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Thursday, May 15, 2008

If you blink... things change!

If you're a faithful viewer of The Hour, you've probably noticed a few changes to the show over the past few months like the new version of the opening credits, some new bumpers and segments like 2-20.

Well, another change came down this afternoon... The Hour website now has a brand spankin' new look.

Go... take a look around... peruse the site. Check things out. The basic elements of the site are still there, but everything is in a new place.

So what do you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Totally indifferent?

The Hour wants to know what you think... go to The Hour's blog and post your comments there, or email them at At the same time, don't forget to tell us what you think.


joeclark said...

If you’re so hot for the new design, can you explain why Peter fucking Mansbridge’s picture is bigger than either of Strombo’s?

Anonymous said...

maybe because mansbridge was the guest that night, moron?

Jenuine said...

LOL anon!

Leigh said...

I am a bit miffed at the new look website. I liked the black background. I also liked the easy way to find old interviews. There was a quick link to see past interviews. There was a whole section for them and they all had dates on the bottom of the icons. (They were listed in the order of transmission) Niw with this new version of the website that's all gone. I missed a few eps and I wanted to see who I missed but before I could check, the website was transformed.

I was just curious if anybody knew who the second guest was on the episodes with Chantal Kreviazuk, Jeffery Buttle, and Paul Gross. (I can't find them on the new site)

Tracy said...

OK. I shouldn't laugh but ANON 1:35pm? Well done.

Joe Clark. I know your tenure at the helm was short, but why the anger man?

Leigh... I think Chantal has run twice now. Is there a particular guest you were searching for?
If so, perhaps a page through The Hour's YouTube channel would be easier?

Anonymous said...

One can no longer rewind or fast forward! A little frustrating if you ask me.