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Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Picture is worth a thousand words

I don't have to explain who George Stroumboulopoulos is to you, do I? I am sure you yourself have tried to explain who George is, and what The Hour is, and you have encountered blank stares, or rolling eyes, or polite nods, with the explanation that they don't have time for Television. Yeah right! Then how is it, they seem to know who won the last Idol Survivor Top Ten Model Race? For most of my friends, family and co-workers a picture is worth a thousand words.
Like this one that is available on The Hour 's website
I will remain quiet while you read the picture. What does he say to you? You can leave your comments about this picture but try to keep them clean.
{This one I took, you can copy it if you like.}
Here is another picture of George that speak for himself.
There is one thing this picture tells you is that George speaks and the audience listens.
Some even look on in adoration, or is that admiration?
Well they seem to be listening in any case.
You and I can talk about him all we want and even show some pictures but it's when He does the talking that his words and the thousands of pictures (video in this case) brought to you by
The Hour gives us a fresh and fascinating take on the news and issues in Canada and around the world.
That's all I am saying.


Becky said...

I'll try and keep this clean(TeeHee)!
I love the "Idol Survivor Top Ten Model Race". So true, so true! They all seem the same to me. Even our teachers get into it, talking about their top pick at 'America's Next Top Model', or 'Survivor'. You should see the looks I get when I quote Justin Trudeau from The Hour in L.A. class!
Anyway, I completely agree with you The Hour is definitely something special, and that nothing is quite like George.
"Try as we might" George once said of comparing himself to Walter Cronkite.
I guess the same goes for us.

Jas Bhambra said...

The picture of George on his red couch is inviting..."Check me out, I am much more than my looks."

Nobody quite like him, I'd say. I have never met him in person, but I am pretty sure that when I'd get a chance I'd be all tongue tied, all ears and in awe!

Ocean said...

Well I'm learning alot about this handsome man from your blog. I've never watched the hour. Never see him on tv here. Maybe I'm on the wrong channel. Can someone tell me when this guy is on tv usa-fla Eastern Time?
Looks like he's waiting on his girl to finish getting ready for a night on the town to me :)

Barbara said...

Ocean I know you are in Florida but you can watch him, one clip at a time, on
Don't you love the internet?

Ocean said...

yeah! I see him now and moving. He reminds me of Dr.Phil's son. Jay Mcgraw
I'll be checking out some more of those clips. Wooohooo thxs
He is Cute :) and interesting too.

Barbara said...

Ocean is our first convert! LOL.
Of course it was when she saw George in action via the clips on The Hour's website. We can blog about all this all we want but in the end it's up to George.