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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's new this week... August 17 to 23

It's the middle of August, how's your summer going? Having fun yet? There's always fun going on around the Stromboulopouli, make sure you come back on Wednesday, when Barb puts Tracy in our own 2:20 hot seat!

This week on the Strombo Show:

Orginally scheduled to appear on last week's show, George Stroumboulopoulos welcomes Slipknot into the newly renovated Edge studios and Alex returns for another week. Make sure you check out The Strombo Show! Facebook Group and the Strombo Show website for more information and fun stuff from the show!

( This is indeed a clock that runs counter clockwise. You can buy one here.)

Due to the second week of heavy Olympic coverage, The Hour will only broadcast sporadically over the next week. According to the CBC schedule, you can catch The Hour on the CBC Main Network and CBC Newsworld during the wee morning hours of August 18-21.

The new season will premiere next month on Monday, September 15, so if you're planning to be in Toronto that week, make sure you order your tickets for the first few shows of Season Five. You can order your tickets through The Hour's website.


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