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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Up in Smoke? Up and at 'Em? Revving Up?

Olympics are over. Summer's almost history. School's almost back in session. Reruns of The Hour will soon be a fading memory and we'll have new interviews to preview for you.
First - what's going on in entertainment news? Gwen and Gavin had their second baby boy and named him Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. In related news? Vegas odds makers are already taking wagers on how old this kid will be when he starts getting taunted and beat up.
South of the Border? The Democratic ticket is set. Barack Obama has selected veteran Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Much like Brangelina, Bennifer and other annoying name mashups - we now have the absolute best -- JOEBAMA.
What's that I smell? A thousand little sweatshops making t-shirts. Awesome. This Veep selection alone may revive the US economy!
Can you hear the debates now? Joebama foreign policy so wack that... Joebama so stupid that... Joebama so ugly... Joebama health care plan so nasty...
Here at home apparently Harper and Dion might be getting together to talk about a Fall election. Maybe they can get together in Ottawa on September 5th and go see Cheech and Chong at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa to talk it over?
Sunday kicks off with The Strombo Show live on the Corus Radio Network on 102.1 The Edge, 99.3 The Fox, Power 97, Y108 and Fm 96. This week's edition brings special call in guests and Comedy Legends Cheech and Chong who are reuniting for their 'Light Up America/Canada' stand up tour that kicks off in Ottawa on September 5th, and brings them to the historic Massey Hall on September 6th.

Cheech and Chong are among the most successful comedy teams of all time. Heavily rooted in the hippie/ counter culture scene, they were and are completely original.

Comedy Albums, live performances, movies, merchandising. These guys did it all, including time - for Tommy at least. *rim shot*

Do yourself a favour and YouTube 'Mexican Americans'. I wonder if 'Beaners' is on there too? Amazing. I will have to rent some of the classics again.
After so many years apart, it will be interesting to hear what - besides the all mighty dollar of course - has prompted their reunion.
The boys have had drastically different solo careers. Cheech is much more mainstream and has worked with some of the biggest dorks in Hollywood - Don Johnson in Nash Bridges and Kevin Costner in 'Tin Cup'. Tommy's most mainstream role was as Leo - the burnout hippie owner of the Fotohut on 'That 70's Show'.
Meanwhile, In TV Land....
The Hour this week brings a few favourites out for yet another go round... there's not much to say that we haven't said already about these folks, so I'll try to infuse a fun fact if I can. As of Sunday, here's who will be gracing your screens this week... check out The Hour's website for the latest updates...
Monday,August 25th
Naomi Klein

Author, Filmmaker & Social Activist Naomi Klein is clearly quick of wit. However, can you imagine what her first visit to meet husband Avi Lewis' parents must have been like? In case you don't know - Naomi's in laws are Steven Lewis and Michele Landsberg. Intimidating? WOW!

Paul Anka

In his fifth decade in the entertainment business, Paul Anka is still out there, kicking ass & taking names. Something you may not know about Anka? His daughter Amanda is married to Jason Bateman. He of the brilliant Arrested Development & the even more brilliant Juno. My favourite Jason role has to be as Pepper Brooks, the clueless colour commentator in Dodgeball. His banter with 'Cotton McKnight' is classic.
Cotton: 'Looks like it's gonna be a menage a trois of pain.'
Pepper: 'Usually you pay double for that type of action, Cotton. '

Tuesday,August 26th

Anne Murray

How many of us grew up in homes listening to the mellifluous voice of Canada's first hugely successful female solo artist? 'Could I have this Dance' was the only song my mom could drag my dad out to dance to. If you've seen my dad dance, you'd know the Haley's Comet frequency of his busting a move? Good for all concerned.
According to the Internet - which never lies - Anne loves Yahtzee and the film 'My Cousin Vinny' - who doesn't Anne... who doesn't.

Tony Robbins

Self help guru and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins is such a cultural Icon by this point that he's known to show up in cool film cameos. The best was in Shallow Hal, when he convinced Hal - played by Jack Black to look for inner beauty. Who among us would ever get trapped in an elevator with anyone even 1/10th as interesting?

If I were trapped in an elevator with Tony? I would ask him only two questions:
How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? AND Can I have it?

Thursday,August 28th

Diana Krall

Canada's own Diana Krall is an award winning Jazz songstress, mom of twins and is married to the legendary Elvis Costello. What more can you say. Even ONE of those accomplishments is enough to warrant some acclaim.

Season 5 of The Hour kicks off September 15th. Want to see the show taped live? Click here to preview the dates available. A HUGE BONUS for Toronto area folks? It's Toronto International Film Festival Time and many of the stars will be pretaping interviews. These will spring up for odd times - early mornings, later evenings, weekends... basically whenever their availability might be. Check the ticket page frequently for your favourites. Spike Lee, Jay Baruchel and many others have confirmed visits thus far....
So... enjoy the last gasps of summer. One last trip to the cottage. The BBQ to top all BBQ's. Cram in all the fun you can handle! Check back on Wednesday for another edition of 2:20 turned out Stroumboulopouli style.

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