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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Fantastic Week Ahead!

Tonight: Monday , May 12
Leslie Feist
Leslie Feist, is tearing up the music industry. The Juno-Award winning and Grammy-nominated Canadian singer/songwriter, talks about her remarkable year.
~ As Tracy says, "helping our children learn to count improperly" ; )

Dr. James Orbinski
Fighting to give a higher quality of life to those affected by HIV. He discusses his new book, "An Imperfect Offering", and how humanitarian aid can best be provided in war-torn countries.
~ I've really been looking forward to this one!

Tuesday , May 13
Ted Danson
Ted Danson
Award winning film and television actor; a leading activist for ocean conservation.
~ Shhhhh.....I was always secretly attracted to Sam Malone.

Wednesday, May 14
Sam Roberts

This Canadian rock singer/songwriter from Montreal has won numerous Junos.
~ I don't care WHO knows, this man is HOT!
(Oh yeah....and he's a hell of an artist.)

Ivan Reitman

Famed director and producer delves into his profession and personal life.
~ His son Jason Reitman hasn't done so badly himself - 'Juno', 'Thank You For Smoking', etc.

Thursday , May 15
Ben Stein
Starring in the film. 'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.'
~ Somehow it always goes back to school, with this fellah.

Doris Roberts
Doris Roberts - Michelle
An Emmy award winning actress best known for her role as the mother from 'Everybody Loves Raymond.'
~ Man, you should read her filmography
. This is one hard working lady!

Friday, May 16
Morgan Spurlock
Could this award-winning director/filmmaker have found Osama bin Laden?
~ I'm still grossed out from 'Super Size Me'.

Gordon Ramsay
Chef Ramsay
Celebrity chef straight from Hell's Kitchen, with a new book, 'Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food.'
~ From a recent convo with some friends, "Gawd, could you imagine what he'd be like as a lover?
; )

.......Keep those contest entries coming in folks!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Ha Ha Jenuine...Nice post and thanks for the personal shout. :)

The Feist phenomenon with kids' counting is thanks to 1,2,3,4.

1,2,3,4,5,6, 9 or 10
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then...

Amazing lineup of guests this week.

Remember fondly watching the Cheers finale @ The Skydome with friends all those years ago!

And yes... readers should enter the trivia contest. Really cool merch on the line!