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Monday, July 03, 2006

WorldCup Soccer, hype or hip?

Are you watching the matches?
How's your team doing?
How many times have you switched loyalties so far?
A few weeks back, Jian Ghomeshi explored the beautiful game from a 'Canadian' fan perspective on The Hour .


Evelyne said...

I did not watch a lot of games, but I was glad to see France win! I was quite happy. I also wanted to see England win, but we all know what happened! So, Go les bleus!

Barbara said...

I am happy if anyone scores a point. GOOOAL!! yes! I am 5th gen. Canadian so it's all mixed in there. Go back far enough we humans are all related so, I got no loyalties to any national team. I just like to see good talent play. I don't mind the flag parade if it's all in good fun, and no one gets hurt. I feel a bit sorry for those so wrapped in their flag they are devastated the moment that team is counted out. But maybe it's me that is missing out...

Jas Bhambra said...

I have been Argentina and Brazil fan since my first world cup in 1986. Diego Maradona ruled! I was rooting for Argentina and Brazil.

I watched 90% of the games. I did not switch loyalities at all. I wanted Germany to lose just because they ousted Argentina! :)

Although I can't say the same thing for France, they played amazingly. Brazil deserved to lose, they played as if they were on the soccer field for the first time in their life.

I have developed disliking for the Portugese team just because they lacked sportsman spirit in the last two games that they played.

But, oh well. It has been a World Cup of upsets. Anything could happen. We can only wait and see.

But some of the other teams that couldn't make it to the quarter finals played really good games. Ghana was awesome, Korean team did good too, and so did the Mexicans.

I feel really sad that it is going to be over. Have to wait four years for the next one....

Craig Stuckless said...

Ya know, for the World Cup final that's about to start in an hour or so, I was cheering england on but since they e=were defeated have decided to support Italy. My head says France has a good chance at winning but my heart is with Italy. Everyone enjoy the game, and please remember not to Drink and Drive.

Barbara said...

Well the team your heart chose won Craig. Congrats!
I was not rooting for any team myself but I still enjoyed the game with my family. That's what it is all about eh. A fellowship of humanity with blood, sweat and tears and a lot of man hugs. Too bad about that deserved red card incident. What was he thinking?

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