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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Last One... in the shower anyone?

Okay... so there is a reason I picked this clip.

What I actually wanted was to show the part before where this interview starts.
The best moment in my mind on the Hour EVER was the story George told on Jan 04, 2007.
Basically it was a story about him being stopped in the shower by a fan as George was washing himself.
I had taped the show that night and was laughing so hard... I was crying and I had to rewind it THREE times. I thought it was sooo great.
Alas alack... I have searched high and low for the clip. To no avail. If you have a copy to link of the "Shower Story" let me know. And if you have never seen the clip. I am sorry, because it really was in my opinion George's Best Story Ever and you should really watch it.

Having said ALL of that...I really adore Peter Mansbridge when he is on. I am fairly certain George does too.
So enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

The' shower story' was a farce! One day I'm sure George and co. will be allowed to tell the 'real' story!!!

Janna said...

Anon 2:52pm - I am sure it WAS a farce but what I great bit on television!!! C'mon, the story was hysterical. I am not sure what got me more, George ACTUALLY at the gym or the story.

Anonymous said...

Does George really go to the gym? I think he was trying to tease someone with thoughts of seeing him take a shower? It was cute.

Jill said...

I have the clip. I too recorded it and laughed until I cried. I'll put it on youtube if any one is interested.

Jill said...

Here ya go:

Jenuine said...

Thank you Jill!!!!
You have no idea how happy Janna will be to see that clip again.
I too, had a huge belly laugh watching the original airing of the story, and will share it on our page.
Thanks again, you rock!