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Monday, June 19, 2006

What Do You Think?

We want to know what all of you Strombo Show fans think!!

With Bob being away, George has been hosting the radio show with his buddy Alex, and there's some mixed opinions between us Stroumboulopouli. After debating between each other during the show last night, we decided that a poll would be the best way to see what you all think...

Do you think Alex should continue co-hosting on The Strombo Show?
Yes, it should be George, Bob and Alex all the time
Yes, Alex should replace Bob
Yes, but only when Bob is away
Maybe, but only on special occasions
No, never. Bob is way better than Alex
No, never. Too much whining.
....who's Alex??
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Allison said...

seriously, i'm the only one who likes alex!? i just like the dynamic, and conversations that come from their stupidity

Alana said...

No dude, I like Alex too, I think there's a lot of humour between him and George, but you've gotta admit, Alex was pretty whiny during last night's show. :P

Allison said...

yeah, he was. last weeks show was better. i think it was the 1.5hr conversation about deers that did it ;)

Evelyne said...

lol, last night show was so fun, nothing really serious only dears and Alex and George having fun! I liked the "fight" they had on sunday night... poor Alex (shouldn't it be poor George?).

But at the same time, Bob is a great co-host!

Barbara said...

What they need is some estrogen in the testosterone fest. A female guest host would be a refreshing change.
No offence Alex...

Anonymous said...

I thought Alex whiny too - I much prefer Bob - although I liked some of the silliness of the banter between G.and Alex but I thought the first show more appealing !

Anonymous said...

alex needed to let the deer conversation just go and admit he's wrong


Anonymous said...

I recall Alex did want to move on finally, but that George protracted it


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