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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What is life without music?

I clicked on to The Hour's site and saw the same subject I have been thinking about for the past few days. Music! (check it out!)
I had asked George if he listens to music 24/7. I can only guess what he reply will be. I observed on myspace that George gets requests to hear bands play, and listen to musicians tracks, on a regular basis. Where does he find the time? Does the man get a break? I don't think he wants a break, or would know what to do with one. For his vacation plans he is going on a very long motorcyle journey. He plans to film it. He has a camera mounted on his motorcyle, with the lens set to capture his helmeted expressions of riders bliss.
I wonder if his helmet is wired for music.
What would you play if you were on the roadtrip that George is planning. From Toronto, through the Mississippi, into Texas then on to LA, CA.
He wants to go back to the blues roots via the blues routes. So throw in some blues in that mix. Not sure what he would play going through Texas. I guess it would be hot music to match the temperature, or very cool music to create a contrast. You never know what music is coming up next on his playlist. That is why I listen to his musical recommendations carefully. (For me it's ahhh yes cool! Good choice George, or What? No bloody way!) If I was going to California, I would play music painted with bold colours. Starting with the 60ties and ending with the newest, latest, hot, but not yet hit, bold LA sound, that was only created very late the night before. I can never guess what George will mix for the soundtrack of his life. Here is one question he does not have to answer. Is music the foundation of his life?
Note that George's set sits on a record.

Is music the foundation of your life?

Please feel free to answer that as a comment.

Barbara W



Jeremy said...

I think the most appropriate single song, driving those roads on a motorcycle, would be "I'm Afraid of Americans" by David Bowie. (The remix by Trent Reznor is darker; the video ultra-cool.)

But, if you sought an album, I'd have to go with the B.B. King / Eric Clapton duet, "Riding with the King."

And that fits for so many reasons....

Alana said...

Oh man Jeremy, both of those songs are AWESOME, especially the King/Clapton song. Good choices!

And to answer your question Barbara, yes, music is most definitely the foundation of my life, without a doubt.

Good post!

hilary m. said...

Great post Barbara! I love "I'm Afraid Of Americans", though I haven't heard Trent Reznor do it. It seems right up his alley though.

The reason that I originally was interested in George, was because of his love of music. And I don't think I knew of any other figure in the mainstream media who liked the Clash. I think a lot of music fans appreciate George because of his love of music, it's something to identify with. I love some of the bands he listens to, though I really dislike some. I can identify a bit more with Jian Ghomeshi's music taste.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

To answer your question, in a nutshell, Barbara W.

There are so many great driving songs and I love Jeremy's suggestion, but I've always thought of Radar Love as the ultimate driving song. Cliched I know, but still fitting.

I always make a few new road cds for trips and for my upcoming one, I plan to put a fair bit of Jesus and Mary Chain, Ladytron, Wilco, Dirty Pretty Things, Belle and Sebastian (for when I need to slow down) and Constantines (for when I need to speed back up). And Radiohead OF COURSE.

Heather said...

Life really IS nothing, without a soundtrack. :)

I totally agree with what everyone else has said, though my soundtrack is more Brit-pop than Metal.. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Heather - thanks for weighing in.
I'm totally with you on this - lots of Britpop, not so much on the metal. Britpop makes for killer road trip cds!

sarah ferguson said...

I can not remember a time when there was not music in my life, even when my ears were not so educated! Songs may change with the weather, but sound always remains.

Since we are all going through withdrawal and missing "THE HOUR" so badly, I thought it would be nice if we all got to travel down the road with our favorite motorcycle man on a mission. A playlist for George on the Blues Routes - Highway 61:

I Shall Not Walk Alone - Ben Harper
Let it Shine on me - Lead Belly
Down in the Dirt Road Blues - Charley Patton
Devil Got My Woman - Skip James
Terraplane Blues - Robert Johnson
Death Letter Blues - Son House
Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground - Bline Willie Johnson
The Crossroads - Robert Johnson
Midnight Special - Lead Belly
Lousiana Blues - Muddy Water
The Sky is Crying - Albert King
Red House - Jimi Hendrix
Black Betty - Lead Belly
Killing Floor - Howlin' Wolf
My, My, Hey Hey - Neil Young
The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
Smokestack Lightning - George Thorogood
Long Hot Summer Night - Jimi Hendrix
CC Rider - Eric Burdon and the Animals
Big River - Johnny Cash
Highway Chile - Jimi Hendrix
Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan
Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash
There's No Home for You Here - White Stripes

Escape & Enjoy

Barbara said...

Thanks Sarah, I see you seem to like Jimi Hendrdix as much as George does. I did check out his playlist on itunes. It's the one just below Jian Ghomeshi's. I won't say who's tunes I picked more for my music library...
Anderson Cooper and Matt Good also have playlists there. I will check out the tunes you listed asap.

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