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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Week of "Musts": Must 'aches' & Must 'statues'

Sun, Jan 31
Tune in to George's: The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2

Find your online link here or check out The Strombo Show's facebook page.

This week on The Hour:

Mon, Feb 1

Harrison Ford, Monty Python's - Terry Gilliam and Hulk Hogan

Tues, Feb 2

Oscar Talk and of American Choppers fame - Paul Teutul Sr.
What nominees have YOU predicted?

Wed, Feb 3

*Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor and Comedian Gerry Dee.
*30yrs ago Ambassador Taylor smuggled 6 Americans out of Iran using CIA prepared, forged Iranian Visa's & Parliament-issued Canadian Passports.

Thur, Feb 4

Kevin Smith currently embarking on a 2010 Speaking Tour*
Rumour has it that his show on Sat, Feb 6 at Toronto's Roy Thompson Hall is sold out.

Fri, Feb 5

Oscar Nominees Show
Nominations are set to be announced on Tues, Feb 2.

Guest info for Friday's show:
Richard Roeper, James Cameron, Anna Kendrick, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jason Reitman.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Canada's IQ to Little House on the Prairie... it's a busy week!

First off I have to send a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all Canadians who donated to the Canada For Haiti telethon over the weekend. As I write this, over 13.5 million dollars have been raised to help the people of Haiti! With the government matching donations dollar for dollar, the 9 organizations benefitting from the telethon will be able to do a lot of good work in the coming weeks and months as they help to rebuild Haiti.
If you haven't had the chance to donate yet, the phone lines and the website will continue to take donations until February 12th. Call 1-877-51HAITI (42484) or check out to donate. If you missed the telethon, check out the Canada For Haiti YouTube Channel. Don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


It's a busy night for George.
On the main CBC network, tune into Test the Nation: IQ. Hosted by George and Carol McNeil, this is the second time that Canadians will be able to participate in an interactive, real-time IQ test. While Canadians can take the test from the comfort of their own homes, 6 in studio teams will also participate to win the highly coveted Test the Nation trophy. Tune into the main network at 8pm (8:30 in Newfoundland).

Don't forget that the Strombo show is on tonight as well, on CBC Radio 2. As always George will have a complex playlist of some of the best music.

As we enter the last week of January, there's a lot going on The Hour.

Author and Co-Director of Haiti Partners Kent Annan
Comedian Colin Mochrie

Coaches Corner Co-Host Ron MacLeanActress Melissa Gilbert

Former ice dancing champion Shae-Lynn Bourne


Country artist Roseanne Cash

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Test the Nation IQ - How Big is YOUR Brain?

A question for you --- Does size matter? I'm not talking about THAT, thank you very much... how big is your BRAIN? Is it chock full of knowledge gleaned from years of hard study at school, reading for pleasure, getting out into the world, exploring new ideas, concepts and philosophies? Are you a smartypants or do you just fancy yourself one? How much Sudoku is too much? Why does Lady Gaga have a career? SOOOO many questions. So little time my friends, so little time.

So, why not dust off the old brain, kick back on the couch, grab a #2 pencil and an Official Scorecard for Test the Nation IQ which will air Sunday, January 24th at 8pm on CBC with your Quizmasters/Hosts - George Stroumboulopoulos and Carole MacNeil. It should be a fun time.

What is IQ?

Beyond simply being a craptacular Meg Ryan movie...

IQ is the numeric assessment of intelligence and is regarded as 'The global capacity of a person to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with his/her environment.'

Studying will not help you achieve better results. The questions posed throughout the Test the Nation IQ - 50 in all - will cover a wide spectrum of metrics including: Language, Logic, Perception, Memory and Math. Based on your hopefully brilliant responses, your total raw score when cross referenced with your age category will determine your overall 'IQ'. Scores of 90-109 reflect an average level of intelligence, 110-129 above average and finally 130+ reflects one of two things -- either you are among the 2% of the population who possesses superior intelligence OR you cheated your ASS off in the self scoring of your quiz. Either way - I gotta respect that!

Who's Participating?

In studio, there are 6 teams - each with a common thread that will take the test to see who ranks the best...

Doing battle are the Politicians, Nerds, Twins, Atheists, Believers and the Contact Sports Athletes. Unlike high school, the Athletes will not be permitted to execute an atomic wedgie on the nerds. Intellectual battle only.


Politicians: Justin Trudeau, Tony Clement and Megan Leslie

Nerds: Astronaut Marc Garneau

Twins: CBC's Amanda Lang and her sister and identical twin Adrian

Athiests: Brandon Firla from Little Mosque on the Prairie

Believers: W. Brett Wilson of Dragon's Den

Athletes: Kelly Hrudey, Marty McSorley and Glenn Healy

If you want a preview of what to expect from the questions and print out the scorecard, the producers have your back. Practice tests as well as the Official Scorecard are online now on the Test the Nation IQ site. Click HERE. If you can't figure out how to print the scorecard? Best of luck to you on Sunday. You're gonna need it.

In the name of research, I ran through a couple of them with varying success. 6 out of 10 on one and 9 on the other. Quite relieved and amused to discover I scored well on logic and math. I will be contacting my high school Calculus teacher on Monday to gloat. The one class I failed in school -- because it was too late to drop it, I skipped. My absences were higher than my numerical grade by the end of the semester. True story.

So... with all that's going on in the world, this show promises to be a great time -- have fun challenging yourself with your family and friends.

If they show up, I wonder if the politicians will decide to Prorogue answering the bulk of the questions? Will any of the Trekkies on team Nerd leave with some phone numbers?

Have a fun and fabulous weekend dear readers!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canada For Haiti. An Hour That Will Change Lives...

In the eloquent words of the world's most beloved humanitarian, Archbishop Desmond Tutu:

"If we could but recognize our common humanity, that we do belong together, that our destinies are bound up in one another's, that we can be free only together, that we can survive only together, that we can be human only together, then a glorious world would come into being where all of us lived harmoniously together as members as one family, the human family."
On January 12th when the devastating 7.0 Earthquake rocked Haiti to the core, leaving thousands dead, unfathomable destruction of infrastructure - the response around the world was instant - food, medical aid, military personnel, NGO staff and volunteers have been on the ground since the first earthquake hit. Following devastating aftershocks earlier this week, and as relief and rescue efforts give way to recovery and rebuilding efforts -- there is an overwhelming need to come together as 'The Human Family.'
The numbers are staggering -- 80,000 people buried in mass graves. 2 Million homeless. Haiti needs to be rebuilt from the very ground up. Canada, being a country of compassion has offered long term support -- most recently in the form of desperately needed medical aid.
The massive recovery & rebuilding efforts that Non Governmental Organizations have begun and will continue to work on for years to come require a huge influx of funds to facilitate Haiti's very rebirth. To that end, a collaborative television event - Canada For Haiti - will air on Friday, January 22nd on all three major Canadian Networks (Global, CBC and CTV). Hosted by Cheryl Hickey, George Stroumboulopoulos and Ben Mulroney -- this one hour, commercial free event, airing at 7pm CT, 8PM ET, 9PM MT and 9:30NT will feature leading Canadian musicians, actors and entertainment personalities will precede the US based event coordinated by George Clooney.
The event will be simulcast on CBC Radio2, MuchMusic, MTV and National Geographic and provide those who wish to donate to help, the means to do so. Not only are the network collaborating on this production, but the NGO's that are the leading Registered Charitable Organizations that will be in receipt of the giving have shown a commitment to working together to maximize the impact of the dollars that will be raised. Canadian based Organizations that will benefit from this telethon include: Red Cross, Care Canada, Free The Children, Plan Canada, Save the Children and World Vision.
Meet Your Hosts...
Cheryl Hickey
George Stroumboulopoulos
Ben Mulroney
In press releases earlier today, the lineup of performers scheduled to appear is a veritable who's who in Canadian entertainment, all joining together to show support and help raise desperately needed funds.
Tragically Hip will headline the musical lineup.

Also scheduled to appear:

K'naan, Wayne Gretzky, Nelly Furtado, James Cameron, Measha Brueggergossman, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, David Foster, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Simple Plan, Jason Reitman, Norman Jewison, William Shatner, Joshua Jackson, Eugene Levy, Sandra Oh, Tom Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox, Rachelle Lefevre, Hugh Dillon, Brent Butt, Will Arnett, Mike Holmes, Rick Mercer Craig Kielburger and Alex Trebek. Special messages from Prime Minister Harper and Governor General Michaelle Jean - herself of Haitian descent will also be featured.

According to George -- 'There will be surprises... perhaps.'

What won't be a surprise will be just what Desmond Tutu spoke about... that Canadians will be touched, give generously and take our rightful place as key members of the Human Family.

Please donate now to Canada For Haiti or you can text your donation

or call

this number is up and running until Feb 12th
you can watch the show again HERE

NGO group Canada for Haiti: Text Aid to 45678 ($5)

The Salvation Army in Canada: Text HAITI to 45678 ($5), or text "ASTRAL" to 45678 ($10)

Plan Canada: Text HAITI to 30333 ($5)

World Vision Canada: Text WORLD to 45678 ($5)

Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative: Text HAITI to 20222 ($5), or text "QUAKE" to 20222 ($5)

UNICEF CANADA: Text GIVE to 45678 ($5)

The Canadian Red Cross Society: Text REDCROSS to 30333 ($5)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Canadian Networks plan joint Fundraiser

Canada's television networks are collaborating on a television special this Friday to raise money for earthquake relief in Haiti.

Canada for Haiti, a one-hour program examining Canada's close relationship with Haiti, will be broadcast on CBC, CTV and Global at 7 p.m. ET.

The program will be hosted by CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos of The Hour, Global's Cheryl Hickey of ET Canada and CTV's Ben Mulroney of etalk.

Canada for Haiti will be shown just before the Hope for Haiti Now telethon being hosted by George Clooney and featuring many of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Catch this unprecedented fundraiser on Friday and please visit
CBC's Haiti Relief website for the most amazing links and video to help and inform everyone.

CBC, CTV, Global Television, MTV, MuchMusic and the National Geographic Channel all plan to simulcast Hope for Haiti Now in Canada.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's the week beginning January 17th!

Dropping by The Hour this week...

Monday, January 18th

From the Geological Survey of Canada, earthquake expert Dr. John Cassidy.

#2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Han Solo, Rick Deckard, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan (my favourite), Dr. Richard Kimble...just a few of the many characters brought to life on the silver screen by cinematic icon Harrison Ford. Extraordinary Measures, Ford's latest film, hits theatres this Friday.

Tuesday, January 19th

Oh...Em...Gee!!! Lynn and Meghan, it's Joey from NKOTB!!
If you were a teenage girl in the mid-late 80's and early 90's then you likely had a poster of
Joey McIntyre and his New Kids on the Block bandmates on your bedroom wall. For the record, I did NOT have such posters on my wall. Thankfully, I was just old enough to have missed this phenomenon all together. But of course, as trends go, what was once old, becomes new again and another generation have discovered NKOTB. Late last year, Joey released a solo effort aptly entitled Here We Go Again.

Canada's first Asian Roman Catholic Archbishop, Vincent Nguyen.

Wednesday, January 20th

Author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson.

The very talented and amusing, Jann Arden.

Thursday, January 21st

The original "super model", Cheryl Tiegs. In her thirty plus year career, she has appeared on the cover of numerous well-known publications. In February, Tiegs will be featured in a CNBC Originals program “Business Model: Inside the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue".

Friday, January 22nd

The Best of Show...

Actor/Director Terry Gilliam.

Wrestler (and apparently your "brother") Hulk Hogan.

Harrison Ford.

In other news...

Don't forget to check out the latest edition of The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2. Click here to find your frequency.

HAVE YOU TAKEN A FEW MOMENTS TO HELP HAITI?? While poking around the internet today, I stumbled upon photographs on CNN's website. As much as video can tell a story, still photography allows the viewer to linger and have a close-up look...these images may be disturbing to some, but they illustrate the horrific reality of the situation.

Please give what you can....a little can mean alot to someone who has nothing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Powerful quake hits Haiti

An earthquake reported at 7.0 has hit the region surrounding the capital city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Hours after the initial quake, powerful aftershocks are still rumbling through the country. There are reports of catastrophic damage to most structures in the region, including the Presidential Palace and the United Nations Mission. The reports also include thousands of injuries and likely hundreds of fatalities.

Over 6000 Canadians live and work in Haiti. The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti currently has 55 Canadians serving with them. As of Wednesday morning, most of the Canadians working with the UN have been accounted for. The Canadian Consular staff in Port au Prince have opened their grounds to all Canadians in Haiti who need assistance, despite the fact that the embassy itself was evacuated. The Consular staff have also begun the initial emergency response from Canada helping to assess what aid is needed, including the possible deployment of Canada's Disaster Asssistance Response Team (DART). This specialized military team can be deployed within 24 hours of the request, but they must wait until an invitation is given by either the Haitian Government or the United Nations. Once on the ground, DART is capable of offering initial assistance for 40 days.

People looking for information about Canadians in Haiti should go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Our Governor General Michaëlle Jean, who came to Canada in 1968 as a Haitian refugee, has expressed her concern and condolences through a statement released Tuesday night:

I am following, with great attention and concern, the emerging reports regarding the earthquake that struck Haiti with force, and which was felt elsewhere in the region.

This natural disaster has hit a country with an extremely fragile infrastructure, where many buildings are already unstable, and where living conditions are often very difficult. I fear for its people.

I would like all Haitians to know that they are not alone and that the people of Canada will respond to this emergency.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon have both expressed deep condolences on behalf of the Canadian people and are pledging support and aid to the people of Haiti.
While officials are currently assessing the damage and the possibility of Canadians injured, Canada stands ready to provide any necessary assistance to the people of Haiti during this time of need. Canadians are profoundly concerned about the impact of today's earthquake in Haiti. On behalf of all Canadians, I wish to extend my sincere sympathies to all affected by this disaster.

Twitter Facebook and Twitter exploded just after the earthquake hit, as people tried to relay information to loved ones. The traditional communications infrastructure was severely damaged in the earthquake, leaving only spotty service at best. The social networking sites were a godsend of information for family and friends trying to get news of their loved ones in Haiti.

Wyclef Jean (a musician and a friend of The Hour) is Haitian, but currently lives in New York. Since word of the disaster, Jean has expressed his concern for his family and friends in Haiti on Twitter, CNN and other outlets.

"We need the US military as soon as possible n haiti We need the 4 million Haitian that live out side of haiti to Act now, we need da world!"
One of the first hand accounts that we've followed is Richard Morse who is in Haiti right now and sharing his first hand experiences of the disaster.

Groups are starting to pop up on Facebook. Check out the Earthquake Haiti group for news, photos and information directly from the people of Haiti along with people from around the world sharing their condolences.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon asks that those who wish to help the people of Haiti, either go to the Foreign Affairs website for more information or donate to one of the many international charties working in Haiti. These include:

The Red Cross is already on the ground in Haiti:
Red Cross response was immediate. Local volunteers continue to support evacuation activities and provide much needed shelter, clean water and medical support. The Canadian Red Cross has contributed $200,000 from its International Disaster Relief Fund and Canadian aid workers are on standby to be deployed to Haiti if needed.

Canadians are encouraged to support Red Cross relief efforts by making a financial donation to the Canadian Red Cross Haiti Earthquake fund. Donations can be made online at , by calling toll free 1-800-418-1111 or at any Red Cross office.
Médecins Sans Frontières is already in Haiti and according to a press release on their website, their trauma centre has suffered serious damage. Regardless, they are continuing to help the people of Haiti:
At the moment, MSF teams are trying to ensure the safety and continued care of patients admitted to Trinité hospital and to establish a capacity to treat new patients. At MSF’s Maternité Solidarité hospital, a 75-bed emergency obstetrics facility also in the capital, pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn children have been evacuated from the facility due to structural damage and as a precautionary measure. MSF also operates Martissant 25, a health centre in the Martissant slum and its immediate surroundings.
World Vision has been in Haiti for over 30 years, helping thousands of Haitians to overcome poverty through access to education and improved access to clean drinking water and food. With this extensive history with the Haitian people they are already assessing the needs of the people and distributing emergency supplies.

Samaritan's Purse Canada is an international Christian relief and development organization working in about 70 countries to provide aid to victims of war, disease, disaster, poverty, famine, and persecution. The Calgary-based charity also operates the well-known Operation Christmas Child program that sends gift-filled shoe boxes to needy children around the world each year, and the Turn on the Tap initiative that raises funds for life-saving BioSand Water Filters in the developing world. To support this urgent relief and recovery work, call 1-800-663-6500 or visit

Oxfam Canada is asking for donations through the Humanitarian Coalition.

Do you have family and friends in Haiti? Have you heard from them? The Stroumboulopouli hopes that everyone is safe and sound. If you know of other organizations who are helping the people of Haiti, let us know. We'll help you get the word out.

Post by Mich and Barbara

Saturday, January 09, 2010

January 11 to 15th all kinds of fun!

The Strombo Show
Features Department of forgotten songs.

January 10th edition on CBC Radio 2.
All Across Canada. Commercial Free.
you can
Stream Online
or listen on your radio
Radio Frequency
and there is a
Mobile Application

If you want to call in a request a song any time in the week you can call George's Toronto #416-205-6226. Normal charges apply.

George speaks to Dr David McKeown Toronto's Medical Officer of Health about food and public health
Plus the comedy troupe you have been looking forward to seeing again
the Kids in the Hall

Death Comes to Town
premiers Jan 12 at 9pm
Don't miss it!

Chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission Peter Tinsley

and actor (A Perfect Getaway, Damages) Timothy Olyphant

Master Corporal Jody Mitic is honored with a medal from the GG

He lost portions of both legs in a landmine blast in Afghanistan and now runs half marathons.

Canadian actor James McGowan from The Border

John Cassidy Journalist and author of
How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities

plus actress Saoirse Ronan

academy-award nominated actress and star of The Lovely Bones

on the Fridays best of
Bill Maher,
Vivica Fox,
and Hugh Dillon

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Michael Seater Challenges Strombo

Strombo & actor Michael Seater of
18 to Life
race for followers.
George has his shoes ready for the run
but the race is on Twitter

So when a Twitter War is declared
a Twitter War Song is inevitable.

Friday, January 01, 2010

One of These Guests is Not Like the Other...This week on The Hour

So... for regular readers of our little blog, you know that every weekend, we post a blurb about what's coming up on The Strombo Show... heard on Sunday Nights on CBC Radio 2 AND give you a sneak preview of what's coming up on the week ahead on The Hour. This week is no exception... but for me as will soon become clear -- I am faced with the same dilemma posed to me from my last kick at this seemingly straightforward task. Bear with me... all we be clear momentarily.

First things first though. In Radio 2 Land...

Sunday night 8- Midnight. Tune in to your local CBC Radio 2 station OR listen online to The Strombo Show. It's 4 hours of commercial free radio. George. Bob. Tunes. Talk. Guests. It's basement radio taken to a whole 'nother level kids... enjoy.

Now it's over to TV land and the source of my amusement/laughter/frustration/dilemma.

Each week, we are thoughtfully emailed a list of the guests to air the following week. It's right from the fountain of knowledge from The Hour's offices. Official. Hot off the presses. And it's very much appreciated. HOWEVER, sometimes there is a wrinkle. That wrinkle being that that there is often more than one person of note with the same name in this big bad world of ours! This is the dilemma for Monday. Press on dear ones...

Monday January 4th

Will the REAL Peter Mettler please stand up?

So... the first guest on this date could be THIS dude. Peter Mettler -- Mixed Marial Artist. Nicknamed 'El Pulpo'. Fan of the bald pate. More than likely he could kick your ass. I am betting it's NOT him. But big congrats on the arm work and tight abs pal!

My bet is the guest in question will be THIS gentleman. Peter Mettler. Acclaimed, award winning Canadian Filmmaker. Fan of the unkempt, slightly bushy hairstyle. His latest work which was shown at The Toronto International Film Festival is called Petropolis -- An Aerial Perspective of the Alberta Tar Sands. Reviews tell that this film provides an incredible perspective on this misunderstood and vast energy source or environmental disaster - depending on your perspective.

Michael Douglas

This guest I am 100% sure about as I was fortunate to see it taped way back in September as Toronto was lousy with stars for TIFF. Michael Douglas is a legendary actor and producer and former roomie of Danny DeVito. From the Streets of San Francisco to Romancing the Stone to the War of the Roses, Wall Street, Fatal Attraction and many, many more... Douglas has been a bona fide star for decades. His latest is Wall Street 2 - Money Never Sleeps, in which he recreates his most indelible character - Gordon Gekko - a role for which he won the Best Actor Oscar. I was impressed with Douglas in person. He's still a handsome man with a strong presence who comes across relaxed and open. He was very candid and dished diplomatically about some of his leading ladies. Duck Gwynnie... he gave you a little jab!
Tuesday January 5th
Edward Norton
Intense, talented, guarded and private are all words used to describe Edward Norton. One thing you can't say is that he's afraid to make interesting choices in his roles. His IMDB page is full of a wide range of work from comedy to the darkest of dramas and even a musical for Woody Allen (Everyone Says I love You). I am sure everyone has a favourite of his roles. Maybe it's The People Vs. Larry Flynt, American History X or Fight Club. His latest is Leaves of Grass...
James Appathurai
NATO Spokesperson, Canadian James Appathurai makes what I believe is his third appearance on The Hour. You think YOU suffer information overload? What if your job was to know about everything going on in the world. Everyday. James reads and disseminates more news in one day than most people can absorb in a month... I wonder if he has any influence on what Ban Ki Moon designates for the 'Year of'? 2009 was the Year of the Potato. I vote that 2010 we bump it up a notch and vote 2010 the Year of 'Poutine'. Canada... represent.
Wednesday January 6th
Michael Seater
Young actor Michael Seater is best known for roles in 'Life with Derek' and ReGenesis. Now, he's preparing to launch a new CBC series co-starring Stacey Farber from 'Degrassi, The Next Generation' who plays his bride in 18 to Life. Seater and Farber star as 18 year old newlyweds. Interestingly, with the young ages of the leads, one would assume a shotgun wedding. Not so. These crazy kids feel they've found their life partner and don't see the need to wait. In this era of living together instead of marrying, there are high hopes for some interesting and funny plot lines in this series. One question I hope Michael is asked is what exactly was up with the outfit above that he sported at TIFF? Just saying.
Thursday January 7th
David Chilton

The Wealthy Barber... Chilton's guide to successful and gradual wealth building is over 20 years old. Beyond this, he'd managed to help bankroll and champion one of the most successful cookbook empires of all -- The Looneyspoons franchise with the Podleski sisters, Janet and Greta. In his career, David has spoken to countless groups, delivering seminars ripe with axioms of solid personal financial management. I was happy to have been in attendance at one of David's talks in the past couple of years. One of my favourite tips is his belief in parents transferring wealth to their adult children - a tip that I am TOTALLY for however my father is not so convinced. A couple of other fun facts? He never changes the oil in his car and is addicted to Nibs. Yes.... he's a renaissance man.
Barenaked Ladies
As epic understatements go, it's certainly been an interesting and eventful couple of years for BNL. In Spring 2008 they launch a successful and entertaining children's CD called Snacktime. On the eve of some promotional shows with Disney, the unthinkable. Founding member and frontman Steven Page is busted for cocaine possession. Next, co-frontman Ed Robertson has a little trouble landing his plane. Goodbye and good riddance 2008! Enter February 2009 and by 'mutual agreement' Page departs the band. Now what to do?
This band has lived through and survived much more. Kevin Hearn's cancer, family deaths... but also great and momentous events. Marriage, fatherhood... taking charge of their own careers. They've been recording as a quartet and are ready to launch their first CD without Page. Critical eyes and ears will be tuned to see if they still have the formula for success. Kevin Hearn and Ed Robertson join George to chat about the ugly, the bad and hopefully good times ahead.

Friday January 8th
Suzanne Somers
Actress. Exercise Maven. Cookbook and Lifestyle Author? Fine. Medical Expert? Not likely. I felt a bit disheartened to see that Suzanne Somers' interview will be re-run. I wish her controversial and unsubstantiated medical opinions on cancer treatment were more strongly challenged. Not only in this conversation but with countless others she's had in her promotional appearances. Viewers will have to judge for themselves.
Andrea Martin
Canadian Comedy legend and bona fide scene stealer in anything she does... whether back in the days of SCTV to today, Andrea Martin possesses a depth of comedic timing and energy that is a joy to watch... God Bless you Edith Prickley!
Lyle Lovett
A true Texas gentleman, Lovett has been performing for decades. His latest release is called Natural Forces. From his occasional acting for the amazing Robert Altman to his straight ahead music, Lovett is much revered. If you're looking for a getaway this winter, may I suggest the Cayamo cruise February 21-26th? Miami to Belize to Mexico and co-headlined by Lovett and Emmylou Harris, guests are treated to the best in Folk and Alt Country artists -- Buddy Miller, John Hiatt and Steve Earle to name a few and for some strong Canadian contribution? Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet.
So dear readers... I hope you enjoy the first part of 2010 and aren't spending too much of it shovelling snow. On behalf of the crew here... Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year and New Decade. CHEERS!