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Monday, April 14, 2008

Our favourite clips...Billy Connolly

Making people laugh is probably one of the most difficult tasks around, as humour is a very personal thing. What one person may find hysterically side-splitting, someone else may consider to be the least funny thing ever. I have always admired those who make a living by doing comedy.

"I hope to grow old disgracefully. I'd like to be a complete nuisance..."

~ Billy Connolly

One of my favourite comedians is Billy Connolly. For me, part of his appeal is the Scottish accent. I swear that so much of what he says is funnier, simply because of the way the words sound as they roll off his tongue.

If you have not seen Billy in action, he can be easily found on YouTube. If you missed his appearance last season on The Hour, you can watch his interview here.

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