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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Counting down the weeks to the new season... with a twist!

With only five weeks to go until the premiere of The Hour's fifth season, the Stroumboulopouli are pulling a few tricks out of our sleeves and putting a new twist on a familiar segment that premiered last season on The Hour. That's right... we're talking about 2:20. With a twist. A Stroumboulopouli twist.

And what's our twist? Well, every week for the next five weeks, one of our members will be in the hot seat with questions created by another member of the blog. So Steph could be firing off questions at Barb and Jen might be in line for some serious questioning from Tracy. Who knows... you may learn something totally off the wall about your favourite Stroumboulopouli!

Make sure you come back to the blog every Wednesday, starting August 13th, to find out which Stroumboulopouli member will be first to sit in the hot seat.


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