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Monday, September 24, 2007

Passing along this important message

Vote out Poverty

UPCOMING EVENTS:VOTE OUT POVERTY: A Rally for Social Justice in Ontario, October 1st at Massey Hall

HOST: George Stroumboulopoulos and Mary Walsh

SPEAKERS: Stephen Lewis• A rally against poverty on an evening before the provincial election.• An evening of talk and performance about the need for social justice in Ontario• Featuring high profile speakers and entertainers
We are inviting different constituencies to make "spot" presentations via video clips. A special effort will be made to hear from those living in poverty. Each of the provincial party leaders would then be invited to address the meeting and recount how their party has helped to reduce poverty.

ENTERTAINMENT: Susan Aglukark and more.

PARTNERS / SPONSORS: This event is being organized by a partnership of Make Poverty History and the Ontario Coalition for Social Justice.
We are All Brothers and Sisters. Let's Work Together! We Can Make Poverty History. It won't happen if YOU Don't Do Your Share!

Linda :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's up? What's goin' on?

From 24Th to the 28Th

The Hour will feature the following guests and more
Canadian Mixed Martial Arts fighter Georges St-Pierre battles it out with Ranter extraordinaire Rick Mercer. Rick thought it was just an interview to promote his new book... and he would be right. I don't think there will be any conflict between the two guests.
The Emmy Award winning, radical and scintillating Phil Donahue
Foo Fighters have something to say
as does Dr Jane Goodall and she says"We have the choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place"
Your favourite, Kevin Smith writer, actor, director, popular speaker and smodcaster.
You may have heard on The Hour that George will be hosting the Geminis this year but did you know he is also an Executive Producer for the show?

Friday, September 21, 2007

What did you think of the first week back?

This is the last day of the first Week back for The Hour.

What did you think?

Do you like the theme of the opening skits?

Are there regulars froms last year that you miss?

What do you think of the new look?

Are you waiting for some sign of a good closer?

Say what you think.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

George had an accident

The Story of George's accident can be found here .
What does this mean for The Hour?

That man will continue to host in pain. He has done it before for Much Music after another motorcycle accident he survived. Tune in to The Hour tonight to see more of this story.

Broken Bones...He can deal with.

Missing hockey with the Chart Attack Hack... I am so sorry George. That is probably going to keep you out for a good chunk of the season.... I know you are going to miss that.

Offering to help George cope with a broken collar bone is sweet and hey, I offered...but we'll keep in mind his mother is a nurse and I am sure he has plenty of other offers to help him with ..whatever.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The wait is over...

The Hour will return for its fourth season starting tomorrow!!!

Is that the sound of cheering I hear throughout the land??? Indeed it is!!!!

Here's what's coming up this week...

Monday, September 17th

Award-winning journalist and author Naomi Klein

Actor Jeff Goldblum

Tuesday, September 18th

From The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, the man himself, Craig Ferguson

Chilean-American novelist Ariel Dorfman

Ultra-talented musician and Nanaimo, BC native Diana Krall

Wednesday, September 19th

British author and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley

Canadian music icon Paul Anka, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary in the music business

Thursday, September 20th

Master Corporal Paul Franklin, a true Canadian hero

"Bollywood" actress Lisa Ray

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept 11 Primetime EXTRAVAGANZA!

So... did you all the see primetime special?
Here are my thoughts in no particular order....

  1. I really missed George and the Hour. It amazes me how excited I suddenly was to hear new jokes and for MILE A MINUTE.
  2. I realized how much I miss/missed MILE A MINUTE. I took it for granted previously.
  3. Why are there no credits for the Hour?!?!?!? I think they need a list of credits as to who is doing the filming and writing etc. As much as we all like George, he is not the only person who works on that show. It never bothered me before but today... it did.
  4. I loved the new MILE A MINUTE map location stuff... so unique but I can see how that is gonna get annoying quick.
  5. I am super dissapointed they didn't change the opening song... I wanted a new theme song.
  6. Love the new chairs.
  7. The comment George made about seeing a celebrity and it was himself... was that outta left field or what?
  8. WOWY WOW! Huge guests tonight! Samuel L Jackson, Matthew (Matt) Damon, Carlo Rota!!!!
  9. I loved George's comment on Britney. And I agree... she looked normal... Good for her.
  10. Carlo Rota's BEST STORY EVER... is one of the Best Stories Ever... Oh man! Can you imagine?!?!?!
  11. Loved the new segment. AGREE OR DISAGREE! and Carolyn Taylor! Who is she? I liked her can we get more of her?
  12. George is looking really good... Rested and all tanned and freshly shaved. It is nice to see him actually looking like he has slept more than two hours. Go George!
  13. CLOSER!!!!!!!! GEORGE AND CREW!!!!!!!! for the love of God and all things Holy


I don't care who will be on the show!!!! You already SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT... All bloody week long!!! I want to hear your guys opinions on the world and the stuff you just showed us!!! That is why I watch!

Closer, Closer, Closer!

Anyways, it was super nice to see everyone at The Hour back in action. The summer was much shorter this year. Good for them for being on earlier... does that mean the show will end in early June then?


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bowie sang about changes

Carlo Rota GS & Carlo

I went to a pretape today with guest Carlo Rota of Little Mosque and 24. I got to take his picture and shake his hand. He is very nice in person. He had some very interesting and amusing stories to tell. I can't say the audience turn out was large for a Sunday so getting personal time with the guest is not always possible. If you can't see The Hour taping at the regular time keep an eye out for the changes in the taping schedule to see George Stroumboulopoulos at work at odd hours. In this case Sunday morning.

The Hour has made a few changes to the set. They removed the entire section of set that held the shelves and table. They placed chairs in the empty area bringing the audience closer to the host's chair.

Those old chairs have been replaced by orange-red leather chairs that look firmer and cleaner.
New set Old Set The difference it makes A small but happy audience

The Studio's seating maximum capacity is now 110 seats. No view is obstructed by that table now. The long runway extention of the stage remains for practical reasons... the camera swings overhead in that area and would be a danger to anyone sitting below. It also brings George closer to the middle of the audience when he makes his closer... I am hoping at least they bring back the closer as a regular feature again.

Coming up on Tuesday September 11th The Hour will be broadcast at 9 PM on CBC for a one hour PrimeTime special focused on the news of the Toronto International Film Festival. I know George is very busy doing interview after interview with the Directors, Writers and Actors that are in town for this event.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A bientot

It's been a great few months but the time has come for me to bow out as a regular contributor to The Stroumboulopouli. The fall/winter are going to be crazy for me at work and I'm working on a couple of other things so I won't have time for blogging. It's been alot of fun and I'll miss it.

So, thanks for having me (putting up with me ;)) since the spring and I hope Season 4 will continue to inspire, entertain and illuminate!


Your radio has changed....

The news arrived in a “Programming and Promotions Update” email from CFRB this past Thursday announcing that two new shows would occupy the Sunday evening timeslot of 9-11, effective September 9th. Gone from the line-up was “The Strombo Show”.

As a viewer of The Hour, I’d always considered the radio show to be a bonus…sort of like the “extras” feature found on a dvd. An eclectic blend of fun and frivolity, awesome music, with a handful of regular features tossed into the mix, among them Questions About Stuff and the Advice segment. Another unique aspect of The Strombo Show was the interface with its audience through the social utilities of Myspace and Facebook. Not only did this allow listeners to participate in the program, but it enabled people from around the world to connect with one another.

Listening to the interaction between George and Bob was akin to sitting in on two friends shooting the breeze. I would be remiss in not mentioning the contributions of Alex (a favourite of many) and Ryan Doyle for filling in over the summer months.

For the listeners of The Strombo Show, the two hours always went by quickly and never seemed quite long enough. Good times indeed. But as we know, sadly, all good things must come to an end…