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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Anyone else feeling the absence of The Hour?

Now after the Hour has ended it seems that I have lost my ability to yell out in Science class "YEAH I HEARD ABOUT THAT ON THE HOUR". Although my ability to have information on current events is not the only thing I've missed. The Hour isn't just about current events. I'm really missing the interviews, and the timeless pieces. Today I listened to the radio for 2 hours to find something interesting, no luck.

I suppose you could always find some interesting clips or information on the Internet, but it doesn't seem the same. I think it's the way The Hour is presented that makes it so interesting and successful. A big reason why I miss The Hour, is because there is nothing else like it. There are plenty of news shows, but none seem to me as eclectic and engaging. Of course they have interviews, but I don't find a lot of variety in them. The Hour covers a range of topics, that may not be on the headlines but they are still important. This range of topics is important because they give us a little bit of what is going on the world, besides what we see on every other new show. The interviews give us an honest perspective through the stories of different individuals. Some may think that the High Priest of the Church of Satan is not worth watching, because it's irrelevant to them. But the fact that we are hearing a perspective that we might never have heard before is very important. Because we get these perspectives, from different people, whether we like the people or not makes the Hour unique.

So how is everyone dealing with their Hour withdrawal? How are you getting your news?
And does anyone else miss George’s smiling face?

{Our guest contributor}
hilary m.


hilary m. said...

I adore the picture.

Anonymous said...

I know how EXACTLY you feel Hilary M.

I was taking a humanities and social change course at my school where my teacher would talk about things that I had become aware of because of The Hour. I would refer to the video clips on the website and take notes for my course binder (I still do)to be reminded of important points for further discussion in the classroom. Whenever my teacher would bring up a new topic of conversation (like climate change and the Kyoto Protocol ) I understood where the teacher was heading. The Hour helped me to understand why certain things were happening. When I was younger, I TRIED to understand things like Guantamo Bay, what the hell an approval rating was, and WHY the current Bush Administration were doing certain things (I consider myself a conscious teen) but it didn't make any sense. MY intake of info was greater then my ability to process and analyze info. The Hour made me go "Oh". Now that it's on reruns, I promote The Hour like crazy, and make sure that when I seriously need my George fix, I google his pictures and just keep reading the news.



Jamez. said...

I've lost my ability to basically facilitate a discussion in my social studies class 0_o

Anonymous said...

Guantanamo Bay* excuse the mistake!


hilary m. said...

Tammy, I really do have to credit the Hour for developing my understanding on current events. Some of the interviews are really informative. Some I find rather boring though.

Awww. Poor James. Can't get a word in his social class. Well. You better do something about that bro.

Becky said...

I have the same problem in social class!
C'est dommage...
I have that pic of George taped onto my binder at school. I just thought I'd share that with you.

hilary m. said...

Haha, thanks for the sharing Becky!
If I could tape things to my binders, I might do the same. But they're the ones with the zippers.

The Stroumboulopouli said...

I find comfort in this weeks 'best of The Hour' shows. I am happy the website will be there for us to fall back on until the Third season begins.
Remember there is the Stroumbo radio show you can listen to each Sunday night via the web. We'll try to keep you updated with all things Stroumbo and all things The Hour all summer as we dig them up.

hilary m. said...

Yah, the "best of" are quite comforting but I still find the fresh interviews and news to be the most interesting. I'm really glad there still is the website and the stroumbo show, so there is still more George after the Hour has finished.

ME Ellee said...

Oh ma foi! *THUD*

Jas Bhambra said...

Great post, Hilary. And "Awwww" at George's picture. Its adorable! :)

I agree with you on that this show is different than the regular news shows, other news programs are not as eclectic and engaging...they tend to get tad boring.
That is its appeal, of course George included. And true, it provides perspectives on things which we may not normally cross paths with.

Jas Bhambra said...

I forgot to mention that I watch the re-runs of "The Hour", and get mt news/current events fix from Peter Mansbridge.

And I am also filling up time watching all the soccer games!

Alana said...

Great post, Hilary. :) Congrats on being the first guest contributor, too! Thanks for making our first such a good one, we're so proud!



Good job!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is an excellent discussion, Hilary.

The Hour certainly does an outstanding job of covering a huge range of topics and making even the most complex of them accessible through judicious use of background information.

From a website perspective, I've always liked how you are asked what you fought about at dinner, when you are submitting a comment to the Hour. It's a subtle reminder to discuss the issues you see presented, to make your own decisions on world events. And that, I think, is part of the reason why The Hour is so relevant to school discussions.

hilary m. said...

Thanks everyone!

I agree with you Jas. They really did a good job of developing the Hour, so that it has a wide range of appeal.

I really should be watching more of the world cup, I'm kinda keeping track of it from the radio. Soccer really is an interesting sport to watch! I can't say anything about my playing skills though.

Thanks Alana! I'm really glad you guys like it. =)

Barbara, I really like the website, and the "contacting" part. Problem is, my family never fights about anything at dinner. It's usually on car trips, or in the morning when we read the papers. But it's still very relevant, and the website is really well done.

Evelyne said...

Great post Hilary!
And The Hour helped me to understand some issues that out Humanities and ethics teacher talked about. And it's hard to find that kind of news during the summer.
And I love the fact that often, you can see both side of the story, so you can think what you want about the issue because you know what's happening on both side.
And I yes the "Best-of week" is not like a live show, but i really like the show about environment, The Hour, and environment friendly news show?

Barbara said...

From my perspective as 'not a current student'. I learn a great deal from the bios and the background and the stories. It help me to understand the issues as much as it helps you. It engages the brain no matter what the age. I wish I did have a place where I could disscuss the issues with others. Oh wait, that is what we are doing here.
How cool is that?

Craig Stuckless said...

To get over the Hour hiatus I've been taking pics of local rockstars.

Look hear,

Thanks/ Merci

Jeremy said...

About the website.... We're going to do everything we can to "stand in" for the show, by tracking blogs and providing cool links to stories we might have covered had we been on air. And of course there will be new video going up every day, including some older stuff you may not have seen.

But, mostly, we're watching and listening to you guys. If you have thoughts or comments or ideas or complaints, blog 'em! I'll make sure "the powers that be" can find your thoughts....

hilary m. said...

Evelyne, I really do think the Hour has given me more of an edge at school. A lot of students don't really know what's going on in the world.

Barbara, I think it's important for everyone to know about what's going on in the world. That's why it's so great to learn things and have discussions. It's very cool. =)

I really like your photos Craig. The second one down looks very awesome. Glad you have something to do whilst the Hour is on break.

Sounds awesome Jeremy! It's so great that the website is here for us Hour fans.

Jas Bhambra said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy. It is my Mom's birthday today as well.

Lenny said...

Any thoughts on The Hour going to main network at 11pm in the Fall?
8pm still intact for Newsworld.

It sounds cool, but I am worried about the format and how long it will last.

Barbara said...

Lenny we are putting together a blog post on that right now. It takes time to get us all posting in collaboration... We have a lot to say. As you can imagine,7 woman together always have much to say.
Check back in sometime tonight after we have it all dressed up.

hilary m. said...

Oh goody!
I'm looking forward to a post on the switch.
For me, it's a mixed bag.

You guys should do a poll.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a blog entry I wrote about why I depend on the hour..

by the way nice picture
i had that as a display picture a year or so ago
i still like it.

hilary m. said...

ohyeah. I remember that one.

I love the picture.

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