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Friday, May 02, 2008

James Appathurai

I think George set this up quite well.

When I tried to do some research on the man.... I got almost nothing... so... I will direct you to the clip.

I thought James was well spoken and really interesting. He seems like the kinda guy you would invite over to dinner just because you can. And I wish that the interview had been EVEN LONGER... as this clip clocks in at a whopping 11:05.
If Montreal loses tonight, besides having a heartbroken host, Canada will no longer have to endure OUR best of's... having said that... I have a GREAT clip for tomorrow.
I just really enjoyed James and I thought all you might as well.


Wandering Coyote said...

I thought this was a great interview, too, and I agree that James was very articulate.

Mich said...

I also loved Appathurai's interview (didn't we have a long discussion about it when it first aired?). I know I saw at one point a second part to the interview and a "After the Hour" piece where he explained the situation in Afghanistan. I'm sure both of those things are unavailable at this point, but they be cool to see again.

Janna said...

They are both available Mich...
And we did have a VERY VERY long dicussion about Mr.Appathurai.