
As the summer winds down behind the scenes the crew is getting the TIFF interviews lined up. Tickets for the  interviews with the stars and directors are still available. The new season starts September 19th!

Monday Sept 5
The right honourable

Tuesday Sept 6
Wednesday Sept 7 
Actor, director

Also Sept 7 The Gemini Awards at 8 pm on CBC 
Thursday Sept 8
Actor director
Friday Sept 9
Singer entertainer