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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2:20 Q's for Tracy

Now it's my turn to ask Tracy some friendly questions...

1) What summer Olympic sport do you imagine winning a gold in?

I only run if I'm being chased or playing baseball so... Diving?

2) If you were driving the bus to your favourite folk fest what musicians would be in your bus?

How big's the bus? Ron Sexsmith, Luke Doucet, Melissa McClelland, Jackie Washington, Ari Hest, Brandi Carlisle, Lindsay Jane, Justin Rutledge, The Duhks, NQ Arbuckle, Kathleen Edwards, Chic Gamine and many many more!

3) A modern condo, or an old Victorian fixer upper?

Condo! Sleek and clean. No mice.

4) What would the title of your ‘Best Story Ever’ be?

My potential stepbrother was a Star Wars costumed freak. And probably a virgin.

5) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A mom or a lawyer.

6) And now?

Community Relations Director

7) Who was your Idol as a teen?

I was in love with Sting even before the tantric thing!

8) How many pairs of shoes do you own? A) less than 10 B) between 10 and 20 or C) lost count.

Ha ha.... C. I loooooove shoes & boots.

9) What fashion trend did you once follow that you never want to come back ever!?

Jelly shoes from the 80's. Jesus we looked stupid. Crocs with more air holes that cut your feet and are smelly and just fugly.

10) Ideal summer place in Canada?

PEI. I love the East Coast.

11) Ideal winter spot anywhere in the world?

Paris. Anytime of the year..... *sigh* or a hot spot - St. Maarten.

12) Read books, or listen to music? Choose one!

MUSIC. 100% - no contest. Reading is hard and I'm not that bright.

13) How do you get out of a speeding ticket?

Cleavage helps, so does being overly polite, crying? I have only had one that stuck. Female officer. She did drop my speed so I didn't get points. Whew.

14) Favourite vegetable?

Edamame ---- soyriffic!

15) Favourite segment on The Hour

Cold Openings

16) Who would win in a Jell-O wrestling match between Paul Bates and Allan-I-mean Adam?

What? I hope that only their ladies and trainers could tell you. I'll go Paul, cause Adam had that horrible yellow sweater.

17) Would you pay to watch that?

Not a chance in sticky sugary hell.

18) Who should fight the winner?

Trish Stratus. Then you'd get guys paying to see it...

19) Would you rather skydive or hot air balloon?

Balloon with brie and wine. Jumping out of a plane? Only if it was crashing.

20) Death by skydiving or hot air ballooning?

Balloon - screaming my freaking head off all the way down.

Bonus question:
Jokers Hockey Club or the ChartAttack Hack, whose team would you root for?

Jokers. Sean Cullen was robbed on Last Comic Standing. He should get a trophy at least...


Tracy said...

Thanks for the quiz B! It was fun.

I am re-orging my closets and will let you know the accurate # of shoes. If I can count that high, that is.

Trish :) said...

Hi Tracy! I was pulled over once for speeding. The officer leaned over, looked at my three screaming children in the three car seats in the back of my car and told me to "Have a nice day ma'm, looks like you've got enough problems!" He then sent me on my bewildered and relieved way! Not a strategy I would recommend, but it worked for me that day!

Mich said...

Awesome questions and answers!

Barbara said...

I am not sure enduring three screaming children is worth getting out of the ticket... but if you can cue them to scream each time just to get out of a ticket... hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Tracy. Good old Jelly Shoes. Did you know they were also highly flammable? While sitting around a campfire one night, I attempted to put out a stray ember with my jellied foot. The bottom of the shoe immediately burst into flame! There I was, jumping around the campfire, trying to put myself out. Hmmm .. I wonder if the equally hideous Crocs are as dangerous? I'll just keep wondering. I don't plan to find out anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tracy! As always you are funny and entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Very funny tracy! :)

I too have that many shoes...

Steph A. said...

Your potential stepbrother in the Star Wars costume story is HYSTERICAL! :-D

Trish :) said...

Now that I think about it, Barbara, maybe the speed of my vehicle was causing them to scream. Hmmm ...

Anonymous said...

If I was going to compete it would be gymnastics ALL THE


Tracy said...

Thanks for reading our silly summer musings! We love reading the fun comments too...

Flaming jelly shoes? Scary! No,
never set mine on fire but my friend Scott did lock them together with the lock from his locker. Crocs? Burn baby burn!!

Kids are a useful alibi..

Steph - yes, I forgot you'd heard the Star Wars freak story. Imagine the wedding? 'Who's the guy with the lightsabre? WTF? Oh yeah. That's my new brother. Can I get another bottle of wine over here please... pronto?'

J... you must be very bendy! ;)

Tracy said...
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