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Friday, May 21, 2010

Trudy attends a Vancouver taping of The Hour!

A couple of days ago, we asked our loyal reader Trudy if she would like to share with other readers her experience attending this week's taping of The Hour in Vancouver. Here is her story:
"My sister and I have never been to a show taping before, so it was really fun! We got there early, 5pm-ish and I was glad later, as some ticket holders (many actually) were put into another studio when ours was full. The guests and George were in and out of there during the taping breaks though, but I would have been pretty upset if we were put there. The studio was packed and I have to say everyone put in Studio B, as far as I could tell, stayed. I'm wondering how many people were in there, because that's a real testament to George. We sat front row of the bleachers beside the door. Here are another audience member’s Flickr photos . My sister has the short hair and I'm next to her.

We heard the instructions on when and how to clap and then out of nowhere George was right in front of us! He was saying “hi” to everyone. My sister, who is hilarious, shouted something like "Oh my God - you're real" and George high-fived her. The crowd was well behaved, nobody yelling out to him or anything, but super happy to see him making the rounds. Then he spoke for a while (very funny man) and the show started. We couldn't hear, but the rest of the bleachers sure could because they laughed a lot. The energy was just great. I guess from where our seats were located, the acoustics weren't great - we could see all the guests arrive, and the back stage staff doing their thing. When Billy the Kid sang, George came and hung out at our corner! So I got the unobstructed view of the guy! Best seat in the house. We had no problem hearing George answering questions though, just during the interviews. So when I got home at 11pm, I watched it on TV!
George was so great with making sure everyone had questions answered after the taping. He has such a great way with stories - he told one about the motorcycle accident and made it funny somehow. He also talked about his recent part in a movie where he gets shot and blood is pouring out of him. I hope someone cheated and filmed that, I had tears in my eyes from laughing. We didn't stay to meet him though, as neither of us had a camera and the crowd was huge...and I was nervous to meet him! I do wonder how long he stayed until. He's very dedicated to his audience and genuine about it. We were really impressed and hope the show comes back next year. BC place might have a roof by then! He can do the show there :)
Thanks for taking the time to share your story with the blog! We are glad that you had such a great time. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. I'm jealous!!!

gih said...

Well, it's a pleasure for him to be there.

Anonymous said...

Is George as nice off screen as he is on ?

Steph A. said...

Anon @ 12:03

From my perspective, yes. I have observed him interact with many different types of people including my mom. :)

To me, the 'niceness' factor is put to the test when dealing with individuals with special needs. Some people struggle with this and become uncomfortable. As a result, the interaction comes off as awkward or insincere. Not with George...I have witnessed it first-hand.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't get your last part about dealing with people with special needs and that it can come off as akward and insincere - but not with George. What do you mean ?

Steph A. said...

George is very personable with all people. My point was that some people do struggle in interacting with those with special needs. They become uneasy. This is NOT the case with George. I have observed it. He is chatty and friendly. I've commented on this before:

Read my post regarding "the magic moment".

Anonymous said...

Your story was so sweet. What happened with that child ? Did he spell Stroumboulopoulos for George ?

Trudy said...

It was a great time :)

We didn't stay to meet George, there were just too many people. I do wonder how long he stayed - it seemed like he was doin' the meet and greet just as he would in Toronto, but with five times the amount of people!
And if that's any indication, I would say he is as nice (if not nicer) off screen.

Allan said...

I agree.
George is far more interesting off the air.
Barbara, you'll remember my saying so to him in front of the audience at The Hour.
And really that's where I think he most belongs.
Off the air.

Anonymous said...

Be nice Allan. You know all I want to know about George. But I can't tye it here. I too find George's stories that he tells after the show very interesting and he seems realyl sweet.
Signed, PG.