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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Hour in the last week of May

The Strombo show this Sunday

Last week Dame was on the Strombo Show.
I was there taking pictures. I love Dame!

This week Sloan will be on the show:
The boys from Sloan sit and chat with George and Bob - maybe spin some of their favorite tunes.

Missed the show? Check out the podcast!

The Hour this week
Monday May 26 th
Taping of Monday's show is at 9:45 am, this one time only.

General Rick Hillier is back on The Hour.
Hillier may talk about his stepping down as Canada's top soldier.

Jeopardy is going into it's 24th season!

George talks to the legendary quiz show host Alex Trebek on The Hour.

Tuesday May 27 th
The host of Canadian Idol and eTalk, Ben Mulroney will be on. I have seen Ben at the Sean Cullen show and he impressed me a man that does not take himself too seriously. He can be a lot of fun.
Ben and George are good friends and it should make this host talking to host interview that much more interesting.
Author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Barbara Kingsolver is on the show talking about how we eat.
Wednesday may be pre-empted for the Stanley Cup Finals! You may need to look for Barbara's interview next week, but it will be worth the wait!

Wednesday or Thursday (depends on hockey)
Award winning actress and active socialist.
Sex in the City's

Kim Cattrall

Mike Holmes
My favourite handyman, will be coming back on The Hour.

Friday May 30 th
will have the best of the best...

Don't forget Sunday June 1st The winners of the Doctor of Thinkology contest round one and two, will be drawn and announced on The Strombo Show.


Philip said...

It sucks that, while they have only three weeks left, they plan certain shows, and then they have to drop certain episodes left because of the Stanley Cup Finals. I mean they probably scheduled a certain group of guests and now they have to rearrange certain guests and lose others. I mean out of the 4 guests scheduled for Wednesday/Thursday only Kim Cattrall survived and Mike Holmes was moved to next week. I wonder if they will ever show the Joss Stone or Barbara Kingsolver interviews, and is it my imagination or is Monday another dropped show as Barbara Walters was supposed to be on that day but is now on the final week.

Janna said...

It does suck. But that is the Ceeb for ya.

Anonymous said...

It depends on how many games it takes for the cup final. Saturday is game 4 and Monday is game 5. As it stands right now it has to go to at least 5 so Monday will likely be affected. It doesn't matter though because all the interviews will air they just may be more spread out than originally intended