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Friday, June 02, 2006

Return of the Iranian-Canadian Stallion
Wasn't it great to see Jian Ghomeshi back on The Hour last night? It's so cute when George flirts with him.
Oh, I am not implying anything about anybody; I think that George is just one of those people who just naturally flirt with everybody, regardless of gender. And that's a very good thing. It's a great way to make people feel special and appreciated and comfortable.
Flirting is highly underrated as a social concept; it should be taught in school and it should be required protocol at all United Nations meetings. I'll bet we'd see a lot less conflicts if world leaders spent more time slapping each other's knees instead of slapping sanctions on each other's nations. There's untapped power in the man-hug.
But speaking of nations, who are you backing in the World (minus Canada) Cup? Personally, although I had previously assured Ben that I would be supporting his British team, I think I'm going to have to renege on that and resort to the call of genetics. Germany it is!
Long live the man-hug.
Barbara B.


hilary m. said...

hah! I love it.
I think Jian Ghomeshi is incredibly cute.
err. but I missed the hour last night cause of science homework and guitar. (skjdksuH!!!!)
I loved when Jian and George talked the National Playlist. I was always excited for my Wednesdays. It's a pity the playlist ended.

bbruederlin said...

Dang, Hilary, now I'm going to have to dig out my netspeak-English dictionary to decipher skjdksuH.

I miss the National Playlist too and always looked forward to the good-natured scrap that was sure to happen on Wednesday nights. I found myself yelling along on more than one occasion

LN said...

Although, I miss the National Playlist, it is great to have Jian back reporting on The Hour. Loved his piece on insomnia as well. His stuff, although serious, always seems to have a light-hearted edge to it. I think that's the next generation of Canadian reporting, incorporating some humour so the rank stuff isn't so hard to take, and Jian has a talent for it. I agree, George & Jian have great chemistry and their commentaries are just as good as the story itself, whether they agree or disagree with each other.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hello In, and welcome!

I think you have a very good point about the next generation of Canadian reporting,and I am quite excited about it personally. There is no dumbing down of the news or the background behind the stories, but it is presented in a manner that invites more investigation from the audience because it engages their imagination.
And some of my favourite George/Jian moments involve considerable disagreement between the two.

hilary m. said...

I really hope so. The news should be interesting and we should be able to get perspectives. That's one of the reasons The Hour is great.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The Hour excels at that, Hilary. Yes, you may hear the same news story you read in the paper (that's why it's the news) but you get a different slant, a different focus. All round it presents the whole picture.

Barbara said...

I would love a hug from both those men. I miss The National Playlist too. I loved The End series Jian did for CBC Newsworld. I am always happy to see him on The Hour.
I just never looked at the whole thing as flirting. Interesting take on it.

hilary m. said...

You're right. It's not just a reporter rattling off the news "la de da de da dedadedade da", it gives us the entire picture.

herehere for hugs and good news!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think flirting gets a bad rap most of the time, Barbara W. I think it is actually a very positive social gesture when used properly. George is a master at it.

Hilary, hugs rule!

Jacquie said...

I like the way these two play off each other. They are both so natural.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes, I think you've hit upon the secret formula there, Jacquie, of Jian and George's chemistry. They are both very natural in the way the relate to each other.