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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The 1st week of August what's on

The studio at The Edge is all nice and renovated now and look nothing like in the picture I took of George on air this winter... Can't wait until George is back in that studio.
Not this Sunday though, there will likely be a Best of The Strombo Show... Last I heard George was still on the road heading back to TO.
Sunday August 3

The Strombo Show is Live(?) from 5-8Pm EST on 102.1 The Edge (Toronto), 99.3 The Fox (Vancouver), Power 97 (Winnipeg), Y108 (Hamilton), and FM96 (London)

What's on The Hour the week before the Olympics take over ?

Monday August 4
Look back at the interview with writer/comedian Ricky Gervais on The Hour.
Ricky is starring in, Ghost Town coming out this September.
Also on the show
Sebastian Horsley

Tuesday Aug 5

Alan Alda is timeless , I think MASH is as funny today as it was when it first aired.

Look back at Richards Branson talking with George, now see what he just revealed a few days ago...

This a song called 'Pick Yur Nose' from Ani DiFranco who is on The Hour this night.

Wednesday Aug 6
On the show
Michael Pollan Author of In Defence of Food

Mike Holmes

Thursday Aug 7
George interviews

Vicente Fox
Wyclef Jean

That's not all
There will be a post about a Simple Plan special CBC is airing Wednesday night and we will tell you more about it soon.

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