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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mon. June 19th, Jian will be back on CBC Radio One

We are excited to announce that H' our buddy Jian will be hosting Sounds Like Canada every week day from 10am to noon.

On Monday's show:
Several years ago, Matt Dusk was declared a rising star. Since beating out 654 other singers, the Toronto-based crooner has studied music at York University with teachers like Oscar Peterson, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, and played himself on a reality tv show about a casino. Jian Ghomeshi speaks to
Matt Dusk about life before he was signed, and his new CD, 'Back in Town'.

Looking forward to listening to Jian on Radio One again. Who says it's The End of radio?

Barbara W.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good stuff! Jian and Sheelagh always have such great chemistry on the radio and it's nice to see he'll be filling in for her. Just the summer, I assume?

Barbara said...

He said there is talk of The National Playlist coming back on in the fall. Let's cross our fingers.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

What I wanted to say was, check out the new look of Jian website The link is on the sidebar.

Barbara said...

You know what the beauty of listening to CBC Radio One online?
I can catch it 'live', but if I have to go out (like I did today at 11am) I was able to tune in an hour later via Winnipeg and listen to what I missed. Jian was great today.

Anonymous said...

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