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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gemini Nominations Are In!

The nominees for Best Host or Interviewer in a General/Human Interest or Talk Program or Series are:

The nominees for Best Talk Series are:

  • Au Courant - Luise Massari, Claire Cappelletti, Anna Dirksen (CBC Television)
  • CBC News: The Hour - Jennifer Dettman, David Freeman, Susan Taylor (CBC Television)
  • Hot Type - Janet Thomson, Dana Glassman, Alice Hopton (CBC Television)

The Stroumboulopouli congratulates George Stroumboulopoulous on his nomination for Best Host Or Interviewer, and Jennifer Dettman, David Freeman and Susan Taylor on their nomination for Best Talk Series.


***You can still vote for George for Viewer's Choice Award For Lifestyle Host!! The Top 5 nominees will be announced on September 26th***

Watch for the winners on November 4th, during the 21st Annual Gemini Awards!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bulletin From George (for the non-myspacers)

Shady's back.

Hey.Hope you are well.
Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes...
Sorry I haven't been the best responder, myspace is difficult to navigate on a motorcycle :-)
But I am back, I rolled into Toronto last Friday night.
It's nice to be home. I'm back at work, the team is getting The Hour together for Season Three. We're on CBC main network now at 11pm across the country which is cool.. we can talk more about that later... I'm still looking for a reporter. So lemme know if there is someone you think we should look at.
And so aiuyyyyyyg (The previous keystrokes are courtesy of my cat Minnow who decided to jump on my lap(top).... :-) Ok, let's try that again...
After six weeks away, The Strombo Show with myself and Bob Mackowycz Jr. is back on the radio tonight..
Here's the infoTONIGHT 9-11pm ET (Sunday)Listen online at or or on the radio; (old school) Toronto - CFRB 1010 AM Montreal - CJAD 800 AM
We'll cover anything you want (especially the war and also Tom Cruise - we have someone who can put it all in context)... so call in, or myspace me here. Also, we're here for advice... nobody is LESS qualified to help out than Bob and I... So who better to wade into the murky waters or your psyche than us... so get out your private journals and go into those dark places... Bob and I want to help.. (We're just trying to make sure you don't waste all your money calling 1-900 self-help lines / and we don't yell as much as dr. phil):-)
Plus I'll answer any and all questions you may have about the One, The Hour, life, Jesus, Motorcycles... whatever you like.
Here's how you can reach us..
Toll Free - 1-866-866-7387
Myspace -
Email -
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Copied pasted and spaced a bit by me, Barbara W.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Highlight from this past season!

Ask and ye shall receive the highlights. Thank you Sarah and thank you production and editing crew!
The Hour gang was very nice it putting together and making available the highlights from this past season. I am sure it was not just because I asked. It is currently featured on The Hour's website .
Thanks for the link and letting me borrow the pic.

This is post number 50 on the stroumboulopouli blog
High fives to all the stroumbi and all h'our friends!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Hour on the road?

Would you go to see The Hour if it came to your area?
Free polls from


Do you want to chat in a George/The Hour chatroom?
Free polls from
I wanted to try a few different poll styles. Let me know what you like.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Let's look back at some highlights

Here is the link for The highlights of season 1 of The Hour. - the hour media player

Maybe I will go inquire about season 2 highlights...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

34 Years Ago Today


Best wishes from the Stroumboulopouli, and your many dedicated fans!

Much love,

Alana, Allison, Barbara B, Barbara W, Becky, Evelyne & Jas

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Click and Vote

Vote for George to win the Viewer's Choice for 'Lifestyle Host' at the 21st Geminis HERE.

Stephen Lewis; A Winner Or A Whiner?

I actually caught a few minutes of the Strombo Show last night and although I didn't catch much, what I did hear of the AIDS Conference debate really made me think. The debate was over Stephen Harper's absence at the conference and whether we should be embarrassed as Canadians that our Prime Minister chose not to attend. Apparently, a couple of comments were made at the conference, some by Stephen Lewis, about Stephen Harper's absence. The host of the show and the callers I heard were quite riled up.

Stephen Lewis a whiner? Ha. Not in my opinion. I've seen quite a few interviews with him, some recently on the news and the interviews George did with him (which are currently on The Hour's homepage) and Stephen Lewis seems a very intelligent, caring and devoted man. When someone has put so much of himself into a cause I would expect him to do everything in his power to make the government take notice. There should be Canadians who are embarrassed that our Prime Minister did not attend. This conference is not about jumping on bandwagons or celebrity fanfare. AIDS is a real pandemic, it's here in Canada and the atrocities carried out in other countries because of this disease need everyone's attention. Including our Prime Minister.

Stephen Harper wanted the job of Prime Minister and he should expect some backlash over not attending this conference. I'm not sure how I really feel about Stephen Harper not attending this conference, I only know that he should expect criticism for not attending. This is a diverse and caring country, we should be proud to have people calling out our Prime Minister on causes such as this. I think it was incredibly intelligent to start a media frenzy over Stephen Harper's lack of attendance, the more the media reports on the issue, the more Canadians will stand up and take notice.

Maybe the debate took an entirely different direction while I was tucking my son into bed, but as I was tucking him in safe and healthy, I thanked the stars again that there are other people, including Stephen Lewis, fighting the good fight for me so I can sleep and feel something is being done to help those less fortunate than most of us.


This post was emailed to us from Lauren in Regina, the Stroumboulopouli's most recent guest contributor.


For more information on AIDS, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, more African aid organizations and how you can make a difference, please follow these links:

Monday, August 14, 2006

XVI International AIDS Conference

I am working at the 16th International AIDS conference in Toronto this week and I find it a fascinating, emotional, and overwhelming look at what they are doing for AIDS and how AIDS impacts so many people. I hope that the promise of this AIDS conference will lead to great results. I wanted to bring your attention to a two part interview George had with Steven Lewis this past season that is still very relevant to the conference going on now.
You can click on these links or go to The Hour
Stephen Lewis part 1
Stephen Lewis part 2
There is tons more information about this conference on the as well as

I have to say a special word of praise for the volunteers working this conference. They are an amazing group of people and God bless them for doing this. If you are at the conference and encounter a volunteer be especially nice. They are doing their best!
No I am not a volunteer, but my job is to help them help the participants.
God bless all the participants of this conference as well. May we see the end of AIDS in this decade.
( I am optimistic as always)
Barbara W.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Strombo Gets Ready to Ride Home

Here's a link from The Toronto Star about George's motorcycle ride home, which he started this morning. Read it here.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

music to wait for The Hour by

In this all too brief summer when most of us are spending every available moment outside, I still get flashes of remembering some great moments from The Hours past. A lot of those involve talk of music, something very close to my heart. So when Barbara W suggested we might want to talk about the music that been discussed on The Hour in the past, I was there.

I thought you might like to do a little reminiscing as well, perhaps listen to some of those songs which George has mentioned on The Hour, which you've never had the chance to hear. Songs like Mary Gauthier's I Drink. This is a powerful, heartwrenching song from a woman who has lived it. Her songs talk about life as a runaway, life on the edge of society, life among the drag queens in limousines. And according to George, the last song that made him cry.

Or how about Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros' cover of Redemption Song? It's a beautiful powerful song no matter who sings it, but to hear Joe Strummer treat it so tenderly and to know that he would be dead before the album Streetcore was even completely finished, that just rips me apart. I still miss Joe Strummer.

And then there is Fairytale of New York by the Pogues with Kirsty McCall. I think George has referred to this as one of the only Christmas songs he can stand. Jingle Bells, it ain't. It is rough, and raw and very sad and beautiful. And sadly, Kirsty McCall is yet another musician taken away far too early. And yet, how Shane McGowan manages to survive with no teeth and a serious poly-substance addiction boggles the mind.

I'm sure you can think of numerous other songs that have come up over the last two seasons that you'd like to share. In the meantime here are:

Barbara B.