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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Launching The Hour !

Season six
The Hour begins in earnest.
Last week was just a few pre-season games.

One Hour Special with Michael J Fox

To open season six George sits down with Michael J. Fox for a compelling and candid one hour interview.

Recently actor Michael J. Fox brought his Parkinson's research foundation to Canada. The Foundation has funded 149 Million in research for better treatments for Parkinson's disease.
Author Richard Dawkins returns to The Hour for more debate about religion, his favourite topic in his many books including his latest one.
Credit her with being more than just a young actress now Drew Barrymore talks about her career and directing her new film about Roller Derby and finding your passion.
The film is called "Whip It".

Director Michael Moore promotes his new film
Capitalism: A Love Story

CBC's Battle of the Blades
begins it's first season of teaching talented hockey players to figure skate?!

With two tough hockey stars Tie Domi and Bob Probert
( other battles Bob has fought off the ice)
If you follow Tie on twitter you will read this; Be one of the first to return to the historic Maple Leaf Gardens for a live taping of BOTB. Tickets go on sale Mon, Sept 28 @ 12 pm ET

THURSDAY OCT 1... NO Make that Friday Oct 2nd!
Lord Christopher Monckton

is a British politician, business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, and inventor
British Actor Clive Owen talks about his new film "The Boys Are Back", a family drama that Owen produced.

A website of note.
now has an easy to search video library page
where you can find more than just the episodes of The hour you may have missed but other CBC show you may want to catch up on.
Endless hours of fun!


Joe said...

Enjoyed the first show very much. One small question is why did they change the bio? I'm curious who to the new voice is and as to why George isn't doing it anymore?
Also, I am a bit puzzled as to why they are treating the Ireland shows as a seperate entity. Even the bios were the George version. :(

Anonymous said...

Only a "video not currently available" for the last three episodes they uploaded, anyone know how come?

Barbara said...

You can find episode 2,3,4 and 5 here.

The reason they changed the voice on the BIO's is, some people heard George mention something in the bio, then later heard him ask the guest a question about that topic and it was giving some people the impression he brought the same topic up twice...
So to clearly separate the narration of the bio from Georges interview questions, Jen the producer, does the narration now.

Anonymous said...

I do like the new season ! Fantastic work. George is awesome. His voice is unique, but the new narrator is good too.
All the best to The Hour !!!

Anonymous said...

That link doesn't work for me either. "Content currently unavailable". I wonder if it's no longer available outside of Canada? Pity, really. Liked the show.

Barbara said...

Try the Hour's YouTube link. You can find it on the right sidebar of this blog.

Joe said...

Thanks Barbara,

That is understandable. Do the interview subjects hear the bio when it runs are they added in afterwards. Though it's still odd that they used the traditional George intro for the Dublin Shows. Plus it's a bit strange that they got rid of the info at the beginning, now they just go straight to the point.

Also, I am a bit shocked that they are not updating the videos section of the official site, like they are not adding in the new Best Story Evers in that department, or other videos. So, if you wanted to find a specific BSE, you wouldn't know which episode to look in. The only thing that is really being used on the original site are the interactive sections like the forum and the blog. That is strange. :(

Barbara said...

I will ask them about the website's updating this year. It concerns me as well.

Anonymous said...

I have to press the MUTE button when the BIO's are read now. Distracting, ruins the flow, makes the show seem unpolished.