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Sunday, July 31, 2011

GST 1st week of August. Comedians rule the week.

The Strombo Show is a Best of for the rest of August.
Sunday July 31, 8pm - 11pm. CBC Radio 2

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
These interviews were done over the course of season seven. Many of these comedians are on the road this summer and a number of them appeared at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal in July. When possible I linked their name to their own web page and you can check out their tour schedule.  

Monday August 1

Red Green and Zach Galifianakis

Tuesday August 2

Russell Peters plus Jeremy Hotz

Wednesday August 3

Billy Connolly as well as Amy Sedaris

Thursday August 4

Jim Parsons and John Leguizamo

Friday August 5

Tom Green plus Judah Friedlander

Friday, July 29, 2011

WFP Scaling Up Operations In Horn Of Africa

If the show was not in repeats I am sure this one be a priority for them to cover.
Please click on the link to read more
WFP Scaling Up Operations In Horn Of Africa

I miss having George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight cover today's important topics. The website stays current with new topics but it's not the same. The show brings a serious punk attitude to the news of the day. Who would the guests be to address the famine crisis in the Horn of Africa or the Debt Crisis issue in the United States I wonder... I miss the kind of professional style GS Tonight uses to look at world events.

For those of you asking...
The TV and radio show will be in repeats until the official launch of the new season. I believe that is on September 19th.
Interviews being taped for the show will coincide with TIFF September 8th-18th. Tickets are not yet available, but sign up at for updates.
There was also a question about George's personal status as far as marriage or dating is concerned. He's not married unless you count the show... whom he dates is between him and the ladies. He does not owe us their privacy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Strombo special, July 24-29

The Strombo Show

Sunday July 24 
8pm - 11pm
CBC Radio 2
All shows are streaming online Monday Morning

Follow along on Twitter @strombo

contributed byDarby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

Monday July 25

Arianna Huffington

Tuesday July 26

Pakistan Special

Wednesday July 27

General Rick Hillier

Thursday July 28

Allan Hawco

Friday July 29

 Polar Bear Special

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strombo Summer continues July 17 - 22

If you have Google+ George has an account there now


Part 2 of four Dock Rock Summer Songs for the Strombo Show. 
Our favourite Scot, Calum Shanlin visits get 'irie' to the music of Jamaica and The Can Con Don will drop by to play some Classic Canadian Hip Hop Summertime Jams. The Blend is another summer themed one brought to you by DJ Serious. 
8pm - 11pm
CBC Radio 2
All shows are streaming online Monday Morning

Follow along on Twitter @strombo

contributed by
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week 

Monday July 18

Actor Jason Priestley

Tuesday July 19

Financial dream maker/crusher  Robert Herjavec

Wednesday July 20

Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire

Thursday July 21

Director Tim Burton

Friday July 22

Author Salman Rushdie

Saturday, July 09, 2011

July 10 - 15 in Strombo land

JULY 10/2011

Warped Tour takeover...this is the 3rd time the Strombo Show has let Warped Tour take over the show. Interviews, requests, and tons of music as Strombo Show Producer Sully reports back from Warped's stop in Las Vegas. Up the punks!

8pm - 11pm CBC Radio 2

Follow along on Twitter @strombo

Contributed by
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week 

MondayJuly 11
Father and son actors 
Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez

TuesdayJuly 12
Reality show couple
Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed
Recent rumours have this couple talking about a split. Here is a link to the Sun article

Wednesday July 13
WFP Ambassador George Stroumboulopoulos 
Pakistan Special

Thursday July 14 
Spiritualist speaker
Deepak Chopra

FridayJuly 15 
Canadian music icon
Paul Anka

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Do you want to work for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight?

I am following That Eric Alper on twitter and he has a tendency at night to tweet jobs posts in the Arts and Entertainment field among other interesting subjects. Tonight he is listing a number of positions at CBC some specifically for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

This is what they are looking for... 

Video JournalistVideo Producer, Creative Researcher, and  Headline and Promo Producer.

If you are qualified go for it!
Be creative, professional and show 'em your moxie!

If you are interested check out all jobs at CBC here