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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

and the Gemini Award goes to?

Tuesday October 20 th.
Wait! The Gemini Awards are not until November 14th.
You know this because Calgary is hosting and you have your tickets booked for it because you love the hilarious host Ron James and you love Calgary. Total assumptions on my part...

Well there are a couple of industry award nights that are currently happening.
There were some Geminis given out last night Oct 19th for News and Sports /Documentary and lifestyle and there will be some given tonight Oct 20th for Children and Youth/Drama, Variety and Comedy.In the Variety category this night,
The Hour (p. Jennifer Dettman, David Freeman, George Stroumboulopoulos) is up against
The After Show (p. Garrett Wintrip, Pam de Montmorency, Alex Sopinka) and
Steven and Chris (p. Jennifer Dettman, Krista Look, Susan Taylor) This show is coming back in January!
Are all nominated for Best Talk Series.
May the best show win!
This just in The Hour Won Best Talk Series!
One Million Acts of Green (The Hour) is competing in the Best Cross Platform Project category
This just in... One Million Acts did not win in it's category

George is also nominated for a Gemini for Best Host in the Nov 14th Broadcast Gala show.


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Narries said...

Yes Congradulation to all The Hour staff & My preious my everything. Now going to Calary in nov dress warm have
fun & The Hour & team is in the running for awards.
Amor XoXoX