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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hour is going on the road!

The Hour is taping two shows in Vancouver.
May 18th and 19th at 7:00pm.
The tickets are free and you can book them right now on The Hour's website.
The shows will be held in Vancouver's beautiful Convention Centre.

This just in
The Convention Centre venue was not big enough for the ticket demand.
The Hour will be taping in a larger studio at the CBC in Vancouver and can now accommodate the people that are on the waiting list.
*See the website for current availability

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not preempts! Fresh shows

This week in Strombo

Sunday night from 8pm until midnight on CBC Radio 2
There is a Strombo Show chat room happening on Skype as the show rolls on through the country. If you have skype just enter Strombo Show Chat. This is a fan run endeavor and your friendly participation is encouraged.
If you want to leave George a song request on Skype you can do that by leaving a voice message at Strombo Show.

*George is in Halifax this weekend so it will be an encore edition of the Strombo Show from mid March.

There is the Stanley Cup Playoffs
then there is....

The Hour
The Hour takes back the airwaves

all new!
Michael Lee Aday aka
Meatloaf is on the menu
and via satellite George Galloway speaks up about being banned by Canada

Comedian Danny Bhoy

Musician K'Naan with FIFA trophy
& Olympic Figure Skater Joannie Rochette

Band Courtyard Hounds (Martie Maguire
& Emily Robison of The Dixie Chicks)
Outspoken Comedian Eddie Izzard,
Actor and musician Meatloaf
and Actress Michelle Forbes

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The man stays busy

The Hour will start taping again on April 26th. The studio is dark for a week and a half while The Hour continues to get preempted from it's regular air time for the NHL playoffs, but George Stromboulopoulos never rests.
Here are a few highlights of his time off...

April 14th he was throwing out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game.

Here are his tweets: Wearing my George Bell powder blues. Throwing out first pitch.Jays consider it ceremonial I'm thinking of it as a tryout #11
Getting ready to let it rip. Jays and White Sox.

Between watching the Blue Jays and watching The Habs and prepping for The Strombo Show George spent the weekend at Shannonville earning his racing stripes. Or whatever one earns when learning to race motorcycles.

Here are his tweets on that:

In the riders meeting at Shannonville. Working on Race Procedures.

Checking out the front straight at Shannonville. Memorizing the fastest lines.

Besides the concerns about how the Habs are doing against Washington George is concerned about his carbon footprint this "Earth Week".

Another Earth Week site. Check out your carbon footprint. I live like there's 3 planets. Time to change!

April 22 Earth Day

Actress Rachel McAdams is giving me tips to reduce my footprint. Check out her site: #EarthDay

NYC this morning. Halifax this afternoon. Filming scene for a film. Rutger Hauer just rode in on a bicycle. Badass and earth day. #ladyhawke


I did a little research to see what film Rutger Hauer is working on in Halifax and Hobo With a Shotgun fits the bill. It's a film by first time director Jason Eisener.

Hobo With A Shotgun started out as a fake trailer connection to the film Grindhouse.

Not clear what role George may play in this production.

April 24

Strombo should be back in Toronto for the weekend because his team the Chart Attack Hack is having a hockey playoffs game of their own on Saturday night.

Back The Hack!

April 25

Making a fresh Strombo Show for Sunday night.

Then back to work for George and the crew of The Hour on Monday April 26th.

New Shows however, are not scheduled to air until the following Monday. I will post the scheduled best of shows for this coming week this Sunday.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's Coming Up... Again.

Are you sick of Hockey Playoffs yet OR are you really into it? If you want to think positively, if you've missed some of the interviews this season on The Hour, it gives you a bit of time to play catch up. If you're like me, perhaps you took this past Saturday to go and hang at your local jewel of an Indie record store to celebrate 'Record Store Day'. My local store did an unreal job and featured all genre's of live music, giveaways galore and best of all? Lines at the tills.

In other music happenings, perhaps you're readying yourself to watch the Juno's? I am not sure as I try to keep my listening/ viewing a Bieber free zone. Maybe there is something I can listen to... a radio show perhaps? Yes, a not so subtle segue to remind you to tune in to the Strombo Show on CBC Radio2 from 8-Midnight.

Monday April 19th

Isabella Rosselini

She wore Blue Velvet. She's a classical beauty and the daughter of Hollywood Royalty. Actress, spokes model, mom.

Perry Farrell
Charismatic front man of Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros. Brilliant mastermind of Lollapalooza and all around snappy dresser - Perry Farrell takes over the Red Chair.

Jason Reitman
As a child born into a family of privilege (dad is director Ivan Reitman) he could have been yet another aimless Hollywood party kid. To describe Reitman as an up and coming director doesn't even come close to the truth. With his breakout hits Juno and the multiple Academy Award nominated film Up in the Air, Jason Reitman has arrived. He's no one hit wonder. The Son also rises.
Tuesday April 20th
Eugene Levy
If he'd just enjoyed his amazing success in SCTV, he'd have had a great career, but that was just the start for Levy. His partnership with the twisted genius of Christopher Guest has created some truly iconic movies including Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman.

Cory Monteith
Okay, I'm perhaps the ONLY person that's yet to watch Glee, but I did catch the original airing of this interview and found Monteith refreshing and down to earth... I may be a Gleek yet.
Norah Jones
She's still got decades to grow, but songstress Norah Jones has amassed both commercial success and tremendous critical acclaim. I can tell you from experience that in concert she shows a confidence and musical mastery that belies her young age. Her stage patter is controlled and polite. Well, until there is sound issue during the last song of her encore... mid song, a HUGE crackle/pop on the back up singer's mike. Not missing a beat, Norah sings the following for her lyrics in perfect pitch no less. 'What the F was that?' Good times.
Wednesday, April 21st
Robin Thicke

Show me that smile again. Yes, R&B star Robin Thicke is back. Sketchy Bow tie and all. He and his beautiful wife, actress Paula Patton (who played the teacher in Precious) just welcomed their first child!
Atom Egoyan
Masterful storyteller and perennial cinematic button pusher Atom Egoyan is the thinking person's film maker. His latest - Chloe - stars Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried is a film that is much anticipated. It was during the filming of this project that Neeson's wife, Natasha Richardson died of a head injury sustained in a skiing accident.
Chubby Checker
Come on Baby...let's do the Twist!!! What more can you say. You can't mess with sustained success.
Thursday, April 22nd
Andrea Martin
The second SCTV alum of the week... Andrea Martin is one of the funniest comediennes out there. I find in any project, whether her part is large or small, she's always a guaranteed scene stealer!

Viggo Mortenson

Seriously. Do I need to actually write anything? Let's just look at the bod for a moment. Habs lover, tormentor of border guards and yes - a compelling actor, Viggo returns. I was there for his taping during TIFF and yes, it was worth being there early on a Saturday.

Michael Douglas
Hollywood icon, Gordon Gekko promises to return again with a revisiting of his Oscar winning character from Wall Street. I wish that this encore has the slight slam against Gwyneth Paltrow, but it's been edited out of previous airings. Well, a girl can hope!

Friday, April 23rd
Stephen King
Horror master Steven Kings has a knack for the creepy and macabre... his success is unparallelled in that genre.
Shawn Ashmore

He's played Terry Fox in a Canadian made Biopic but is best known as Iceman from the X-Men films and is an actor on the rise.
Anika Noni Rose
The lovely Anika Noni Rose is enjoying a busy career. Best known for Dreamgirls and the animated film "Princess and the Frog" you'll be hearing much more from her in the future.
So, enjoy the reruns this week. The Hour will return with fresh episodes next week.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hour then Playoffs

Something special to watch for this week
George Stroumboulopoulos has the great honour this Wednesday of throwing out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game.
Spring is in full swing! Play ball, then watch Hockey playoffs, it's all good!

The Strombo Show can be found ever Sunday night on CBC Radio 2 from 8 to midnight.
You can find The Strombo Show replayed on as you need it in your week.
Enjoy the music!

Life of Pi Author Yann Martel

& Hip Hop Stars Cypress Hill


Activist Jane Goodall

2010 marks the 50th year of Dr. Jane Goodall's research into the behaviour of chimpanzees.

Believe in Comedian Eddie Izzard

In playoff season The Hour may not be found at it's regular time... if you do find it, this is what is scheduled:


Television and stage actress Melissa Gilbert
Singer Joey McIntyre
& Actor Louis Ferreira


Singer Roseanne Cash
Director/Actor, comic book writer... Kevin Smith
& Actress Saoirse Ronan

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Musician Nickelback
& Singer Engelbert Humperdinck

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Check it out! The listings for the week of April 5th to 9th

Ready for the first full week of April? How's the weather in your neck of the woods? There's a lot going on this week so let's get right to it...

Kick off your week with the Strombo Show...
starts at 8pm in all time zones across Canada on CBC 2.

The Best of Faith show is up again...

Former Canadian Prime Minister
Paul Martin

Durham County and True Blood Actress
Michelle Forbes

Canadian Paralympian
Lauren Wolstencroft

Former Dead Kennedy member and political activist
Jello Biafra


Leader of the Bloc Quebecois
Gilles Duceppe
Canadian Rockers

As always Fridays is reserved for some of the best interviews, including:

American Secretary of State
Hilary Clinton
Canadian Rock Band

Music Icon
Engelbert Humperdinck