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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our favourite clips... Tony Campolo

Anyone who knows me will probably find this choice rather shocking. I am, by every definition, not religious. It's not my thing. Hasn't been for years. Basically, I'm from the school that if it gets you through the night, great, but don't push it on me. So most of the time I have a hard time listening to religious interviews because it always seems like they are pushing something.
Tony Campolo is a well-known American preacher who challenges Christians to use their faith for the greater good. He started the Red Letter Christians movement, which promotes biblical based values such as peace and eliminating social injustices.

I came very close to changing the channel when Tony Campolo appeared on The Hour. I figured he was going to be the stereotypical evangelical, with that air of moral superiority that many tend to carry with them. I was pleasantly surprised, and the interview became one of my favourites.

Tony Campolo on The Hour

1 comment:

dmc said...

Mich, this too, is one of my favorite interviews. I'm glad you're allowing your mind to be open to christianity. For many years people gave me a hard time about my devotion to Christ, because in the 80's my motto was; 'God, grass and guitars'. Now adays it's, 'God, guitars and government'. Any reason what made you post this?