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Monday, August 25, 2008

G-Files a couple of things...

The G-Files.

We found an interview George did for The Governor's Ball on the day he was accepting his honorary degree from Humber College. Here is the link to the podcast and George's interview can be found about 1/3 rd the way in after some very heavy metal music...
(*some language in this interview may be offensive to some)

Speaking of that

We found this discussion going on at in it's babble forum about George
Stroumboulopoulos and The Hour.
This is a picture of George and Lily on the newly renovated studio at The Edge where he does The Strombo Radio show live.

416-???-???? is George's phone number according to his new fav TShirt

This is Lily of Death valley

This is part of the crew that brings you The Strombo Show.
From Left to right
Mike Sullivan (producer), Alex Liu, Lily Ames, Dan Lytwyn (The Intern)

Missing that day was Bob Mackowycz Jr. and Amanda Jane Orr
Shiny Happy People?
Someone was playing a prank of aluminum proportions at The Hour's office......and they want your input.
Check out The Hour's Blog

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