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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mia Farrow's Olympics

With the 2008 Olympics on the forefront of most, if not all, news resources this week, it may interest some to take a small peek into Mia Farrow's (a former guest on The Hour) ongoing humanitarian efforts, in regards to this event.

Before playing the video, it may also interest you to know that China has reportedly spent 44 BILLION dollars on their precious Beijing Olympics.
I find it quite laughable that their slogan "One World, One Dream" calls upon the world to unite in the Olympic spirit, when they themselves are in the midst of contributing to the devastation in Darfur. There are so many issues here that I could type until the sun rises, in all time zones.
I am not anti-Olympics, nor against international competition in sports, because I do believe they assist in finding common ground between people from all walks of life and generate pride in one's own country.
However, if the Chinese government is so concerned with showing the world how innately wonderful they are, how 'bout sliding some of those dollars into the hands of people that could actually make a lifetime of difference for so many.
Sounds simple, I know, but what a world we would live in, if instead of showboating and trying to win our hearts with extravagant pomp, to utterly dazzle us with an astonishing display of humanity. A real stretch.....I know!

So without further.......oh wait......uh, never mind.
I'm not even going to start in on my thoughts about our upcoming 2010 'celebration'.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Mia Farrow is extraordinary and so selfless. Thanks Jen for reminding us about what making a difference truly means - or should mean.