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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Doors Open Toronto ~ The CBC Broadcasting Centre

If you happen to be in the Toronto area, you may wish to check out the very awesome Doors Open Toronto event taking place this weekend (May 24 & 25). If you are not familiar with this event, bascially it is an opportunity for the public to visit 150 buildings that are of architectural, historical or cultural relevance to the City of Toronto. One of the reasons that I love this event is that visitors can access buildings that are typically not open to the public. Admission to all buildings is free.

As in previous years, one of the buildings available for viewing will be the home of The Hour, the CBC Broadcasting Centre. Event details indicate that the sets of both The Hour and Steven and Chris will be available for tour. So if you have never been able to make it to a taping, here is your opportunity to at least check out the studio and other behind-the-scenes goodies.


Barbara said...

I was there today Steph and I did see George, plus many members of the cast of Little Mosque, Air Farce, The Border, and 22 Minutes...

Tracy said...

Nice Steph!

These types of events bring the community together - there are some real architectural treasures & hidden gems to be explored.

CBC building? Not exactly an architectural marvel but fun regardless from the sounds of it!

Mich said...

I think the CBC building is architecturally relevant in its own way. Doors Open is not just about historical buildings, but also buildings that play an important or distinct role in the fabric of the participating community.

Janna said...

And yet another "Toronto" thing I wish I had a clue about... *sigh*

The Stampede is coming...!!!!

Mich said...

Doors Open Toronto is a part of Doors Open Ontario which was created by the Ontario Heritage Trust, so it's not just a "Toronto thing"... it's all over Ontario. They run across the province from April to October... Hamilton's was at the beginning of May, Niagara's is in the middle of October. Toronto was the first North American city to host such an event, and every year new communities come on board.

There are Doors Open events in other countries and in other provinces, including ALBERTA. Calgary will hold theirs on August 2. Banff's is August 9-10, as is Edmonton's. The link to Doors Open Alberta is:

Janna said...

Well then... I have been told!! ;-)

Very cool I will be sure to check it out...