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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let George be the judge!

Battle of the Blades has a new Judge this Sunday!

CBC's latest hit show has some of CBC's other hit shows featuring it, including The Mercer Report this week where Rick skates with Tie Domi... Tuesday night 8 pm.
On The Hour, George's promotion of 'Blades' includes listing the betting odds and having the losers show up to talk about the whole experience.
There are no tickets left to see this taping in Maple Leaf Gardens for Sundays show. Mondays results show offers a rush line at this point.

Here is what George has to say about his promotion to guest judge.


Trudy said...

This is going to be HILARIOUS. can't wait :)

Barbara said...

You would think the theme music would be Punk with George being a Judge but it's Latin music... because you can't figure skate to punk!

Trudy said...

George did a great job last night! As usual, prepared - loved that he knew the music too.

I thought he might take a humorous angle, but I liked that he treated everyone really respectfully. Calling Domi on his skates was great.

Barbara said...

I can't wait for tonights show.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys feel he was a bit out of line telling Domi to change his skates ?

Trudy said...

I didn't - he was a guest judge, so I think he can call them on whatever he feels is right. All the other guys were wearing figure skates....