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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Hour Season Finale.

The Sisters meet The Hour. (updated)

All the Stroumboulopouli girls were invited to the season finale taping of The Hour by Jeremy, the original web producer of The Hour. I had once told Jeremy, I go to Toronto to play. Well, to me it sounded like a great invitation to play. The other Stroumbi (short version of Stroumboulopouli) bloggers had to decline this time but, we hope to all go together in the fall (season three). The Hour plans for live studio audiences for each show next season.

Since I was going alone to Toronto, I invited my sisters, Judie and Carolyn, who live in the area, to come to a taping of The Hour. I had no idea how this was going to turn out... They thought I was way too into all this blogging, let alone all this talk of The Hour and George, and they were ready to give me an intervention. They thought we were just going to sit in the audience and watch a show... I knew that it was going to be so much more.

We arrive at the CBC building with time to spare. They tried to keep me distracted by playing around with Glenn Gould on the bench in front of the building. I am thinkin' how am I related to these two?

I ask them what they are going to say to George when they meet him. They tell me a few things to make me laugh and cringe in fear at the same time. They had no idea what they are in for.

We are greeted by Jeremy and friends in the lobby of the building. It was a real pleasure to hug the guy that started linking us bloggers together via the blogtracker! After a proper greeting and introductions, he then gives us the tour of the studio. The Hour studio is a bit bigger than it looks on TV. There is the half you don't see, the one they pack and unpack for CBC Sunday. Then the half you do see, with all the very cool background of the streets. We were taking a better look at the street scene when our buddy George himself shows up. More introductions are given. When it come to my turn and I introduce myself he smiles and grabs my arm. He knows me. He thanks me for all the kind words. He is so sweet and obliging in telling us all the personal details that went into that photograph. If you have seen, or are going to see, The Hour on the road he will tell you all about it then. He poses for pictures and thanks me again.

He leads us on a tour of the control room and introduces us to the hard working crew. They are getting ready for taping but take the time to talk to us as they prep. Time runs short, and we all go back downstairs and take our seats.

George does a practice run and a taping of the shows opener. In between takes he comes over to talk to us. I tell him at one point that my sisters are here for my intervention, but they are the ones being won over. He signs autographs and poses for pics and answers question after question. All of this in between segments. The show is more tape than live on this day.

Jian Ghomeshi arrives in studio and George introduces us to him. I ask him for a hug straight off. Pic too of course. Jeremy tells me that Jian has a website. It's now a favorite link on this blog.
Jian also tells me the The National Playlist may come back in September... I hope it does!

It was a big surprise to see Peter Mansbridge on the show. George was as surprised as anyone. That was fun to watch. No I did not get to chat with Mansbridge.

If you saw the season finale of The Hour you would not have seen our little 6 seat studio audience. But we were there in the dark enjoying every moment of it. After the show we were invited to the after party. I am so glad I brought my sisters along on this adventure. They were nothing but fun.

We also had a tour of the the offices of The Hour just after the show ended. You have seen the area a few times on the show I am sure. I took pics of Georges office without stepping in.

More about the after party on another post.

Come to think about it, this might take a few posts.

Guess who went to bed late and woke up way to early 'cause she had to blog!
still smiling


Barbara_mtl said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that's me on the set with George in that picture. No it was not an interview it was just for a picture.

judie said...

Hi Barb,

It was indeed a very fun night. George and Jeremy are very gracious and obliging hosts!

I will try to come home at lunch to bring you your suitcase.

Barbara_mtl said...

Another quick note to the stroumbi.
I will update you Monday with a newsletter with much more.

Evelyne said...

It seems that you had a lot of fun!!!! and George knows who you are :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So good of you to share this on 20 minutes of sleep, Barbara W! Aren't you lucky that you got to see the background workings of the production of the Hour? When we were at the taping in Calgary, that was the most fascinating part as well. It really is an intricate ballet that they pull off with the timing and the camera and the video feeds.

And how great that you got to meet Jeremy and Jian as well! I'm sure your sisters are now full-blown fans.

I was intrigued to hear about a September meeting. Someone must fill me in sometime.

hilary m. said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

and I can't believe you got to hug Jian Ghomeshi, you are so lucky!!
best wishes,

hilary m.

Allison said...

Barbara, it sounds like you had an excellent time! Thanks so much for posting on so little sleep. Looking forward to more of your post on the after party :)

Jas Bhambra said...

Hey, Barbara. You had loads of fun. And I am sure your sisters are converts! :)

And you got to hug the Canadian-Iranian Stallion!

Look forward to more pcitures.

Anonymous said...

did you ask the questions? tell me you asked the questions when you met george? girl you still have so much more to post!


Barbara said...

Tammy I did ask your Questions...
I don't want to keep you in suspense so I will answer them now. You asked George if he is symmetrical or asymmetrical. His answer is that he wants to be symmetrical but is not always symmetrical.
You also wanted to know his choice for last album he would listen to if he was going to die. And Out Come The wolves or Sublime
Does he have a personal Mantra. At first he said no. Then he said 'All or Nothing'.

Alana you asked why he does not come to Winnipeg. He was just there hosting {my mind draws a blank} he was hosting something unrealted to The Hour you could have seen him then. There will be an events calendar on the Stroumbo website (available Aug 1st). I got a sneak peek.
Hilary your question was why do you think the show apeals to so many people across the country. I did not ask George this but I did get the answer in any case. The answer is because they paid attention to who (demographic) was watching and they tweeked the show to do just that.
That saves me an extra post...

Barbara said...

Barbara B George wants his steak medium. And Jian remembers you too. He was remembers wondering how to pronounce your last name.

Alana said...

Hey Barbara, good to hear you had such a great time!! I'm having a hard time containing my jealousy! :P I looked for you while watching the show last night, but to no avail. I bet you got a lot of pictures to make up for it though!

I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your trip and your Hour experience, you must have had such a blast!

Talk to you soon!

Alana said...

Yeah, George was just here for the Comedy Festival, but the ticket price was absurd! I read about it in the local paper, and I desperately wanted to go, but...*sigh*, wasn't possible. I was so bummed about it...

But thank you for asking him the question for me, I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

wow! he's cool. thanks 4 asking the questions!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Medium steak - got it. Thanks loads, Barbara W.

And Jian remembers me? Kewl. He did an outstanding job of pronouncing my last name, by the way.

Wandering Coyote said...

Barbara: It all sounds so wonderful! I, too, can barely contain my jealousy! I hope they go on the road again and perhaps bring the show to Victoria this time.

I was watching the show and wondering if you'd actually be on it! For some reason I'd thought you were to be interviewed for a segment or something.

I'm sure you are still on cloud 9...

Barbara said...

I had no plans to be on the show my friends just sit in the audience of 6 plus the crew... I am back home in Montreal now but gotta go to work in 5 minutes. LOL My dad was mad at them for not showing the audience... so funny.

Jeremy said...

Hi guys! Thursday was a lot of fun. And the party afterward was a totally unexpected bonus. (We must be careful not to set expectations to high....)

I was happy to meet Barbara and am looking forward to seeing the rest of you soon.

Anonymous said...


next time you see George, go tell him he rocks! And send my love to all the crew members who work thier butts off as well to give us a show worth watching.


Becky said...

Guys, if haven't been to, go NOW! I'm not kidding! The music by itself is a good enough reason to go, but all the extra stuff on there is awesome.

Allison said...

I was a little confused to why everyone was going crazy over site has been up for a long while now...but I'm glad more ppl are going to it :) I agree Becky, I love all the extras

ME Ellee said...

I think if I knew who the heck George is I would be jealous. lol
Sorry I don't know him, wish I did, however AC keeps me quite busy. I don't know if I could handle another relationship. lol
Based on what you've said, I suspect I just might go *THUD* if I DID know him. I've been know to thud before.
Glad you had such a wonderful experience. I am so happy for you.

Barbara_mtl said...

Hi Ellee, that is what the link to The Hour is for. To get to know George via the clips. Then you'll *thud* for sure. You can always join us in listening to George via the internet on Sunday nights at 9pm EST use the Stroumbo show link on the sidebar.