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Sunday, July 30, 2006

George on You Tube

Testing out the You Tube.
What came first, the chicken or the egg?

There are a few more selections of George on YouTube.
But you can find most of what your looking for of George, on

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The ugly rumours...

The ugly rumours are....
ABC cancelled The One : A making of a music star.

At first I did not believe it. This was not an official announcement. It was a post on the ABC: The One message board.
I did not trust the source.
I looked to the ABC site and I still see next weeks show advertised.
Tuesday, August 1 at 8:30/7:30c
Episode 103
Aubrey Collins has left the Academy. Nine contestants are left in their quest to become The One. See the third round of performances, live!

Want to watch the contestants perform?
Get information about audience tickets for The One here!
and they were still advertising next week show.

But if you click to get audience tickets for The One.... It's not there anymore.

I just went back to the message board and there was a link to a news story left on the message board but the board itself is now read only...
To read more about the cancellation of The One see below.

I am so sorry George!! It's not your fault that's for sure.

I don't understand why ABC builds these things up with no thought to supporting and promoting these shows from beginning to end. Crap! I was all into the voting thing now!
I was looking forward to seeing Austin Carroll win this thing. I was also looking forward to watching George all summer. Was ABC expecting people to watch while on vacation? They would have come back from the beaches and tuned in to see this charming Canadian host and the much improving musical talent in this group of performers. Man! Give a show time to build a following. ABC is a jerk! It took the CBC for a ride on this one! Bad move ABC!

I am swearing right now out loud . I just can't swear in public... I need a swear stand in.
I am sure someone can do that for me in the comment section. Thanks!

Forget about that summer job,
We still love you George!
Barbara W.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

For those of you who don't 'do' MySpace

Straight copy and paste from Georges Bulletin on MySpace. You can call him a guest contributor...

Hello.How's it going?
(It's 12:33AM PT. - The song in my head is Avenues and Alleyways by Rancid)
Thanks for all your notes about the new gig. I really appreciate them.Things have been crazy, and today (finally) I got an internet hookup at myplace in L.A. So I wanted to check in with you... (Forgive the brutal grammer, syntax and spelling, I type with two fingers and I'm sitting here watching The House Of Flying Daggers [The bamboo forest fight scene is on's amazing]I don't want to bore you with the details but essentially my motorcycle trip across America was cut short to come down and do this show on ABC (The One). Initially I wasn't keen on the idea... I have done this thing a million times on MuchMusic and wasn't sure that I would be into it again. But, I figured that experience would be invaluable, not to mention a hell of a way to spend the summer... And it would be fun.. which it has been... big time... The crew down here are amazing... a really great group of producers and friends.
I know that there's a small, passionate group of people who are surprised to see me do this show, and that's cool... I get it...
That being said, I've gotten a kick out of the way some of the Canadian media has reacted to me taking out my nose ring... the funny part is, they're the same people who were freaking when I went to CBC with a nose ring in the first place. You'd think that Justin Timberlake exposed my breast on TV during a halftime show... I hope I'm never at a point where my jewellery defines me...
As for The One (The show)... the contestants can really sing the roof off the place, I've been blown away by some of the voices and musical ability.. I know that there were some major audio problems on TV, they seemed to have worked them out now. The house that they are living in (The Academy) is killer... And the experts (Andre Harrell, Kara Dioguardi & Mark Hudson) have been awesome to watch.... They are all so passionate about music that everyday we just shoot the shit about the industry, the songs, the artists and everything in between...Some of you have shot me some questions for the judges and contestants, I'll ask 'em for you so lemme know what you'd like.[Now the are having sex in the bamboo forest - killer movie]Thanks again for your notes, I'm sorry I havent responed sooner.... I can't wait to ride the bike back to Canada to launch season three of The Hour.Lemme know what's going on with you.


OH BTW... if you've seen The One and you're following the Aubrey/Nick shit... it's getting crazier...
Oh, One more thing.. Have you seen Clerks 2 yet? It's f'n awesome....

Thanks for your bulletin George!

Monday, July 24, 2006

We Do It For You

As you'll notice, this site has undergone some changes in appearance, and will continue to do so in the next couple weeks. We've been working together to create a design that's as suitable as possible, and so far nothing's really met our expectations.

We ask for your patience as we search to find the most appropriate template design, and assure you there will be no change in entries and the standard George updates you're looking for.

Thank you.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Podcasts for you.

I invite you to join the message board just to talk about subjects like this one.
Some of you know that Jian Ghomeshi has a little summer gig at Sounds Like Canada on CBC Radio One. You can catch it on radio one between 10am to 11:30am weekdays (or online).
Well, Jian loves you so much he and the CBC are offering podcasts of his interviews for free.
You can find them here ! You chose which ones you want to hear. You can listen to interviews with George Stroumboulopoulos or his friend Ben Mulroney or David Shore (who created 'House') and many more. Just in case you missed them the first time or want to hear them again. Don't you love free offers?

Barbara W

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vote Nite On The One!


"OH. YOU PUT THEM THERE" - George to "THE ONE" audience on voting someone off the show on the second episode.

Tonight's show had a little more spice than the debut of "THE ONE". With so many performances to get through in the first night, it was hard not to feel as if the channel had been changed to a karaoke nightmare, especially since much of the format has been done before. Right from the get-go, George was "the George" we have grown to love (in Canada). There was much more of his hard hitting attitude, than during the previous night. He was in his element conversing with the audience and the contestants. The first night George was an announcer, but tonight he was the host!

If anyone missed the concept of elimination night. Here it goes: On elimination night there are three votes. The viewer/audience chooses the bottom three contestants who must then perform to prove themselves in both talent and growth. Based upon that performance, the judges vote to save one from elimination. Then, facing a jury of their peers, including the "saved one", a contestant is chosen to go home. So far, the aspiring singers have made a pact to vote off the contestant with the weakest performance. As drama incuses at "the One Academy" will this be the sole bias for their choices? I guess we'll have to tune in to find out.

Guest contributor
Sarah F.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Do's and Don'ts

I'm sure some of you will be tuning in to catch the debut of 'The One' tonight right? I'm still undecided, probably a no. However, while reading the paper this morning I came across a list from the Toronto Star of other top reality TV hosts, and the pitfalls Strombo should try to escape.

One things for sure, its going to be interesting to tune into US morning shows tomorrow and see how many hosts actually pronounce his name right.

*Had a little trouble posting the link. You can find the article in the A&E section*

We all miss The Hour.

I will be watching The One this summer and I will be thinking it's cool to see George on TV again. Good on him for doing something so risky.
I don't think the show will engage my brain much more than that because, it's not The Hour. I miss The Hour more now because of this US detour George has taken. I go to the website and remind myself of what I am missing and what I have to look forward to this fall. It's the Claire Martin banter and the Jian Ghomeshi reports and the mile a minute pace of a live TV news show hosted by George with a solid Canadian foundation. There is no substitute. Sure I like the Strombo show, and I will be watching The One, but that ain't no cure for the summertime blues.

Barbara W.


Much as I love The Hour and count upon it every evening during the tv watching months to stay informed, and much as I lament it going on hiatus every spring, there is something a little liberating about not being held captive to the tv during the summer months. Sure I may have to read the newspapers a little more thoroughly than I have been and sure I need to make certain that I catch Radio One at the top of the clock to hear the newscasts, but now I can go outside and enjoy the evening without watching the clock.
One of the great things about Canada is the change of seasons, not only because of the variety it adds to our lives, but because suffering through the nasty weather makes us appreciate the fine days. We all need a little sour to fully taste the sweet, we need the dark to appreciate light, we need the winter blasts to fully bask in the summer's glories.
Think of how great it will be to come back to The Hour in the fall, when the days are shortening and we want to come back into the house. It's the yin and the yang.

Barbara B


As one of the Stroumboulopouli, I was sure I would be suffering from some emotional loss right about now, but as of yet that feeling hasn't come. Yes, I do miss my standard evening learning session, I miss that set time to sit back, relax with a nice cup of tea and soak up the day's news in The Hour's uniquely informative way. I miss being able to watch George's calm yet aggressive interviews and seeing us "everyday folk" in the Panel Van and everything else that we've all grown to love about the show, but like Barbara B, I appreciate being able to take the time to go outside and enjoy the summer, and not be preoccupied with wanting to be in front of the tv set. Also, knowing that George is out there doing his own thing and enjoying HIS summer is an important factor, I think. He can soak up the sun, and so can we.

Come October, I think we'll all be refreshed and rejuvenated, tanned and sun kissed and ready to settle back into our big comfy chairs for our winter hibernation to lose our tans together and get settled back into routine. For now, I'm able to break routine and do as I please, George can do the same, and The Hour will be that much more enjoyable when it returns.

My suggestion for Hour Summer Heartbreak? Get some fresh air, maybe pick up a new book or two, check out all your local art venues, try a new restaraunt, discover some new bands or new jokes or new friends, and prepare yourself for Season 3 as it's bound to be stellar!!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

I guess we don't get to hear Bob's thoughts...

So The Strombo Show today was a "best of" thing, so we didn't get to hear fresh thoughts from Bob and/or Alex about George's 'The One' gig. Too bad, as I was looking forward to hearing from them. Sigh.
Anyway, that was, as Barbara posted earlier, the last show for now. C'est Dommage.
So if you missed it, don't worry.
Okay, I'm stopping now, I'm making myself depressed. :(


Okay, so I spoke too soon. Jim Richards is now hosting the show from T.O.
George et Bob are on the phone. Bob is fully behind George's choice to do 'The One'... and apparently Bob is writing a book called "Bob plus one", Teehee, I like!
Anyway, apparently next week it will be George and Bob live from L.A. -Rejoice!
Sorry about the mix-up!

Last night to catch it.

For those missing The Hour there is something you might enjoy tonight on the radio...
I would just like to remind you all that The Strombo show, with George Stroumboulopoulos and his co-host Bob Mackowycz Junior, will be on tonight at 9pm- 11pm EST.
You can catch it online , or if you are in Montreal you can hear it on the radio by tuning into CJAD 800, in Toronto, tune into their sister station Newstalk 1010 CFRB.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Has George 'Put A Spell On Me'?

Has George 'Put A Spell On Me'? (a reference to my MySpace song choice by Nina Simone)

George Stroumboulopoulos can do what he wants.
Who am I to say anything about it?
As a member of his audience, I have felt free to comment, with the invite to do so coming from him. I have said things about his choice of topics on The Hour via email to The Hour. I have responded to the segment on the use of the F word (I am not a fan of the F word). He even read my email on that broadcast. I have objected to the pot smoking 4:44 (4:20 or whatever) segment being run three times that season. I was not amused the first time it was run. There were things he said and did that made me growl, but in the same show there were things that made me think, or laugh, or care. So when I have cause to object to something George says or does I will.
As I got to know the show, and know George better, I could relax with a certain trust that George would be who he is. I still trust that.
I have had a few personal conversations with George since I became a strombo convert. One of the conversation about always being himself, because he explained, he is a lousy actor and does not know how to be anyone other than himself. I have observed that the man is a down to earth, friendly, funny, unique, and a very genuine individual. That's not a bad thing to be, and a couple of months in LA is not going to change him.

About his summer job, The One:Making a Music Star.
Well he does have the Much Music background experience for it. He is very involved in music and musicians. You could call it his passion.
I have talked to one of his young fans about how he helped her and encouraged her to get her band a gig. She took his advice and it worked. They got the gig and she had a great time playing with her band at a coffee house.
He encourages musicians like this all the time. Why not do it on a show like The One? The reality is he shares his extensive knowledge of the music industry to anyone who asks him. For up and coming musicians, The One may be the show to watch and learn.
I think he is being who he is and doing what he enjoys doing.
Will it all work out?

Does the man have the magic to make 'The One' a show to watch?
I say 'stay tuned'.

Barbara W.

This just in Jian Ghomeshi will be talking with George Stroumboulopoulos on Sounds Like Canada this Thursday July 13. The show runs 10 am to 11:30 am in 5 times zones you can catch it online or tune into CBC Radio One.
Check out this link if you missed the broadcast.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

as long as they spell your name right ...

If the intent was to create a buzz, then it certainly did what was intended. As horrified as I was to hear that George S will be hosting The One, I have to admit that the chatter about this move has been pretty intense. From a flurry of comments on this blog, to a full-page article in today's Calgary Herald, to a smack-down contest as to who will be the top reality show host - Ben Mulroney or George Stroumboulopoulos - on Radio One's Freestyle today, everybody has an opinion.
The cynic in me is speculating as to whether this is all a well-crafted publicity stunt. You know what they say about publicity, good or bad...
But despite my personal distain for this type of programming, despite my belief that the death of this type of reality show is long overdue, despite the inward cringing that I am suffering through by watching someone whose high standards and whose integrity I have always admired, be swayed by the whore of Babylon, I have to step back and say George is a big boy and it's his life.
I still think this is a huge mistake and I hope that this is not the thin edge of the wedge of the lure of the American media market, but it is not my place to interfere in someone else's decisions.
I am not mad, I'm just disappointed (and you know it hurts so much more to hear that).

Barbara B


I've had a good 24 hours to digest the news, and though I agree with Barbara B. that George is a big boy and can handle his business, and though I agree with a lot of the points Jeremy made in the previous post's comment section, that it will bring a lot more attention to The Hour from American viewers come October and if anything it will increase the traffic for The Hour's website...I'm still bothered by it all. I think one of the reasons so many of us respect George is that he's always refused to be a sell out, he always seemed to put up such a fight against "the man" that all of this The One information is like a unseen punch in the face, leaving us bewildered and wondering where it came from.

In a sense, I feel kind of dooped. Yes, I can make my own decisions and I'm at liberty to have my own taste in media, but since we're part of the Stroumboulopouli and should be up on what he's doing so in turn we can discuss it and share it with you, it's like I've just signed my soul over to the devil known as reality tv just because George is taking part in it, and as Barbara B. mentioned, I'm cringing. To say that reality tv is another immoral way to stomp on your own IQ is a gross understatement, and though I know it's only for a couple months and George will return to The Hour and get back to being informative and globally aware, I can't help but bite my nails and cross my fingers that what we all see in George won't be altered.

But it's not all bad, right? As it's been pointed out, George has the opportunity to bring charisma to a reality genre that smacks of "buy this" hype and overprocessed bubble gum music, and if given the chance he'll be able to bring a new perspective to the American Academie VJ Search Talent Idol monster, and with every ounce of my being I hope that's exactly what he does, instead of pulling a Seacrest and therefore forever changing himself into a pompous fame hungry cheeseball with no self respect. George can do so much better.

Crossing my fingers (and toes),


Not to completely echo the previous sentiments, but I have to agree with Barbara B, I'm a little disappointed. And I agree for the most part that this will bring The Hour's audience to another level (one hopes), but really at what cost?

I can really only think of one thing to compare it too; its the feeling some music fans feel when they hear their favourite band playing over top of an M&M's commercial, or racing down the desert roads in a Land Rover ad. I remember a Newstand segment from The Hour featuring K-OS, where he talked about this very issue, and how he did not want to be an artist who was heard about via a song playing over a commercial, it should be the other way around. I feel that George hosting another ridiculous reality singing competition is one in the same.

Hosting a national singing competition with all the pomp and circumstance that is American TV just doesn't scream Strombo to me. Was not that one of the reasons he left MuchMusic in the first place? Clearly, George is a big boy, and can make his own decisions...but one things for sure, I'll be able to read more this summer by not turning on the telly.

Okay, first thing's first, wasn't George the one who always expressed his dislike for American Idol? The fact that he said this and is now taking part in a show so similar to Idol is, to me, selling out. Which, of course, disappointed me.
I always looked upon George as a credible journalist who used Much as a way to first get his work out there, but nothing more than that. And now, like Barbara B said, it seems like he's taking a giant step backwards. I hate to say this, but by George taking this job, even if only for the summer, I lost a lot of respect for him. I agree with Allison that's it's like fave-artist-in-a-commercial scenario (Yes Feist, I'm talking to you, you and your Lacoste ads), or as my dad just said, it's like when Bob Dylan went electric.
Barbara is right in saying that it's certainly making quite the splash, not only in the comments as she mentioned, but also in the Stroumboulopouli themselves. If not displayed here, there is quite the variety in opinions about the subject, something pretty new to these blog members (although, I really think it strengthens the group).
Anyway, sorry to be so hard on you George, but what did you expect? I, like many of the Stroumboulopouli, definitely won't be watching.


What is he thinking? It seems to be a different George than the one hosting The Hour. When I read the news on this blog I thought that I misunderstood, that it couldn't be true... but unfortunately, it seems to be true? A career move to be known outside Canada, yeah but at what cost?

But it's his life, he can do whatever he wants with it, yes it's going to deceive some (no, a lot) of us, but if he's back in fall with The Hour and if he hasn't changed (still the down to earth guy saying his opinion and giving a hard time to some guests) I'm kinda okay with it, I'm not sure I'll watch (maybe once, to see how it is, but hating reality tv I don't think I'll be watching on every night). But it's not because George is the host that I'll love this show, I don't think it's the smartest move of his career but, we'll see what's going to happen (oh, and please, don't become an other Ben Mulroney).

Monday, July 10, 2006

Your Thoughts?

George Stroumboulopoulos will host the U.S. version of The One: Making a Music Star, in which 11 young musicians compete for a chance at a recording contract. Read the press release HERE. And read some of George's reaction on CBC's website HERE.

Some good news...

Remember Kyle of One Red Paperclip when George talked to him this past season on The Hour?

This is a picture of Kyle and his girlfriend and friend,
I took at The Hour taping in Montreal

Well the man did what he set out to do.
Kyle of One Red Paper Clip has got his house!

You thought I had other good news for you?

Not yet but stay tuned....

Barbara W.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

George on CBC! (Just not on The Hour)

Tonight I caught a portion of an interview with George on CBC News Tonight, on Newsworld.
He was talking about the new list of "Favorite Americans", and it was quite a good interview, but unfortunately I only caught the last half of it. If anyone saw it, could you please leave a comment, as I was really quite interested. Thanks!

In the meantime we can all be happy to know that George's safely in L.A. and that he's still involved with the CBC over the summer. But of course, we still have the Strombo Show (and the website) to keep us going... and we can relax knowing that he's still got his wit and charm!
-"So why do you think there aren't any women on this list, George?"
-"They're all outside, waiting for me."

Here it is George talks with Sarika about his Fav. Americans.
{Thanks Sarah}

Monday, July 03, 2006

Remember the environment?

Let's talk politics and the environment.
Remember when our Government said they were going to do something about global warming?
When they were willing participants of the Kyoto Protocol?
We stood behind that.
Maybe we can focus a bit on what we can do as individuals.
Remember the One Ton challenge?
We can do that!
The present Government tossed it.
But you don't have to.
Watch the Al Gore interview,
Make it a date to go see his film.
Think about what we can do.
Let us know what you plan to do.
It's an open topic.

I got the following info from the EPA global warming kids site... just to help us get started...

When Do You Send Greenhouse Gases into the Air?
Whenever you ...

Watch TV
Use the Air Conditioner
Turn on a Light
Use a Hair Dryer
Ride in a Car
Play a Video Game
Listen to a Stereo
Wash or Dry Clothes
Use a Dish Washer
Microwave a Meal
... you are helping to send greenhouse gas into the air.
To perform many of these functions, you need to use electricity. Electricity comes from power plants. Most power plants use coal and oil to make electricity. Burning coal and oil produces greenhouse gases.
Other things we do send greenhouse gases into the air too;
The trash that we send to landfills produces a greenhouse gas called
methane. Methane is also produced by the animals we raise for dairy and meat products and when we take coal out of the ground. Whenever we drive or ride in a car, we are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. And, when factories make the things that we buy and use everyday, they too are sending greenhouse gases into the air.
To watch more posts about the environment click on The Hour

WorldCup Soccer, hype or hip?

Are you watching the matches?
How's your team doing?
How many times have you switched loyalties so far?
A few weeks back, Jian Ghomeshi explored the beautiful game from a 'Canadian' fan perspective on The Hour .