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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kicking-off February...

February is likely the most dreary weather month for Canadians.
I think this quote sums it up pretty well:

"Everything around is dead, the trees black and frozen...the ground hard and cold, the snow dirty, the winter hateful, hanging on too long."

- author Anna Quindlen

However, we do have some things to help us get forget just how awful the weather is...

On the Corus Radio Network...

The week starts with The Strombo Show. Sources have told us that this week's edition is a "Best Of" show. According his Facebook updates, George is in California...I wonder what February looks like there? It also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday. So if you are a football widow or not a fan of the sport, you can always tune into the show for some great music.

The Edge 102.1 (Toronto) The Fox 99.3 (Vancouver)
Power 97 (Winnipeg) Y108 (Hamilton) FM96 (London)

On The Hour...
Monday, February 2nd
It's Groundhog Day! Similar to the theme of the movie by the same name,
you can watch two repeat interviews from The Hour's archives.

"Foodie" Nigella Lawson.

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole.

Tuesday, February 3rd

It's movie makers night!

During the mid-60's Paul Saltzman travelled to the Mississippi Delta as a civil rights worker. Four decades later, the Canadian filmmaker went back to gather footage for one documentary and found material for another. Saltzman's latest project, Prom Night in Mississippi, documents the FIRST EVER integrated senior prom in Charleston. The prom, funded by actor Morgan Freeman, took place in 2008...44 years after the United States Supreme Court had ordered desegregation of all schools and school related events.

The resume of Garry Marshall is rather impressive. Particularly in light of the fact that he has been the driving force behind some of the most memorable projects in both television and motion picture history. Regardless of which hat he was wearing (director, producer, writer or even actor), chances are you have seen at least one of his five dozen plus productions spanning over forty years. Among them, on the small screen, The Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days and Mork & Mindy. On the silverscreen, Beaches, Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries and The Runaway Bride. His latest film, Dear Eleanor is scheduled to hit theatres in 2009.

Wednesday, February 4th

If you are a hockey fan, then chances are you have an opinion of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Since his election as the first Commissioner in February '93, Bettman's mission has been to 'grow the game'. And grow it has! Under his tenure, revenue has gone from $400 million to over $2 billion. He has been responsible for team expansion to atypical hockey markets such as Arizona and Florida. In addition, the game itself has undergone significant rule changes. Love him or hate him, Gary Bettman has left an indelible mark on professional hockey.

Thursday, February 5th

If you are a fan of some of Kevin Smith's work, then you likely know New Jersey native Jason Mewes as the "Jay" from a slew of films including Clerks, Chasing Amy, as well as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. More recently you may have caught his performance as "Lester" in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which comes out on DVD this week. Here is an interesting tidbit surrounding the release of the aforementioned DVD.

Australia's 25th Prime Minister (1996-2007) John Howard.


In other news...

Have you checked out the progress of One Million Acts of Green? As of today, there have been over 950, 000 acts registered from over fifty countries!! Have you registered yours?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jimmy Carter Sneak Preview

Looking forward to the Jimmy Carter interview on The Hour on Thursday evening?  Here's a quick teaser to whet your appetite...

Tune into the CBC Main Network on Thursday, January 29th for the full interview with former president Jimmy Carter and the first ever national interview given by acclaimed spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The amazingly awesome Robert Munsch

When I first found out that Robert Munsch was going to be on The Hour, I must admit that I was elated. Not only am I a huge fan, but I know that his visit coincides with the 2009 Family Literacy Day taking place on January 27th. Mr. Munsch has been the Honourary Chair of this event since 2003.

If you are not familiar with his story, Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh in the mid-40's, one of nine children...contrary to popular belief, he is not Canadian born. He will tell you he was not a great academic, but he did love to write poetry. He abandoned plans to join the priesthood and began working in daycare. Later, when he and his wife lost jobs due to funding cuts, a decision was made that they would try to seek jobs in Canada. He took a position in the child studies lab at the University of Guelph and during circle time it was apparent that he had a gift for story telling. At the urging of his boss and his boss' wife (a children's librarian) he published his first book. The rest is history...over 50 books, published in several languages. Likely his best known book, Love You Forever, has sold over 15 million copies.

Courtesy: Firefly Books

As a result of my career choice, I am quite well versed in the world of Munsch books. While yes, they are for children, there is always something there for grown-ups. His characters are written in a vibrant style that makes them practically jump off the page. And if you have ever personally witnessed a Munsch reading, then you are aware that no one can read a Munsch, quite like the man himself. Among my favourites: Mortimer, The Paper Bag Princess and Purple, Green and Yellow. You can check out MP3 versions here. Trust me, it will brighten your day!

Courtesy: Annick Press

Family Literacy Day

Created ten years ago by ABC Canada Literacy Foundation and Honda Canada, Family Literacy Day was established "to promote the importance of reading and learning together as a family all year round". Each year on January 27th, families and community partners celebrate the day with special literacy-themed events. If you would like more information on how you can participate, visit ABC-Canada.

This year, as a prelude to Family Literacy Day, there was a campaign to secure a new Guinness Book World Record in the category of the most children reading with an adult in multiple locations. I am proud to report that my class was among over 190, 000 people who registered and particpated in this event.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Hour. Last week of January

Sunday Jan 25th
The Strombo Show will be 3 hours of chat and music... from 5pm to 8pm EST
You have a choice between hockey and music. George may have chosen hockey but he left you a three hour show packed with music, conversation and love... maybe.
It's fresh, new and entertaining in any case. But he will understand if you watch the All Stars.

What's coming up on The Hour?

It's looking like it's Authors week on The Hour.
Winter is a very good time to stay inside and become engrossed in a children's book, a biography, a spiritual guide book, a book about music or something to turn the winter blahs to giggles.

Monday January 26 -
UFC President - Dana White

Talks about the sport and the business of fighting. I don't know if he has written a book though...
And just to keep it all balanced;
Best-selling children's author - Robert Munsch will also be on the show.
*more on Munsch coming soon in a special post by Steph.

Tuesday January 27 -

Budget day! What better time to talk politics with an expert.

George will be speaking with Canadian politician, journalists and author- Garth Turner

Plus one of our favourite friends of The Hour

Canadian actor, director and writer - Paul Gross will be on the show again.

Wednesday January 28 -
If you are looking for a book to amuse. George talks to the author of The Optimist: One Man's Search for the Brighter Side of Life Laurence Shorter

Solo percussionist, composer, author, artist and Grammy winner
Dame Evelyn Glennie

*In 1993 Evelyn was awarded the OBE (Officer of the British Empire). This was extended in 2007 to 'Dame Commander' for her services to music, and to date has received over 80 international awards.

Thursday January 29 -

George will be speaking with
Author, Professor, Mediator, Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and former U.S. President , Jimmy Carter

A renowned spiritual teacher and the author of The Power Of Now and A New Earth
Eckhart Tolle
Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is Life itself, it is an insane way to live.
Eckhart Tolle

Friday January 30 - (R)
former Vice-Presidential candidate - Sarah Palin,
Oscar winning actress - Marlee Matlin,
& musician - John Legend

Friday, January 23, 2009

Visiting with Mamma Yamma

After you tune in Friday night for the premiere of Montreal Canadiens: 100 Years, 100 Stars, make sure you get up early Saturday morning and tune into the CBC main network as George debuts on Kid's Canada.

Kids' Canada is a series of interstials that air throughout the Kids' CBC programming blocks. With hosts Patty Sullivan and Sidd Bobb, Kids' Canada explores the country through five puppet characters who all live in famous Canadian places, including Mamma Yamma who lives in Toronto's iconic Kensington Market.

George will make his debut on the series at 9am on Saturday, January 24th. This is George's first of what will be multiple appearances on Kids' Canada. In this episode, George will discuss fame and what it means with Mamma Yamma.

For more information about Kids' Canada and other CBC Kids' programming, make sure you check out the CBC Kids' website.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 100th Anniversary!

The place to be this weekend has to be Montreal! Forget Sundance forget vacations on some tropical beach somewhere.

Kicking off the weekend CBC presents

Montreal Canadiens: 100 Years, 100 Stars on CBC Television

The Montreal Canadiens franchise turns 100 this year!
George Stroumboulopoulos hosts this CBC Television special. Featuring well known personalities and hockey legends recounting the one hundred year history of The Montreal Canadiens, the culture that has surrounded the team throughout the eras and the passion for the Habs, resonating with fans across Canada and around the world.

The special can be seen on CBC this Friday January 23 at 9pm EST

This Saturday Jan 24th 7pm is The NHL SuperSkills and The All-Star Game will be on Sunday Jan 25th starting 6pm. There will be all kinds of events surrounding it to help celebrate the 100th anniversary in our historic hockey city. I don't think you could keep George away from Montreal this weekend to enjoy the celebrations. He will be there in the thick of things!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fringe, Fish, Funny, Fearless, Film & A Fit

How are you spending your weekend? Shovelling? Surfing the Net dreaming of warm weather travel destinations?

If you're in the Peg? My deepest sympathies. If you're in a warm climate... good for you, just don't rub it in. Thanks!

Usual Sunday drill. The Strombo show will be broadcast from 5-8pm EST on the Corus Radio Network or listen LIVE on the net...HERE.

Monday, January 19th

Joshua Jackson

Perhaps I`m the only person who never watched Dawson`s Creek... regardless, it had a very successful run and launched the careers of Jackson, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and many others... Joshua was part of a star packed cast of the excellent biopic `Bobby`in 2006.

Currently, Joshua is starring in the Fox TV series Fringe that is garnering good notices and even better ratings.

Though his IMDB does not list it - Internet rumours state that Josh appeared as an infant in the fabulously eerie George C. Scott horror Classic - The Changeling.

Markus Frind

The old adage that there are `Plenty of Fish`in the sea is often touted by friends and loved ones when one breaks up with Mr. or Ms. sooooo NOT Right. That theory and a simple dating networking site has garnered a good buck for the Founder and CEO of `Plenty of`. Markus Frind`s theory that unlike other dating sites, members shouldn't have to pay to play.

So for those carrying more than your fair share of work while your coworker trolls for the Catch of the Day...this is the guy to blame.

Tuesday, January 20th

William `Bill`Ayres

Predictably, the last US election was rife with mudslinging, mavericks and accusations of Obama`s propensity to `pal around`with terrorists.

Now a prolific author, Professor of Education and advocate for educational reform in the US, Ayres was once part of the Weathermen - an anti Vietnam activist group who bombed government buildings in protest.

A Chicago neighbour of Obama, their ties were made to seem close by the McCain camp to cast a negative light or guilt by association about Obama's character and judgement. This will be a good one....

Wednesday, January 21st

Barbara Becnel

Barbara is fearless in her fight to clear the name of her friend, collaborator and founder of The Crips gang, Stanley Tookie Williams, executed in California in 2005.

While in prison, Williams had renounced his gang past and was a passionate proponent of teaching non violence to youth by spreading a strong anti-gang message, so much so that he was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Despite passionate efforts to spare Williams' life, Becnel and many other supporters including Snoop Dogg were unsuccessful and she was a witness to his death by lethal injection. Afterwards, she was quoted as saying. " We are going to prove his innocence and when we do, we are going to show that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in fact himself a cold blooded murderer. "

She ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination - wonder if her political career has only begun?

John Pinette
On a lighter note... a quick scan of Youtube confirmed what I`d suspected - that I have definitely seen John`s hilarious stand up comedy routines in the past. He's disarmingly funny and for my money, anyone who can make me laugh without dropping the F-bomb every second line is to be commended.

He's played numerous Comedy festivals, filmed specials and recorded DVD's including I'm Starvin' and I Say Nay Nay. Add some poundage and you may also recognize John from one of THE most famous TV cameos of all time. John played the role of `Howie`on the Seinfeld finale. He was the poor schlub mugged on the street while a heartless Jerry, George, Kraemer and Elaine laughed at him. The gang was not laughing when they were subsequently arrested, tried and convicted for breaking the 'Good Samaritan' law.

John's embarking on a mini tour for Just For Laughs - so if you're in Toronto, Ottawa, St. John, Moncton, Halifax or Charlottetown - you're in luck. Check out ticket links HERE.

Thursday, January 22nd

Richard Roeper
In the land of dream jobs, Richard Roeper ranks up at the top. Roeper has long made a living as a movie critic, columnist at the Chicago Sun Times and on TV's Ebert and Roeper.

Roeper has left the TV project due to a failure to negotiate a suitable contract though he plans to return to the tube in a yet unannounced movie review program.

Erin Brockovich

Famously portrayed by Julia Roberts in an Oscar winning role; Erin Brockovich`s true life struggle to assist victims of groundwater contamination in Hinkley, California - a suit which saw payment of $333 Million dollars to the plaintiffs in the battle is well documented.

Brockovich became a reluctant celebrity after the film and has parlayed her notoriety into a career as an acclaimed speaker, high powered consultant and author.

Her book is titled - 'Take it From me, Life's a Struggle but you can Win'.

According to her website? 98% of the movie portrayal is accurate. I'd love to know whether her offer of a drink of water from a Hinkley well to opposing counsel was part of the 98% or the 2%.

Friday, January 23rd

James Cameron
Acclaimed director, Canadian born James Cameron has always been passionate about film. Feature films like Titanic, Aliens and the Terminator franchise are his main claim to fame. He's also developed television and created some stunning documentary work.

God help him if he`s wearing these 3D shades to catch Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers 3D. That's about 3D`s too many wouldn't you say?

The Smashing Pumpkins

No D`Arcy and no James Iha in Pumpkins 2.0. In the reformation of the seminal 90`s group The Smashing Pumpkins, it's the Billy and Jimmy show in this, their 2oth Anniversary.

Billy tells it like it is. He`s as ballsy as he was as a young thing. I confess, I`d be one of those fans that would feel ripped off if they didn`t revisit some hits in concert. His scathing assessment of the record business is good viewing... a controlled fit.

Whether a Pumpkins fan or not, you`ll be engaged by this convo. Personally, I blew the dust off the old Aeroplane Flies High Box Set and gave the discs a spin. The music holds up.

Have a great week and don't let the snow get you down! Can you believe it's T minus 2 days to the Obama Inauguration? The anticipation is almost too much. Regardless of one's political stripes, this will be an event for the ages. I am thankful that even in the excitement not for one moment had I considered picking up the phone and ordering the Obama collector plate. Tacky, tacky...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New forum and Webcam plus chat

Want to have your say? You can comment here anytime!

But now there are more ways to talk about The Hour.
Express your appreciation or consternation on The Hour's own online forum. You can start topics of comments on the current buzz.
The Hour's Online Forum.
I asked Andy Phillips of The Hour why they added a forum on The Hour's website? He said that creating a forum for The Hour seemed like an natural, yet overdue, addition. There are a lot of intelligent people who watch our show and I wanted to give them an outlet. The comments on the video pages are great, but are pre-moderated. That doesn't quite have the same feeling as a post moderated forum. The immediacy of seeing one's idea in a public space is satisfying.

The forum is up 24-7 if you feel inspired to state what you think, feel or observe. Just be respectful about it. ;-)

And on Sundays you can now join in on the
The Strombo Show's Webcam and chat on as The live Strombo Show is running in your part of the country.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brand new shows for 2009.

This Sunday on The Strombo Show:
Nothing much planned for this Sunday?
It's a live show this weekend, with some interesting guests swinging by:
Arkells (check out their hit songs, 'Oh The Boss is Coming' & 'Abigail')
& The Smashing Pumpkins!
How's that for some entertainment? Speaking of which, the hilarious banter between George & Alex Liu is definitely worth a listen and, of course, some kick-ass music thrown in for your pleasure.
You can follow along on George's MySpace profile or find the tunes you like, in the show's song-list, on their Facebook page.

This week on The Hour:

Mon, 12th
Parag Khanna

Obama campaign advisor & author of 'The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order' & his upcoming book 'How to Run the World'.
The 31 yr old, multi-lingual international relations expert and author is regularly featured on MTV's InnerView and was named on Esquires "75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century."

Adrien Brody

An Oscar-winning actor, currently involved in numerous film projects.
A motorcycle enthusiast and "hopeless romantic", who recently surprised his love, actress Elsa Pataky, with a dream castle for her birthday.

Tues, 13th

Smashing Pumpkins
Having gone through several member changes, the band was reunited in 2006.
In fact, the lead singer, Billy Corgon took a full page ad out in Chicago's Tribune & Sun-Times, in 2005 to announce his intentions.
Well, that's one way to get the facts straight!

Geoff Green

Canada's Arctic adventurer, currently promoting a documentary 'From Ice Bergs to Sand Dunes' with a previous guest of The Hour - Ray Zahab.
Geoff Green is also an environmentalist & educator who founded the award winning 'Students On Ice', which offers students, educators & scientists an opportunity, through expeditions, to gain a better understanding & respect for our planet.
An interesting little info nugget:
He was the first person to water-ski in both the polar regions.

Wed, 14th
Daniel Tammet
Described as a 'high-functioning autistic savant", he is at 30 yrs old, one of the world's top mathematical and language geniuses. Holding the European record for reciting pi from memory to over 22,000 digits in just over 5 hours, he is also able to speak eleven languages. He explains that he "sees" numbers, each with their own visual images, and has even created a watercolor painting depicting his image of pi.
Daniel, unlike most savants, is able to articulate how he does what he does, and that to many, is very exciting.
He is currently promoting his new book 'Embracing the Wide Sky: A Tour Across the Horizons of the Mind.'

Dave Salmoni
Ok, so it wouldn't be a true Jenuine post without one suggestive picture or "Jennuendo" included, so for the female readers (and whoever else), here is a rather yummy picture of Mr. Salmoni.
He is a Canadian animal conservationist, trainer, zoologist, television producer & presenter, who last season brought Robbie the tiger onto the set of The Hour, to meet George.
Dave will again be bringing his animal magnetism...I mean...his animals on set.

Thur, 15th
Marlee Matlin
Oscar-winning deaf actress, actively involved in a number of charitable organizations including The Red Cross & the foundation for Children Affected by AIDS. She appears in one of my favorite shows, 'The L-Word" and recently participated in 'Dancing With the Stars'. On so many levels the actress is an inspiration to those of the deaf culture and in 1992, Marlee was instrumental in getting legislation passed in Congress, in support of Closed Captioning.
A very close friend of mine, Leanne, is absolutely thrilled to be able to watch this interview via Closed Captioning (which I was informed that all of CBC's shows are).
*If I may, I would like to pass along a personal thank you to Leanne, for bringing me into her community of the hearing impaired & teaching me many things, beyond how to communicate with your hands.

Johnny Bower
Former Toronto Maple Leaf and hockey legend grew up in rural Saskatchewan, where he honed his young goaltender skills using a pair of hand-me-down skates, an old mattress for knee pads & "cow pies" for pucks.
He enlisted in the army at 15 (lying about his age), changed his name from John Kizkan to Bower & over his 25yr career, became famous for his fearless play. Almost to his last game, he never wore a mask, lost virtually every tooth in his mouth & patented the poke-check; the most dangerous move a goalie can make.

Fri, 16th

Interviews with:

Acclaimed actor - Malcolm McDowell
and from Family Jewels and KISS - Gene Simmons


Have you registered your acts of green? Have you added more?
One Million Acts of Green is just over two months into the campaign and already it's 3/4's the way there! If you have a minute, you should check out a few stories and projects that Canadian individuals & groups have been doing - some of them are truly inspirational!
I have to admit that I haven't logged onto the site for quite some time, but today I'm happy to say that I've added 5 more acts.
: )

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

So... how was your New Year's?  Party hard? Quiet night at home?  Make any resolutions? After taking a last weekend at home to readjust to the realities of life, it's back to school and work week this week.  Are you ready for that reality?  There are a few things on this week that might make the transition back to reality just a little bit easier...
The Strombo Show comes from The Edge studios on Yonge street in Toronto on Sunday, starting at 2pm PST and 5pm EST. Listen to the show on 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Y108 in Hamilton, FM96 in London, Power 97 in Winnipeg or 99.3 The Fox.  If you're not in these listening areas, tune into the show online.
Get in on the action by checking out The Strombo Show's Facebook Page or George's MySpace profile.
Everyone's back in the office over at The Hour this week getting ready to resume Season Five on Monday, January 12th...  so this week we get to enjoy a few more "Best Of" shows.  
Tom  Cruise
David Foster
Spike Lee
Kings of Leon

Have a question for George?
Tune in Thursday nights to hear George's answer. 

Have you checked out the Holiday Acts of Green?

Recycle your Christmas Tree
Reuse or make your own wrapping paper
Send an e-card instead of a paper one
Avoid using disposable plates, cups and cutlery
Avoid excess packaging by giving gift alternatives
Buy carbon offsets  

If any of these acts were a part of your holiday festivities, make sure you go over to and register your Acts.  There are also other new Acts up on the website, such as packing a litterless lunch. Is your Act not on the list? There is a suggestion box at the bottom of the Acts List page if you want your act added to the growing list of Acts. 
As of Saturday, there were over 662 948 registers Acts of Green. When do you think Canada will reach the one million mark?