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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Government Says You Stink

While listening to the Stroumbo Show tonight, some of us Stroumboulopouli were having a group conversation via MSN, and while George and Bob discussed what may be an upcoming ban on the application of all perfumes and colognes in public buildings in Ontario (including Ottawa), we shared our own opinions on the topic.

Some listeners called into the Stroumbo Show and commented that the law should be inforced, because there are many people with scent allergies who suffer from breathing difficulty when around other people's perfumes and scents.

Though that is a very good point, us girls (and George) had to disagree. The majority of people don't struggle with these unfortunate allergies, and while sitting on the subway or on the downtown bus, surrounded by people who maybe haven't bathed in a day or two, would you rather be breathing in a bad perfume, or a whole lot of body odour? When you think about it, when you go to sports games or even sports bars filled with sweaty men who keep raising their arms up in the air to cheer for their favorite team, wouldn't you rather get a big whiff of Old Spice than stale, acidic armpit sweat?

I don't think you can just stop people from applying their scent of choice, and if it came down to that, as George pointed out, would you (and HOW would you) enforce everyone bathe properly everyday instead? You can't just go around teaching security personnel to sniff out the scent of lilacs or Tommy or someone's natural B.O. just so they can send everyone home.

"I'm sorry sir/ma'am, you smell fantastic/horrific, would you please go home and bathe with an unscented soap so you can then apply some unscented deodorant?"

We know what we think, now it's your turn! What do YOU think?

What do you think about the "No-Scent Ban"??
Ban all Perfume/Cologne/Scented Deodorants
Screw It. Douse Yourself In Aroma!
Only Put It On For Dating Purposes...
Only Put On People Who Pass The "Holy Crap You Stink!" Test...
Who Cares?! I Naturally Smell Like Roses!
None Of The Above
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Jas Bhambra said...

I am generally a considerate personBut at tmes I don't wanna be. When we moved to this new shared lab space, this girl from other lab told me not to wear perfume because she had allergies. I was fine with it, but I was angered by the total disregard for the rat dander allergies that Barb suffers from, and she was forced out of her office and now has to work out of the lab, and no one cares/d about her allergies...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sweet of you to worry about me, Jas, but I'm still alive.

I don't care for most perfumes, and as I have developed a sensitivity to scented cosmetics, I have to make sure all product I use is unscented (which is fine with me).

A lot of seniors' homes not only have a ban on perfumes, but on flowers which are heavily scented as well. That must be a nightmare to police. I can't imagine trying to enforce an umbrella ban on scents in the general population. It's just not feasible.

That said, I do have a HUGE issue with chemical room sprays, but that is another rant entirely. Increasing levels of chemical sensitivity in the population are just an indicator of a much larger pollution problem, one that won't be solved by getting rid of stinky people.

Barbara said...

Barbara B I would chose you for company over a lab rat any day!

One repercussion of the regulation is that this could detrimentally affect the cosmetics and perfume industry throwing many people out of work.

On the one hand I am sympathetic to people with allergies but we need to have places where 'scented people' can be free to 'smell'.
I would say 'smell nice' but that is a matter of opinion.

hilary m. said...

Hey! I was the first one to vote that I naturally smell like roses!
I think people should be careful not to douse themselves in the stuff. Some seniors at our school douse themselves in "AXE" bodyspray, and I swear there is a cloud of it when you walk by them. Now that is inconsiderate.

What about people with peanut allergies? Some have a reaction when they get too close to someone eating peanuts. Should they illegalize eating peanuts too? At a point, it goes too far.

I have a question for you Stroumboulopouli. How do you access the Stroumbo show? I've tried to find out numerous times, but due to my incapability at finding things on the net I wasn't successful.

Allison said...

Follow the link on our sidebar to Stroumbo's Radio show, and once on the page you'll see a 'listen now' link on the right side. Tune in on Sunday nights 9-11EST.

Ocean said...

I like perfume if its light and smells really good. When I go to fast food resturant and my food comes out smelling like some cheap loud perfume. Now that bothers me Yes. Yuck!
As far as banning lol I dont think that will ever happen, so I'll just keep my distance if its too loud.

Alana said...

Oh Hilary, Axe is disgusting, isn't it? I can't believe something that smells so bad became such a huge fad. And to think guys actually try to use it as a deodorant...disturbing. Leads to a bunch of guys going around smelling like a mixture of B.O. and magazine cologne testers. Blech.

On the other hand, my perfume is Satsuma from the Body Shop, smells like super sweet tropical tangerines, makes me want to lick myself. It's probably good that I don't though, I'm sure it doesn't taste as good as it smells.

hilary m. said...

I hope one day they'll realize that AXE doesn't exactly attract women.

I tried tasting a body lotion once. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

axe is great for me! well, at my school there are several clouds of many stinky substances. maybe i've gotten used to axe then if i've smell it everyday for the past 3 years. the worst is when the cig smokers try and hide their smell with axe or worse...female hair spray read right...smokers of all kinds at my school will cover themselves with their sisters hair sparay if axe is M.I.A... now THAT is unpleasant.