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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2:20 with Jenuine in the Hot Seat!

If you can find The Hour during the Summer Games - you're patient and persistent. During the summer hiatus we thought it was a good time for a few light hearted posts! Each Wednesday until the start of the new season of The Hour, the ladies of the Stroumboulopouli will be quizzing one another in a version of the 'friend test'.... 2/20.

Like many good concepts, this one took some serious R & D. Rip off & Duplicate. 2/20 has been a fun segment on The Hour where we've learned some amusing things. Ryan Reynolds can smell the fear. Mike Holmes would win in a fight between himself and a cougar even if "the cougar was an animal' Funny stuff...
So we kept it light... and present to you - 2/20 - Tracy asks Jenuine. And.... we're off!

Q. You're competing on The Amazing Race. Who do you pick to be your partner and why?

A. My man. It would make for hilarious reality T.V watching....we passionately fight over the inane, but when push comes to shove we know each other's strengths & weaknesses.

Q. There's no such thing as a stupid question. True statement or load of crap?

A. A truckload!

Q. Finish the sentence - my first love was.....

A. A true bad-ass.

Q. Fair Maiden or Iron Maiden?


Q. The world issue that most concerns me is?

A. The future.

Q. Public Speaking - terrifying or fun?

A. Both.

Q. The most overrated actor or comedian is...

A. Jim Carrey

Q. Bert & Ernie - roommates or life partners?

A. Hahahah! Way to ruin my cherished childhood icons.

Q. My bravest moment was...

A. Having my children.

Q. Pizza Pocket, pocket full of sunshine or pocket full of kryptonite?

A. Gooey Sunshine.

Q. Who's the celebrity that you'd pick first in a death pool?

A. Juliette Lewis.

Q. If you had to sacrifice a sense, which one would it be and why?

A. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! I couldn't pick....really. Oh, if I must....taste. *Sob!*

Q. The return of coloured jeans. Fashion do, fashion don't or Jesus, I didn't even wear these the first time they were popular.

A. What the hell are those?

Q. Favourite sitcom family: The Huxtables, The Keatons, The Cleavers or The Bundy's?

A. Huxtables.

Q. The City I would most like to travel to is...
A. It's a cop-out, but, all of them.

Q. Finish the sentence. When I cook, my family....
A. Have snacks while waiting. (Takes a while, but worth the wait.)

Q. Worse cheater - John Edwards or Bill Clinton?
A. John Edwards

Q. Pick an Elvis - Presley or Costello?

A. Presley

Q. What is your best quality?
A. Sincerity.

Q. What cliche annoys you the most?
A. "God has a plan for me."

Allllll righty then! Thanks Jen... don't know about you but I'm gonna watch some PBS or some Peachtree TV wearing my sweet teal coloured jeans and blue suede shoes. Maybe later, I'll grab a jello pudding pop!
Next week.... Barbara asks me to spill. Be gentle B!


Steph A. said...

Nicely done ladies. :)

Jenuine said...

Give 'er some doozy's Barbara.
; )
Have to admit....not as easy as you'd think & got stuck on a couple, but more like 4:20.
(No....not that one).