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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our favourite clips...June Callwood

When The Stroumboulopouli first discussed the idea of posting our favourite clips while The Hour is on hiatus during the NHL playoffs, I immediately knew which interview would be my first choice...June Callwood.

"Fit your dream to what should exist, and should be possible."

~ June Callwood

I had always admired Ms. Callwood in the many roles she had taken on in her lifetime. I was first introduced to her after reading one of her books while in high school. And later on, I became a follower of her social activism on behalf of women and children in crisis.

Last year when Ms. Callwood granted her last television interview to George and The Hour, I felt mixed emotions. Her "last" could that be? Soon a great light of compassion would dimmed. But among her vast legacy I knew a wonderful final interview would exist. In my opinion THIS is the best interview George has ever done.

Today, April 14th, happens to mark to the first anniversary of June Callwood's passing. Please take a moment to watch the interview and remember a remarkable Canadian woman. Without a doubt, I am sure that many people would say that their lives have been made better because June Callwood had come their way.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

The perfect selection to kick off
our favourite interviews Steph!

Imagine the pressure of being selected by someone of Callwood's stature to conduct the final interview of their life. She was such a remarkable Canadian and humanitarian. A truly great conversation.

Poignant and with the right hint of humour, the rapport is incredible. I re-watched it today without crying but it was close!