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Friday, October 02, 2009

Hour Books: Have a Little Faith

As the official Mitch Albom website says: "What if faith wasn't what separated us... but was what brought us together?"

Have a Little Faith is Albom's first non-fiction book since Tuesdays with Morrie and explores the issues of faith in modern society and how to endure some of the trials life throws at us. Like his other books, Have a Little Faith is a journey.

Mitch Albom will be on The Hour next week. Check out The Hour Blog for an exclusive exerpt from Have a Little Faith.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stroumboulopouli, sorry that my question have nothing to do with this article, but does anyone knows if last night show were on? I can't find it on The Hour's website yet.

Tracy said...

Hi Anon,

I didn't see anything last night at all so I assume it was knocked off the air by the start of hockey season.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Mich said...

Thursday night's show (Clive Owen, Lord Monckton) will air tonight (Friday, October 2) in the place of the rebroadcast of the Michael J. Fox interview. It was indeed preempted by HNIC last night.

Trudy said...

Mitch Albom will be a great interview!

Virtual Valley Glen said...

Mitch Albom Rocks! His new book is his best so far (in my opinion). Did you see the videos from his event in Detroit? For those of you baseball fans out there, the Ernie Harwell video will - well - maybe make you cry. Yes, even the boys! Check 'em out: