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Monday, June 12, 2006

After The Hour party Pictures

Here is where the party was. This is the Cadillac Lounge.
We arrived at the after The Hour party and were directed to the back room. The room was open to the night sky and most of the CBC crew and friends were there already. Your buddy George was a most gracious and generous host. We, my sisters, myself, Jeremy and his friends settled at a table and got to talking, eating, drinking (mine was gingerale I wanted to remember this) and having a great time. George came over to chat on a few occasions in the night. At one point he emailed Ben Mulroney on his blackberry on behalf of my sister Carolyn who likes Ben.
That still cracks me up.

The Iranian/Canadian Stallion Jian Ghomeshi was at a table full of women. I take it your not suprised. He is as nice in person as you hear/see on the radio or TV. I have to thank him again for the hug and the Pictures.

We left the party round Midnight. We had a fantastic time and can't thank them enough!
You should have heard 'The Sister Show' in the back seat of the taxi that night.
If the taxi driver is a blogger he has a funny story to post...
That's all for now
Barbara W.


Anonymous said...

wow. sighs. cool.


hilary m. said...

awww, sounds like you had an awesome time Barbara! It's probably not every day one of your sisters gets to send Ben Mulroney a message on a blackberry.



Jas Bhambra said...

I'll say what Tammy had to say.

WOW! *Sighs* Cool! :)

I am glad you all had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Friday:(June 16)

CBC Fall Season announcement

I wonder what it is...the curiosity is KILLING ME... hmmm...maybe a new cohost... or even better MORE LIVE AUDIENCE TAPINGS in TORONTO and around Canada!! (((Hear that Jeremy?))) tell the producers it's just a suggestion from an extremely loyal viewer


p.s. June 16 is my bday!!!! yay me!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That looks like so much fun! Don't you and Jian look cute together! Your sister hitting on Ben Mulroney via George's blackberry - hahaha!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday ((((Tammy))))

I do hope they do the live audience roadtrip thing again too.
Montreal misses them!