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Friday, October 30, 2009

Talented Writers dominate 1st week of Nov.

The Strombo Show is coming to Radio 2 NEXT Sunday!

George Stroumboulopoulos will be landing at Radio 2 with a new show launching November 8th called The Strombo Show.

The Strombo Show will feature four hours of music from all generations and will focus on what George does best - talking about music, interviewing musicians, and bringing listeners a scope of music from the known and popular to the new and unexplored.

in these pictures George, Alex and Bob M.jr. in the former studio of The Strombo Show. George will debut the look of the new studio on Nov 8th.

George will be recording the show in his new home studio with Bob Mackowycz Jr. (writer, Strombo Show co-host and the man everyone loves), and Mike Sullivan (Strombo Show, ExploreMusic) who will be contributing their talents each week along with the show's producer Darby Wheeler (The Hour, Much Music) . Maybe Alex Liu (The Hour, Strombo Show) will drop by but, he is a busy new Dad now so... we'll see.

Musical guests will occasionally perform in G's living room and video of the radio show will be available for your viewing pleasure.

You can make song requests 24/7 by leaving a message on The Strombo Show's line... 416-205-6626 is the local GTA number for now. They will be getting an 800 # soon.

You can hear The Strombo Show Sunday nights from 8pm to midnight, right after Vinyl Tap, starting Sunday November 8th!


On The Hour this week:
Lawyers and Authors and one outstanding comic.
Align Center
Former Kennedy speech writer and prize winning author and Lawyer Ted Sorensen talks with George about his career and experiences at the White House.

George once hosted a Just for Laughs show with stand up comedian

Sugar Sammy
who hails from Montreal and has traveled all over the world with his multicultural brand of humour
Here is a clip of his top comic style. (14+)

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the Clinton Tapes Taylor Branch is on The Hour.


Juno Director Jason Reitman who is neither a lawyer nor an author may be talking to George about music... or his new movie Up In The Air.

Here is a video Jason has on his myspace page with Ellen Page singing about him...

Juno Sings- Michael Cera and Ellen Page Sing about Jason

Jason Reitman | MySpace Video
plus it's Tuesday so...
Battle of the Blades' eliminated talent will drop by the studio.


George sits down with award winning Novelist, Poet, Author and Canadian Icon
Margaret Atwood

Also on the show

US Ambassador to Canada David Jacobson (also a Lawyer) is new to the job of ambassador and has to deal with the hot topic of the Buy American policy among other issues.


RCMP's new controversial appointee Commissioner William Elliott.
William Elliot is a lawyer and a civil servant and has never served on a police force.

Snoop Dogg in his best interview ever!



as you have never see her before except if you saw the original airing... then you will see it again and it will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

What about Amanda? I she not part of the new radio show?

Barbara said...

I am afraid not... I wish she was.

Mich said...

Definitely tune in on Monday for the Ted Sorensen interview. I was at the taping last week and he's got some amazing stories to tell. I love it when The Hour books guests like Sorensen.

Anonymous said...

Do we know, since it's taped at G's house if it is live or a pretape ?

Barbara said...

The radio show is pre-taped.

twelvekeys said...

Thank you for the photos and for answering all our questions about the new radio show. Yes a lot of us love Bob. So happy he will be a regular. Really looking forward to hearing about new music.

Barbara said...

Something else I confirmed with George is the playlist for each show will be posted after on

Barbara said...

George did his Dare on last nights show...He did a fantastic job!
He is not at his donation goal yet...
Goal $3,000.00 CAD
Achieved $2,840.00 CAD

Please go to his Dare page linked on the post about the Dare to Remember and sponsor him over the top. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What's with The Hour starting at 11.05 ?

voicefax said...

I loved the little tease on last night's show.

Right after Jason Reitman's interview, George was raving over Jason's last movie Up In the Air and he singled out Anna Kendrick's performance which he thought would be nominated come Oscar Time. He said "We're going to try and get her on the show." The funny thing is she already taped an interview with George during TIFF. LOL! I just thought that was cute.

Barbara said...

Yes The Hour lost about 4 minutes of airtime with the new way CBC presents the news... they do the hand off while local news is still going on but yes The Hour is a little bit less than an hour now.
It's why you don't see features like best story ever as much.

Trudy said...

I really liked last nights interviews, Taylor Branch especially (Jason Reitman was great too, though).

Sorenson, who was on the night before was pretty stiff in attitude and you could tell he just didn't get George. But I might have a look at his book...

Anonymous said...

did anyone else LOVE the atwood interview as much as me?
george: you're next book tour should be about sex drugs and rock n roll...
atwood: are you volunteering?

Anonymous said...

he should write about his girlsfriends and ladies that he may like or met ect..about music of course and more.
I would love to read it :-)

Philip said...

I am a bit peeved about the 5 minute newscasts at the beginning of the 11:00 hour. I really miss the taped pieces like "Best Story Ever". Was not sure what the reason for that was. Oh well. Can't please everyone. Thanks Barbara!

Barbara said...

They still do the Best Story Ever feature on occasion. I miss those missing 5 minutes as well but they seem to pack what time they have with everything they can.

Barbara said...

For those of you that are Bob Mackowycz there is more good news about Bob.
"CBC Long-standing CBC Radio 2 host Tom Allen is leaving his weekday morning timeslot, ending a run of more than a decade.
Beginning Monday, Allen will concentrate solely on his early afternoon weekday show Shift, which will expand to 2½ hours. Regular guest host Bob Mackowycz will take over the morning slot."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Bob update re: taking over Tom Allen. Bob is not big on keeping a public profile with news updates. Lucky we have an insider like you to keep us posted on his radio presence. Thank you Barbara.

Mich said...

I was in the audience for the Margaret Atwood interview and the whole mole thing was absolutely hilarious. I got to see the mole necklace up close, it's a pretty impressive piece of crafting! The whole audience was killing themselves with laughter during the whole second half. If you haven't gone to a taping yet, and are in the 416/905, definitely check it out because you always get a totally different perspective on things like the Atwood appearance.

Barbara said...

Nute I noticed that.. My first source was evening radio host Ryan Doyle of Newstalk1010 then it was confirmed by CBC in a fb post.
I wrote Bob for comment... still waiting.