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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Week According to The Hour

Fully enjoying Season Six & enjoying the subtle differences, myself, I wonder if you are too? Some of you have commented on some of the changes....are there things you enjoy more; wish they still did; or are you just going with the flow?

The Hour's upcoming guests:


Leaf's GM - Brian Burke
'The Cider House Rules' author - John Irving


Canadian journalist, broadcaster & novelist - Linden MacIntyre
Actor - Peter Sarsgaard
+ Battle of the Blades eliminated pair.


Microsoft CEO - Steve Ballmer
The one & only - Snoop Dogg


Real Time's - Bill Maher
Actress - Vivica A. Fox


Catherine O'Hara, Nick Hornby, Drew Barrymore


Anonymous said...

I like the opening when George talks of what its going to be on the show or playing the piano! And the clips with the funny writers. That's something I do like alot.
Also the dinamic in the interviews and questions or fun things like the one with Buble, O' Hara, Clarkson ect.
I love the show!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't know if i like the new opening with george walking into the studio. maybe he should come in dancing like ellen! ;)

Jenuine said...

Hahaha! Hell no...riding in on his bike, maybe.
Personally, I find the skits to be awkward, but maybe that's what they're going for?
And anon 8:31, I too like the spontaneity that it lends to his guests.

carol s said...

I became a fan because the guests were interesting and it was fun to watch. I still feel the same way!
I do like the idea of riding in on his bike!

Barbara said...

I like that idea too Carol.
I hear Snoop Dog is the interview not to miss this week.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, we watch cuz George is cute :) Half the time I'm not even focused on the guest ;)

My fave part is the cold openings when George is in them and the begining part where George has a monilougue type thing and just talks.

carol s said...

In my 20's, cute might have been enough. Not so much now. Cute gets boring very fast for me, if there's nothing else there. :-)

Looking forward to Snoop Dog for sure, Barbara. I don't think I could name one song from him though... not my genre. lol

Philip said...

I am a bit upset over the lack of taped pieces. I really enjoyed Gerry Dee's pieces and the Best Story Evers". and what happened to updating the Youtube Channel? We hardly get any updates there now. It's also strange thatt he Irish episodes were in the oold format and now there is a new format now.

Has anybody ever e-mailed George directly to find out what the deal is?

Barbara said...

George says the interview will be as interesting to those who love Snoop Dog and to those who don't even know about him...

I find The Hour's site is inconsistent about posting the shows... I'll ask them about it.

Anonymous said...

Well George is more than cute, hes cute and nice :)

Anyways, you're right the YouTube channel doesn't get updated that much now.

A lot of people are complaining at the new bios with the girls voice, hopefully he'll take the hint.

Trudy said...

I think the woman's narration in
the bio grates because she's addressing George directly - as if he wasn't there at the writers meeting and has never heard of these people or something.

She should drop the "Ya know, George..." thing and just give the info to the audience.

My two cents, fwiw...

Jenuine said...

It was surprising to start, with the voice-over change & I wasn't sure if I liked it, but now I'm used to it & it's just fine by me. Glad it's still a part of the show, actually.
Also happy that George is still plugging great music/new bands & the Mile A Minute keeps it's nightly slot.

Barbara said...

Best Story Ever I miss.. maybe they will come back once in awhile.
I won't miss Gerry Dee at all, to me he wasn't funny.
The voice over bio recorded by Jen sounds better when I hear them in the Hour's studio. They don't sound as nice on my computer or TV... I don't know why that is.

Anonymous said...

I love how George answers questions at the end of the show. He's so sweet to do that ... I've been twice and I know he gets asked the same stuff every time he shoots and it must be so annoying but he does a good job not showing that.